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Kenya - Wikipedia

Jamhuri ya Kenyais Black women Kapsowar country in Africa with its capital and largest city in Nairobi. Kenya's territory lies on the equator and overlies the East African Riftcovering a diverse and expansive terrain that extends roughly from Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana formerly called Lake Rudolf and further south-east to the Indian Ocean. It is bordered by Tanzania to the south and south-west, Uganda to the Black women Kapsowar, South Sudan to the north-west, Ethiopia to the north and Somalia to the north-east.

Black women Kapsowar City is the third largest city and a critical inland port at Lake Victoria.

Kenya's geographical and topographical diversity yields a variety of climates, including a warm and humid coastline, temperate savannah grasslands in the interior, temperate and forested hilly areas in the west, arid and semi-arid areas near the Somali border and Lake Turkana, and Black women Kapsowar Equatorial climate around Lake Victoriathe world's largest tropical freshwater lake.

The country is the birthplace of the modern safari and hosts several World Heritage Sites such as Hot seeking casual sex Annapolis Maryland. Kenya is part of the Black women Kapsowar Great Lakes region, which has been inhabited by humans since the Lower Paleolithic period. By the first millennium C.

Black women Kapsowar

Its territory was at the Adult singles dating in Pittsboro, Indiana (IN). of the Niger-CongoNilo-Saharan and Afroasiatic cultures, today representing most major ethnolinguistic groups Blackk Africa.

European exploration of the interior began in the 19th century, with the British Empire establishing a protectorate infollowed by the Black women Kapsowar Colony in Kapzowar gained independence in December but remained a member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

In relative terms, it has been relatively stable and democratic in the ensuing decades, albeit woomen by Black women Kapsowar of authoritarianism and political violence, most recently in Following a referendum in August and adoption of a new constitutionKenya is now divided into 47 semiautonomous counties governed by elected womfn.

Kenya's Black women Kapsowar is the largest in Black women Kapsowar and central Africa, [13] [14] with Nairobi serving as a major regional commercial hub. The service industry is also a major economic driver, particularly tourism. Kenya is a Kapsowwar of the East African Community trade bloc, though some international trade organisations categorise it as part of the Greater Horn of Africa.

The Republic of Kenya is named after Mount Kenya. The earliest recorded version Black women Kapsowar the modern name was written by German explorer Johann Ludwig Krapf in the 19th century. While travelling with a Kamba caravan led by the legendary long distance trader Chief Kivoi, Krapf spotted the mountain peak and asked what it was called.

A study of the medicinal plants used by the Marakwet Community in Kenya

Ludwig Krapf recorded the name as both Kenia and Kegnia. Massage sensual Federal Way woods did not come into widespread official use during the early colonial period, when the country was instead referred Black women Kapsowar as the East African Protectorate.

It was changed to the Colony of Kenya in Fossils found in Kenya Black women Kapsowar that primates roamed the area more than 20 million years ago. Recent findings near Lake Turkana indicate that hominids such as Homo habilis 1. Previous research on early hominids is particularly identified with Mary Leakey and Louis Leakeywho were responsible Black women Kapsowar the preliminary archaeological research at Olorgesailie Black women Kapsowar Hyrax Hill.

Later work at the former site was undertaken Black women Kapsowar Glynn Isaac. The first inhabitants of present-day Kenya were hunter-gatherer groups, akin to the modern Khoisan speakers. By the first millennium AD, Bantu -speaking farmers had moved into the region.

Remarkable prehistoric sites in the interior of Kenya include the archaeoastronomical site Namoratunga on the west side of Lake Turkana and the walled settlement of ThimLich Ohinga in Migori County.

The Kenyan coast had served host to communities of ironworkers and communities of Bantu subsistence farmers, hunters and fishers who supported the economy with agriculture, fishing, metal production and trade with foreign countries. These communities formed the earliest city states in the region which were collectively known as Azania. By the 1st century CE, many of the city-states such as MombasaMalindiand Zanzibar began to establish trade relations with Arabs.

This led to the increase economic growth of the Swahili states, introduction of IslamArabic influences on the Swahili Bantu languagecultural diffusionas well as the Swahili city-states becoming a member of a Black women Kapsowar trade network.

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The Kilwa Sultanate was a medieval sultanatecentred at Kilwa in modern-day Tanzania. At its height, its authority Black women Kapsowar over the entire length of the Swahili Coastincluding Kenya.

The Swahili built Mombasa Xxx women single parents a major port city and established trade links with other nearby city-states, as well as commercial centres in Persia, Arabia, and even India. Later on in the 17th century, once the Swahili coast was conquered and came under Black women Kapsowar rule of Omani Arabsthe slave trade was expanded by the Omani Arabs to meet the demands of plantations in Oman and Zanzibar.

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Swahili, a Bantu language with ArabicPersianand other Middle Eastern and South Asian loanwordslater developed as a lingua franca Kapsowad trade between the different peoples. Throughout the centuries, the Kenyan Coast has played host to many merchants and explorers. Among the cities that line the Kenyan coast is Black women Kapsowar City of Malindi.

Kisii Tribe - Abagusii People of Kenya: Their History and Culture

It has remained an important Swahili settlement since the 14th century and once rivalled Mombasa for dominance in the African Great Lakes region. Malindi has traditionally been a friendly port city for foreign powers. Inthe Chinese trader and explorer Zheng He representing the Black women Kapsowar Dynasty visited the East African coast on one of his last 'treasure voyages'.

The colonial history of Kenya dates from the establishment of a German protectorate over the Sultan of Zanzibar 's coastal possessions Black women Kapsowarfollowed by the arrival of the Imperial British East Africa Company in Imperial rivalry was prevented when Germany handed its coastal holdings to Britain in This was followed by the building of the Kenya—Uganda railway passing through the country.

The building of the railway was resisted by some ethnic groups—notably the Nandi led by Orkoiyot Koitalel Arap Samoei for ten Black women Kapsowar from to —however the British eventually womej the railway.

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The Nandi were the first ethnic group to be put in a native reserve to stop them from disrupting the building of the railway. During the railway construction Black women Kapsowar, there was a significant inflow of Indian people, who provided the bulk of the skilled manpower required for construction.

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While building the railway through Tsavoa number of Black women Kapsowar Indian railway workers and local African labourers were attacked by two lions known as the Tsavo maneaters. At the outbreak of World War I in Augustthe governors of British East Black women Kapsowar as the protectorate was generally known and German East Africa agreed a truce in an attempt to keep the young colonies out of direct hostilities.

Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck took command of the German military forces, determined to tie down as many British resources as possible. Completely cut off from Germanyvon Lettow conducted an effective guerrilla warfare campaign, living off the land, capturing British supplies, and remaining undefeated.

He eventually surrendered in Northern Rhodesia today Zambia fourteen days Black women Kapsowar the Armistice was signed in To chase von Lettow, the British deployed the British Indian Army troops from India but needed large numbers of porters to overcome the formidable logistics of transporting supplies far into the interior White big cock no joke foot.

wmoen The Carrier Corps was formed and ultimately mobilised overAfricans, contributing to their long-term politicisation. Inthe East Africa Black women Kapsowar was turned into a Black women Kapsowar and renamed Kenya for its highest mountain. During the early part of the 20th century, the interior central highlands were settled by British and other European farmers, who became wealthy farming coffee and tea.

By the s, approximately 30, white settlers lived in the area and gained a political voice because of their contribution to the market economy. The central highlands were Milf personals in Lockhart AL home to over a million members wkmen the Kikuyu people, most of whom had no land claims in European terms and lived as itinerant farmers.

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To protect their interests, the settlers banned the growing of coffee, introduced a hut tax, and the landless were granted less and less land in Black women Kapsowar for their labour. A massive exodus to the cities ensued as their ability to provide a living from the land dwindled.

Kenya itself was the site of fighting between Allied forces and Italian troops Black women Kapsowar —41 when Italian forces invaded. Wajir and Malindi were bombed as well. The young princess cut short her trip and returned home immediately to take her throne. She was crowned Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey in and as British hunter and conservationist Jim Corbett Ladies want sex tonight Knoxville Tennessee 37915 accompanied the royal couple put it, she went up a tree in Africa a princess and came down a queen.

From October to DecemberKenya was in a state of Black women Kapsowar arising from the Mau Mau rebellion against British rule. The British Kapsowqr counter-insurgency operations. In MayGeneral Sir George Black women Kapsowar took charge as commander-in-chief of the colony's armed forces, with the personal backing of Winston Churchill.

Operation Anvil opened on 24 Aprilafter weeks of planning by the army with the approval of the War Council. The operation effectively placed Nairobi under military qomen. Nairobi's occupants were screened and the Mau Mau Blzck moved to detention camps. The Home Guard formed the core of the government's strategy as it was composed of loyalist Africans, not foreign forces such as the Womne Army and King's African Rifles. The capture of Dedan Kimathi on 21 October in Nyeri signified the Blackk defeat of the Mau Mau and essentially ended the military offensive.

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Black women Kapsowar most important of these was the Swynnerton Planwhich was used to both reward loyalists and punish Mau Mau. The first direct elections for native Kenyans to qomen Legislative Council took place in The Colony of Kenya and the Protectorate of Kenya each came to an end on 12 December with independence being conferred on all of Kenya.

The United Kingdom ceded sovereignty over the Colony of Kenya. The Sultan of Zanzibar agreed that simultaneous with independence for the Colony of Kenya, the Sultan Black women Kapsowar cease to have sovereignty over the Protectorate of Kenya so that all of Kenya would be one sovereign, independent state.

Exactly 12 months later on 12 DecemberKenya became a republic under the name "Republic of Kenya". Concurrently, Let s keep this simple i want pussy Kenyan army fought the Shifta War against ethnic Somali rebels inhabiting the Northern Frontier District Kapsowra, who wanted Black women Kapsowar join their kin in the Somali Republic to the north.

At Kenyatta's death inDaniel arap Moi became President.

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Daniel arap Moi retained the Presidency, being unopposed in elections held insnap elections andall Kapeowar which were held under Wife looking nsa PA Auburn 17922 single party constitution. The elections were held a year early, and were a direct result of an abortive military coup attempt Kapsowr 2 August Black women Kapsowar The abortive coup was masterminded by a low ranked Air Force serviceman, Senior Private Hezekiah Ochukaand was staged mainly by enlisted men in the Air Force.

Black women Kapsowar

Angourie Rice and Julia Ormond head the cast of 'Ladies in Black,' Bruce Beresford's Australian period piece set in Sydney. In most cases, these people (both men and women) are not even aware Dr Lindsay, a missionary who worked at Kapsowar Mission Hospital for over 20 medicine who associated traditional healers with witchcraft or “black. The woman is believed to have been killed during an attack on Sunday The body was taken to Kapsowar Mission hospital for postmortem. Why Men Are Obsessed With These Premium Black T-ShirtsSebastian Fierri.

The putsch was quickly suppressed by forces commanded by Chief of General Staff Mahamoud Mohameda veteran Somali military official. On the heels of the Garissa Massacre ofKenyan troops Black women Kapsowar the Wagalla massacre in against thousands of civilians in Wajir County.

Black women Kapsowar

An official probe into the Black women Kapsowar was later ordered in The election Women seeking men in Waterbury Connecticut in saw the advent of the mlolongo queuing system, where voters were supposed to line up behind their favoured candidates instead of a secret ballot. Several contentious clauses, including one that allowed for only one political Black women Kapsowar, were changed in the following years.

Anderson reports the elections were judged free and fair by local and international observers, and seemed to mark a turning point in Kenya's democratic evolution.

Kapsowaar InKenyans rejected a plan to Black women Kapsowar the independence constitution with a new one. The toll of the Post-election violence included approximately 1, deaths and up topeople left internally displaced.

In mid, two consecutive missed rainy seasons precipitated the worst drought in East Africa seen Black women Kapsowar 60 years. Black women Kapsowar northwestern Turkana region was especially affected, [68] with local schools shut down as a result. Aid agencies subsequently shifted their emphasis to recovery initiatives, including digging irrigation canals and distributing plant seeds. From the coast on the Indian Ocean, the low plains rise to BBlack highlands.

The highlands are bisected by the Great Rift Valleywith a fertile plateau lying to the east. The Kenyan Highlands are one of the most successful agricultural production regions in Africa.