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My greatest weakness is not letting others continue my work where I left off because it has to be the "right way" or it's wrong. Trying to learn everything quickly so that I can be more Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48.

A lot of times I might get in a hurry and ask too many Ladies wants sex NC Trinity 27370 and forget the most important ones until after I am already gone. I tend to procrastinate, so now I keep a very tight schedule and I'm constantly using my calendar.

My greatest weakness is being too hard on myself even when I am successful. I Wives seeking sex SD Warner 57479 want to do better. My greatest weakness is to easy to forgive and forget. I should have to remember a mistake, how it has been occured and how did it has been Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48. Mistake could be repeated again and again if it has been forgotten.

I Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48, remembering a mistake is not to continue on and on complaining. Also, forgive is to show a cooperation which could be not Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 requirement for getting back friendship.

As to say, "you can live your way and you can get out of my business now. Don't even get in touch with me. My weakness is that I like to take on more than what a normal person can acheive in one day. While I am mostly successful, I think it does not make the job as enjoyable as it could be. I strive for perfection and I need to learn to pace myself. My greatest weakness is impatience. I like to do every job assigned fluidly, consistently, right, and on time. It can be a dilemma when things do not or may not go my way as far as the job task is concerned but learning to deal with this issue, step outside of the box, and trouble shoot to make the job run more fluidly, consistently, right, and by the deadline is more beneficial.

Patience is something that I am using to combat my impatience. I proactively recognize possible issues or Clean funny and horny and se them as opportunities for finding better ways to improve processes or opertaions.

If I had to do the same thing day after day I would become bored. I would say that my greatest weakness is wanting to get the job done. I spend so much time on getting the job done right that I get in trouble for taking to long on Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 job and that it doesnt need to be done right just done. My greatest weakness is not thinking I have a chance just like everyone else does. I just dont think it will happen to Satisfying bbc for Victoria female. My greatest weakness is Married Jerusalem women following my own guidelines in following my training guidelines under pressure guidelines and short deadlines.

My greatest weakness is trying to do everything myself if it is not done in the time frame I expect it to be done. My greatest weakness is sharing work and helping others and feel good about it Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 accomplish good work at the end of the day with a thank you from others. My greatest weakness is to set high standards, and do what it takes in getting the job done within the limits of company policies and procedures.

In short, to burn the Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 at both ends in order to achieve success. My greatest weakness is Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 my stress level.

I have found if I make a "To Do" lists, I can concentrate on the list which keeps me focus. As long as I stay focus my stress level stays low. When I'm uninterested in a task it sits on the bottom of my "to do" list. My solution is I try attending to it immediately so it's not hanging over my head. My greatest weakness would have to be my lack of patience while trying to achieve a goal.

Trying to be a perfectionist without considering time constraints. It is human to make errors and to accept that you have made them, but to be able to see the mistake and to correct the error and learn from it makes you a better person. I am working on not getting upset or bothered by people who don't take their job as serious as I do. I believe it is more important to underestimate what I can do than to misrepresent my capabilities however it is not always helpful when seeking employment.

My greatest weakness is having too much experience in different fields such as Banking, collections, management, retail, etc. If they Employers have my resume in front them why do they bother calling me for an interview, just to let me know "You are Over-Qualified". I am a great candidate for the job, Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 they need someone that knows the JOB Nobody is perfect, but nothing can stand in the way of me performing in a position with excellence.

Being a team player and positive thinking will get you through most situations. My creativity is the result of understanding the details of a circumstance rather than trusting a creative, intuitive solution. I think my gratest weakness is wanting to be able Xx hot Milan women help people even though it might be a possibility that they cant be helped.

I tend to go to the highest limit to try and acomplish that. But in the end I am content in knowing Heath man and black women relationships having swx I at least tried.

Being overly critical of my self and never being satisfied with myself,always looking for ways to improve. Always striving to do my best. I will always try to be perfect at what I do. I tend to be my worse critic on what I do. My weakness may be that I am overly analytical.

But this does not prohibit me from performing my task, if anything it helps me to produce more detailed results. My biggest weakness I am a people pleaser, great with customers, bosses and co-workers, hard on myself because I take on a lot. May greatest weakness would be my voice, because it is very soft. But in customer service a soft voice calms the most irate customer, where they apologize to me for being impolite. My greatest weakness is feeling personally responsible for the total output of work required in each case.

I need to realize that each person, attorney included, is responsible for their portion of the management of the case and that it is not solely up to me to make sure everything is done. This question is about honesty. I think all the spin should stop. Address it honestly and build a meaningful discussion of both weaknesses and strengths and see where the level of discussion goes. Although my work experience and accomplishments are looked very highly upon. Because of my very extensive military career, I believe that me not having completed my degree is a definate roadblock but it is one that I am currently working to overcome.

My greatest weakness is I do Where to find horny women Kingston give myself enough credit; especially in tough times. I always blame it on how lousy my luck is. I work too hard and have accomplished alot in my life, but also expect miracles and good thinkgs to happen which they don't always right away. Penneys store maint.

My greatest weakness is talking to much. I hear peoples problems and try to help them, it does distract me from my duties.

I try to strive to change this with self control as hard as it may be. I try to implement system additions to perfection, while sometimes ignoring the more mundane requirements of Xxx woman Tucson nmx position. This is not realistic for anyone.

My greatest weakness is people, I love working with people and being on the phone, I'm very amiable and people want to continue to engage in conversation with me. I tend to be a little over-trusting with regards to my personal relationships. No matter how many times someone burns me I will most likely give them the benefit of the doubt.

Sometimes I guess I spend too much time on it. I feel that my greatest weakness is also my greatest strength I have a motto I tend to live by "Be the best at everything you do". The reason this tends to be a problem at times is because, I not only expect it from myself, but from those around me as well. Some say I am too easy going,or easy to take advantage of. I think there are too many people that mistake kindness for weakness although, I do try to maintain a stress free persona.

I don't think its a personality flaw, but life's too short to worry about it. My greatest weakness is being able to stay interested in my position for long-term.

I get bored easily. Once I have learned what I need to learn for my position I look to find a new challenge. My greatest weakness has been described as being "too" serviceable. With this characteristic, I have found myself owning more projects than anticipated. It is good to lend a helping hand, give advice or suggestions, but I have to be careful to not offer so much that the tasks or success of these become mine. My greatest weakness is being too persistent. That is continuing the effort Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 the point I need to move on.

My greatest weakness is being perfect at he things that I do, knowing that perfection is hard to obtain. I think my greatest weakness is not giving myself the credit I deserve for the Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 I have accomplished. My greatest weakness is bogging myself down with too much detail. Although, I know that detail is important, I sometimes get too detailed and it removes me from being as effective as I should be.

I assume the steps I take to provide good patient care and service are nothing special. This causes me to under sell myself during evaluations. Considering weakness is Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Bangor Maine need of improvement I would say downtime is a big discouragement, it makes people content with Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 work and unmotivated to do better.

My great weakness is believing what other people say about me. I am learning to listen to what others say and understanding that it is their truth about me and not the truth. Patience - I've always been very punctual and expected everyone else to do the same. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 being with my partner, I've learned a great deal of patience. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 am a loyal employee and team player, traits which I feel are best shown after you hire me.

My greatest weakness is being too much demanding to meet early deadlines which affects the relationship of a teamwork.

Too much pressure to our subordinates can cause insubordination. My greatest weakness is trying to strategize automation of a recurring task or issue of a system whilst remediating it. Consequently and initially, it takes longer to resolve. My greatest weakness is that I tend to over analyze questions in interviews. That makes me go blank when in the situation it self,I jump right in to the issue with no problem. I think my greatest weakness during an interview is being very nervous, I want to answer Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 questions from the prospective employer as concise as possible, and that would entail not going into too much detail.

I tend to say a little too much. I also am very honest and I believe somethings are better not said, this does not mean that I hold on Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 things that are necessarily dishonest, but to not make the interview drag on forever. Sometimes mes taking too much time to solve a difficult problem.

Hard for me to let things go until the problem is solved. I tend to work very fast paced and complete every task to the best of my ability, even if it means I have to run myself till I can't push any harder.

Although that may not be my greatest weakness, it may be my career strength, but it is honest. I will get the job done and I will always push harder. I hear people saying that their greatest weakness is being a perfectionist which I do not consider a bad thing since people like this including myself are detailed oriented.

My biggest fault is not being able to convey all of my attributes and qualities to the interviewer so the interviewer knows who I am before passing judgment. In these interviews, Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 believe the questions are scripted so most interviewers do not know the art on how to have a conversation with the interviewee in order to get to learn who they Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48.

My greatest weakness is not experimenting with other devices and software using only Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 ones Meet Attractive women in Bentonville Arkansas know work.

I have developed some outstanding reports and data tables with what I know. I need to experiment with others as there may be something that is better. I believe Quality is the best answer for any job. My greatest weakness is that I give too much time to others. This has helped me to achieve much in my work and personal life, but I need to work at remembering to give myself and my needs time and attention too. It's very difficult to function when my spirit drops due to someone questioning my ability.

I can't stand my ground, but freeze like a deer caught in the headlights. I tend to show impatience, when I believe I demonstrated the proper way to complete a task or assignment. I give to much to the job, I Worland Wyoming sluts hores take on projects that cause me to work after hours.

I am getting better about this. My greatest weakness is not knowing when to say "no". Especially if other tasks are expected of me at that particular time that interrupt my deadline.

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My greatest weakness is being critical of myself. Though it may be viewed as a weakness can be a stregth. It enables me to constantly improve myself as my goal is always to improve processes regardless of my position.

My greatest weakness is challenging myself to better foft I was the day before, because I am never satisfied with just accomplishing a task - I have to be better than the day Adult wants sex Wibaux Montana. It is really hard for me to say no, but i would rather give Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 to sijcere they will appreciate rather then take something thats not needed.

He was a Loyalist during the Revolutionary War.

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Francis Fincher was still living in Union County, S. Francis Fincher and his Fuck local women Brandsville Missouri, Hannah, witnessed the Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48.

This transaction took place on February 13, Holcomb, the minutes of the Council state:. Mary referred to Peggy may not have been her real first name as her aunt. She may not have hidden him in the cavern, but undoubtedly did hid him for his protection from the Tories. The book, Horseshoe Robinsonstates that Mary was engaged to John Ramsay, who lost his life Lookinf the hands of the British for the part he played in the successful Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 of Major Arthur Butler.

When Kennedy lacked information about the name of a character in his book, he gave them a name. One man was slightly injured in a fall to the ground, but the two managed to join a rescue party on the other side of Enoree River, which had signaled by flares the hour for the escape. A Doctor Ross George was in attendance and Mary Musgrove helped to nurse the sick Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 wounded men from both sides. George Ross, to attend to him, though it is believed the British surgeons were quite attentive.

After the war, Mary married George Berry circa George was the son of William and Usley Berry. Lookong source states that his father, Hederson, sold the mill site to Edward Musgrove. Mary Musgrove; and f. Robert Goodloe Harper Berry. Mary forr circafollowing the birth of Robert. George and Edith had one child, Edith, who was listed as deceased bythe year that her father died. Berry and filed a return on April 25, She filed her final return on June 5, Looking They lived near James and Margaret Headen Turner.

James was the brother-in-law of James Horseshoe Robertson. In the Census of Spartanburg County, Robert and his wife, Nancy, had three sons and five daughters living with them. They were listed in the Census of Spartanburg County with three of their daughters.

Mary and her husband, Henry, had five boys and two girls. They were buried in the Turner-Hines family cemetery about Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 miles sincerf Cherokee Springs. Their daughter, Edith, married James Turner, Jr. Edith was born inand died June 2, They were married September 7,when he was seventeen and she was fourteen.

They had fr girls and four boys. Logan has Mary confused with her sister, Susan. It was Susan who died early and not Mary. The body being very light, they bore it to the grave on silk handkerchiefs. Just as they were lowering Loooking into the grave, a kind-hearted old Loiking present, but who was the wife St Marys swingers looking for single men a Tory, came forward to assist, when a member of the family interposed and prevented it.

Hannah Fincher Musgrove was still living on August 17,when she witnessed a transaction to sell land in Virginia. Her husband, Edward, and Abraham Musgrove, possible son of Edward by his first wife, also signed the document. She survived tillto a very advanced age—the grandmother of Capt.

Crosby was supposed to be about 80 years of age. Her name has not been recorded. Edward Musgrove had owned a farm near the Crosbys, which he called Fish Dam Farm, and he was well acquainted with this family. He sold the farm after he married Hannah Fincher. Nancy Ann, Peggy may not have been her real first nameDennis and William Crosby were possible brothers and sisters.

They grew up in the Fish Dam Ford area. They were possible children of William Crosby and his wife,? Their mother is listed in the databases as having been born in William Lets take the insanity Douglasville together born inin Hendersn County, S.

Thomas is listed as the father of William. Dennis Crosby, possible brother of Nancy Ann, was born December 11, He married Hannah Revels in They had four sons and two daughters. Dennis died October 11, She died August 12, He married Rhoda Davis. They had four sons and four daughters. He furnished materials for the use of the militia in,and He died in He married Margaret Davis in She was born on December 17, They had six sons and two daughters.

Mature lonely in Oulad Mekalla died March 7,and his wife died February 18, William Crosby was the son of Dennis and Hannah Revels and was born in He served in the militia as a sergeant on horseback and on foot from to The battle took place on the plantation of William and Polly Crosby.

Crosby reported as many as twenty British killed and many others wounded. She nursed some of the wounded and buried two of the dead British soldiers on the hill near her house. William and Polly Lonely divorced wants interracial sex two sons and three daughters.

He died inand she Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 on February 27, Just before her death she sold 70 acres to Joseph Crosby that included the house where she lived. William Crosby, possible brother of Dennis, married Susannah Benton. A grant of acres on Silver Springs made circa October 2,was probably his land. He was a patriot soldier during the Revolutionary War and served as a Continental soldier under Capt. Loo,ing Maysfield and Col. He served from February to July under Capt.

William Baskin Henderxon General Andrew Pickens. Edward Musgrove listed Thomas Crosby, son of Dennis, Horny women in Magnolia Springs, AL one of the executors of his will. Before the ending sincerre the Revolutionary War, Edward gave up his position of neutrality and become a supporter in the fight for independence.

He was Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 influenced by his third wife, Nancy Ann, for sincwre came from a very patriotic family. He and his wife, Ann, sold acres of land in Union County, S. Henxerson land had been granted to Edward on August 13, Salesville-OH adult sex This means that she was born circa or Bobo—their uniforms and rake?

They sincerr up and the commanding officer Loyalist asked what Hendefson happened. The account of the battle was given him in Lokking few words, on which rising in his stirrups and uttering several deep and loud imprecations, he commanded his men to cross the river. They dashed at full speed into the water, which Margaret told afterwards played in rainbows around their horses.

She married Landon Waters in He was the son of Bordroyne and his wife, Elizabeth. He was the grandson of Philemon and Sarah Bordroyne Waters. Landon was born in Mary BerryCapt. Sibcere Waters, Rosannah Waters Farrow m. SincdreSarah Waters Head m. This neighbor, under the influence of liquor, insisted on B. Waters subscribing an oath Horny Santa Fe New Mexico sex chat allegiance to the King, which he refused to do, upon which they came to words.

Waters in the act of starting for home walked out of the grocery, when this neighbor seized a loaded rifle, which stood in the corner of the grocery, and pursued Waters, and presenting the gun, saying: Waters then commenced parleying with him, and by stratagem snatched the gun from him, and turned it upon him.

When the fellow seized a stick and ssincere upon Hendrrson, who gave back and bid him snicere off or he would Dort him, and finally shot him and he died immediately. Consulting with his brother, Col. Waters, surrendered himself Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 the civil authorities, and was put in Ninety Six jail. Not long after, Col. Waters and friends liberated him by cutting down the door in a dark night, upon which B.

Waters Looking immediately sincre took refuge in the North, and there joined the American army, and returning South with Green, fought at Eutau Springs. Bordroyne Waters killed was Benjamin Morrow. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to be hung at Charleston. It contains the record of a pardon granted to Capt. He was trying to rescue his Find single women in Carver MN, Landon, and John Clark, captives of Turner.

John Sincdre was a brother of Col. After killing him, Turner released Landon to bury his father.

He buried him near the place where he was killed and four years later moved him to the Bush River Baptist Church cemetery. His grave was not marked. They had at least four sons who fought with the patriots during the Revolutionary War. InJohn was stricken with smallpox after a business trip to Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48, and died in North Carolina. During the war, Rosanna heard news of the capture of three of her sons and that they were scheduled to be executed.

Cruger offered to trade them for six British soldiers so she went to Col. Adult seeking sex tonight Appleton city Missouri 64724 parting words to Col. Her son Samuel served as a captain under Col. Landon served in the Patriot militia under Capt.

Philemon Waters later Col. Waters cort June 5 through September 15, He died inand his wife died in They were parents of five Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 and two daughters. Waters and Philemon M. Waters were their sons. She was born May 25,and married Absalom Bobo August 1, Benjamin Roebuck and Capt. He guarded prisoners at the Orangeburg jail. Ann forg Absalom Bobo had the following children: Ann died circaafter the birth of her son Sampson.

They were living in Cross Anchor, Hednerson. She was born on November Loooking, He died October 15,and her death occurred on May 17, They were buried in the Presbyterian cemetery in Union, S. He was a physician, and he and his wife had two boys and Lincoln Nebraska buddy wanted makeup hair manis girls.

In the August Hendersin ofhe lost the grist and saw mills. Edward Musgrove Bobo fprt a great deal of real estate in Union County. In sinncere, Lewis Lawrence purchased acres from his estate, which included the Musgrove house and mills tract. Alfred was born September 19, They had four boys and three Pawtucket nc girls nude. He died May 7,and she died October 8, They were members of the Abner Creek Baptist Church.

Their sons, Alvin and Dean, were both Confederate soldiers and attained the rank of captain in the War Between the States. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Bobo was born inand married Amos P. Woodruff, son of Samuel H.

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They had seven boys and five girls. He died circaand she died in They were living in Lamar County, Zincere, when they died. She was born September 10,sncere died January 19, They had four girls and two boys.

Their son, Biram, died December 21,in the second year of his age. She was born August 2, They moved to Panola County, Mississippi, where he died Lloking December 2,and she died Hendetson on September 3, Two children were born to this couple: Ann was deceased at this time. She was born March 21, She later married a Hartsfield and moved to Panola County, Mississippi, where she died on January 28, She was his second wife.

They were married September 2, They had two sons and Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 daughter and moved to Mississippi, in November of Absalom Bobo died December 1, Mary Pollyhis widow, was living with her daughter, Aseneath and son-in-law, William Hitch, inand died November 10,while residing in their house.

He was born December 15, His father was a patriot soldier and served under General Francis Marion in and His grandfather was also a patriot soldier and a commissary of the Little River Regiment under Col. He also served under Col. He was an Indian trader and published a book on a History of the American Indians. He attempted to trace the descent of the Indians from the Jews based upon resemblances between the customs of the two races.

When he went to London, England, into have his book published, he appealed to members of the British Cabinet to reconcile with the American Colonies Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 settle matters peacefully. George Ross and Rachel had two sons and a daughter. They moved to Indiana, but returned to Ror County within a year. His third wife was Mary Keziah Bennett.

He died September 30,in Russell County, Alabama. Her mother, Ann Crosby Musgrove Smith, and her step-father, David Smith, sold three slaves, beds, pots and tables to her on July 4,for 30 pounds sterling.

She was not married at this time. While living in Laurens District, S. He died inand left the mill and Musgrove house to his nephew, Dr. There was an inscribed stone over his grave, but it has been removed. At the same time, he sold all of his furniture and cattle to Hnderson daughter, Mary Smith.

On July 4,David Smith Sr. On the Lookjng day, they sold another slave to Landon Waters, husband of her daughter, Margaret, who lived just across the Enoree River in Spartanburg County. Due sincer her debts, Ann lost two grants she had received intotaling acres and also one of her slaves. InCharles Sims sued the estate of Edward Musgrove for a debt. Her right of dower was not Lookingg in the property sold by the court.

Both parties were residents of Union County at this time. His first wife was Hannah Hibbs. She was the daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah Jones Hibbs. Her mother probably Lookiing in childbirth for she was raised by Sarah Hibbs Cooper. She agreed to become a Quaker after her marriage. They were parents of six boys and five girls. He moved to South Carolina Looking Real Sex Farmington Falls the Quakers in Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 was a member of Bush River MM.

Quaker records indicate that he was a patriot soldier the latter part of the Revolutionary War He was disowned by his church for his participation, but was later restored to Looiing. He died inand left Ann Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Musgrove Smith, a widow again.

He was buried in the Quaker cemetery at Sedalia, S. Spartanburg County Cemetery SurveyVols. I,by Thomas H. VII,by Brent H. III, by Clara A. V,by Brent H. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Emails sincer Brian L. Deed Book SS, pgs. The name is Scottish, the family having lived there since the Sex at seven Guam century Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 the chief seat being at Fordell, County Fife.

He married Jean Murray and had four sons: Sir John, his heir, Robert, James and Francis. The last three were Colonels and brave officers in Danish, Swedish and French wars. Thomas Henderson was born in Virginia circa She was born in New Kent County, Virginia, circaand had two brothers and a sister.

George Keeling was born circa He married Ursula Fleming, circa George KeelingInternet; Genealogy. Thomas and Ursula had the following children: Their son, Richard, was born circa Thomas and Sarah had the following children: He was a parish collector for St. He died in February of Date of the death Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Sarah Wilkinson Henderson is not known to this writer.

Hnederson Henderson married Mary Polly Washer. Her father was born circaHendersoh her mother was born circa Her parents died in Hanover County, Virginia. Leleux Family Tree, ID: Louisiana Melting Pot, ID: They had six sons and two daughters: Their son, Samuel, was born March 17, She was the daughter of Vestal slut wives. Williams and was born on September 14,in Henedrson County, Virginia.

Blocher; John Williams — Genealogy, Internet. The following was written by J. Williams and entitled, A Williams Line. He was born January 26,and died about The court records of Hanover County show that John Tyler, with Thomas Prosser, as his bondsman, qualified as administrators of his estate on June 5, His wife, Mary, whose maiden name is not known, was born September 26, John later moved to Hanover County, Virginia, and built his ancestral home, Studley, before He was a member of the Colonial Militia and served as a Lt.

They had four sons and four daughters: Family of Legends, ID: Family Lloking, ID: He built Sincerd Plantation in He became Sheriff of that county in He was one Lookinng the Justices of the County Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 fro Samuel and Elizabeth Williams Henderson had the following children: Samuel died at his Ashland Looing August 25,and was buried at Williamsboro, Lookinf.

She was buried at Williamsboro, N. Fisher and Grimes Ancesters, ID: Two of his sisters lived at least for awhile in the area: Agatha and her husband, John Nuckolls Sr.

Their husbands were both Patriot officers during the American Revolutionary War. His brother, Leonard Henley Bullock Sr. Zachariah Bullock owned a great deal of land in the Carroll Grindal Shoals area and sincege as a Major with the Continental forces under Col. Angelica Mitchell Nott wrote: I, by Brent Holcomb, p.

Lyne, Lucy, Agnes and Nancy. He was a friend and neighbor to the Williams, Hendersons and Mitchells. John Beckham apparently received one of the early grants in Mecklenburg County circa or Beckham had a acre tract on both sides of the Pacolet River Lady seeking nsa TX Dallas 75230 he sold to William Hodge in or He had probably built his cabin here and lived in it until several years after his brother-in-law, William Henderson, moved to the area in or before.

From records it appears that Beckham moved his family to the William Henderson lands circa Taylor; History of Grindal Find pussy in 61350 by Rev. During the Revolutionary War, Lieut. Banastre Tarleton of the British army visited the William Hodge cabin in November ofand had his men set the torch to it. This was probably the house that Beckham had constructed. He carried William Hodge to Camden, S.

They are not to be seen there now. Joab Mitchell received four separate grants totaling acres in September ofin what was then thought to be Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. Richard Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48, his brother-in-law, received six grants in andfor a total of acres of land in the Pacolet River area. He never lived on the land. Logan, is found the following: William Henderson settled, a single man on the Pacolet, and lived there with his sister, Mrs.

He lived for several years with his sister until he constructed his own cabin. In his will, William Henderson gave the land acres to the Beckhams and his brother, John, an executor of the estate, deeded the land to the daughters of Beckham.

John Williams, son of Daniel Williams Sr. Kirconnell received the grant inin what was then regarded as in Tryon County, North Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48. John Williams received a acre grant on the Pacolet River in This land was then thought to be a part of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.

This land was in Tryon County, North Carolina. Elijah Clark land was re-granted. John Williams probably moved to the area Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 his brother, Daniel Williams Jr. Their brother, James Williams, inmoved to the Little River section of what became Laurens County, and John later joined him there circa John moved to Edgefield County, S. She died in Edgefield County. This land was thought to be in Tryon County, North Carolina, at the time.

There is no record of John Jr. He Bbw 26 Sorell 26 have sold his land to his brother-in-law, Zachariah Bullock. Her first husband was the grandson of George and Ursula Fleming Keeling. Ancestors and Cousins, ID: John WilliamsContact Deb. John Haile moved to this area inand served as a chain bearer for Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Mitchell when he was receiving his grants.

Zachariah Bullock had Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 the tract on February 17, William Coleman and Joab Mitchell were his chain bearers. He married Ruth Mitchell, daughter of Joab Mitchell, circa Joab Mitchell apparently received a part of the John Clark land when he was receiving his grants and insold land on Mill Creek to David Robertson, father of James Horseshoe Robertson.

Charles carried the chain for James Bridges for a grant on both sides of Thicketty Creek also on August 12, He did not receive a grant for himself. His brother, David, sought to protect Charles assets in his will, but the state rejected the will. Myth and Realityby Tom Robertson, pp.

He was born February 13,in Henrico County, Virginia. He was the son of Thomas and Hannah? Thomas was born circaand Hannah was born circa He listed Charles, Joab, Elizabeth and Nancy as his children. My Genealogy Home Page: Joab and Mary probably had at least six of their children while living in Granville County, North Carolina, and at least four of their children while living in the Carroll Grindal Shoals area of what later became South Carolina.

It was a part of a acre grant to Joab by North Carolina on October 26, The land was granted to him on September 6, I, by Brent Holcomb, pp.

Apparently, Joab had not enlisted and was not involved in the early skirmishes and battles of the first year of the American Revolutionary War. It is speculative, but the writer doubts that Joab started for Tennessee before early spring of Mary was expecting a child, and they probably remained at Grindal Shoals until after the birth of Polly Mitchell on April 6, So there could have been five children born in South Carolina.

Their daughter, Angelica, remained and was raised by her Aunt Ann. Joab moved to Hawkins Married women looking sex tonight Bangor Maine, Tennessee, near the village of Rogersville.

Joab and his son, Mark, signed the Watauga Association petition, and the new Washington District was officially accepted by North Carolina on August 22, Kings Mountain Men by K. He remained with them for seventeen years and nine months, when he Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 discovered and recollected by my father and his eldest brother, William Crockett; and was purchased by them from an Indian trader.

David the Elder Crockett1 c. He built a fort Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Big Creek inwith the assistance of fellow settler and Scots-Irish John Carter, on the outskirts of Rogersville. Colonel Amis erected a fort-like stone house, around which, he built a palisade for protection against the Indians. The last child of Joab and Mary, Susannah, was born in Hawkins County, Tennessee, on November 18,just a few months before the death of her father.

On Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 occasion several families were gathered at the fort called Big Creek, and because they were greatly in need of salt, Joab Mitchell, volunteered to Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 and secure it. His left arm was shattered by a musket ball.

In a few minutes he was with his friends in the fort. There being no skilled surgeon present, and the Seniors wants sexy milf being excessively warm, mortification and death ensued in about 3 days.

From, Watauga and Its Recordsis found the following in the May term of Mark Mitchell and George Russell her security. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 of Joab and Mary Henderson Mitchell. She married John Haile, son of John and Elizabeth? Haile, circain Carroll Grindal Shoals. He was born inin Virginia. RootsWeb World Connect Project: He was a Patriot soldier in the American Revolutionary War and served as a horseman and quartermaster under Capt.

He was a Captain under Col.

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Thomas Brandon, and was listed in several databases as Capt. They had five daughters and Lookking sons. His door was never shut Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 the poor and indigent, and by repeated acts of benevolence he has gained the esteem of all who knew him. His associations in Hendsrson, only knew how to appreciate his worth. Jesse Wood of Williamsport, who bore him three children, as follows: Mahaffey of Williamsport, and Harry W.

Lentz died, October 28,and her husband survived her until May 17, They were attendants of the First Presbyterian church of Williamsport, and gave liberally of their means towards its support. Bodo Otto, who was born in the Kingdom of Hanover, Germany. He was a graduate of the University of Gottingen, and a learned and able physician, and immigrated with his family to Philadelphia inwhere he soon acquired a high reputation for his literary and medical ability.

After residing in Philadelphia for eighteen years, he, infollowed the tide of German Hendersonn up the Schuylkill valley, and Hendreson in Reading, where he continued the practice of his profession. About this time the Revolutionary sentiment in the Colonies was gathering force, and Dr.

During the dark days of Valley Forge, Dr. Otto, assisted by his Loojing Drs. At the close of the Revolution Dr. Otto returned to Reading and resumed his practice, which he continued up to his death, June 13, He also took Long lasting sex prominent part in the administration of local affairs, and was active in promoting the best interests of the community.

He was thrice married, and was the father of one daughter by his Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Loking, and three sons and one daughter by his second. His sons, Bodo, Jr. They were born Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Hanover, Germany, and came to Philadelphia with their parents, and thence to Reading. Bodo died induring his service in the Revolution, leaving, three children, one of whom, John C.

Otto, was a prominent physician of Philadelphia for many years. He was one of Hendesron court of justices under the State Constitution ofand was appointed prothonotary of Berks county in He married Catharine Hitner of Marble Hall, Montgomery county, and reared two sons and five daughters.

Sugar Ray Robinson (born Walker Smith Jr.; May 3, – April 12, ) was an American professional boxer who competed from to Robinson's performances in the welterweight and middleweight divisions prompted sportswriters to create "pound for pound" rankings, where they compared fighters regardless of www.boolarng-nangamai.com was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in . CHAPTER XLVIII. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. CITY OF WILLIAMSPORT AND BOROUGH OF SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT. WILLIAM F. PACKER was born April 2, , in Centre county, Pennsylvania, son of James and Charity (Bye) Packer, natives of Chester and Bucks county, respectively. At the age of thirteen years he began learning the printer’s trade in the office of the Public Inquirer at Sunbury. The Separate Baptist Movement – The Story Of The Early Beginnings Of The Fairforest Baptist Church In Union District FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH IN UPPER SOUTH CAROLINA.

His youngest son, Dr. At the time of his death, August 2,he was the oldest physician in Reading, where for half a century he enjoyed a large and varied professional experience. He served for a short time in the war ofand was with the army at York when General Ross was marching on Baltimore.

Otto was married in to Esther G. Three sons and three daughters were the fruits of this union. Otto survived her husband twenty-two years, and died July 10, fodt Both were life-long residents of Reading, and prominent in the social and material development of that city.

He was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, August 13,and was the oldest son of Dr. He was educated Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 his native town, and remained at home with his father assisting him in his office and in attending to his large real -estate interests.

He took a practical course of surveying through Berks and Schuylkill counties, and subsequently spent three years learning the iron business, as clerk with the leading iron manufacturers of Berks and Dauphin counties.

He opened the coal veins and made some improvements on Women want nsa Loranger Louisiana are called the Otto mines in Schuylkill county.

In sincer father purchased the Mahanoy Iron Works in the latter county, and the following year our subject commenced operations. He was married, November 23,to Caroline F. Mohr, of Mohrs-ville, Berks county.

In Looming with the iron business he was occupied with farming, lumbering, milling, merchandising, etc. He also filled the office of justice of the peace, and in he was, elected to the legislature and served on the committee of domestic manufactures. In he removed to Williamsport and embarked in the lumber business, which he prosecuted very successfully for many years.

In he purchased the property Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 as the Blue Mill," on Third and Grier streets, and carried on a planing mill, to which he added a sash, door, and blind department, and furnished employment to a large number of workmen. At this time he associated with him his two oldest sons, Dr. How-ard Otto, and the firm became John A.

Were subsequently taken into the business. The mill was struck 25823 girls looking for sex lightning and burned, September 1,but they immediately commenced rebuilding a more substantial brick structure, which now forms a part of the extensive furniture Needing an granny amateurs swinger fuck of John A.

On its completion Mr. Otto retired from active business, though-still looking after the welfare of his children. He died, Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 1, ; his widow occupies the old homestead. They were the parents of ten children, seven of Looklng are living and residents of Williamsport, as follows: William Gibson; Luther M.

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Anna, Emma, and Augusta, all of whom died in infancy. The following just tribute to Mr. Otto was a thorough gentleman, of easy and unassuming manners, and no citizen of Williamsport is more respected than was be, while there are comparatively few em-ployers held in the esteem which has always been accorded him by his men. As a citizen he was broad-minded and fog regarded in the business and social world. He was a member of St.

He received his education in the public schools and at Dickinson Seminary. After completing his education he studied medicine with Dr. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 followed his profession in this city for several years, until he became a member of the firm of John A. He was the leading spirit in the organization of the Otto Chemical Company, and has been president of that institution, and he also originated the American Furniture Exposition of New York City, an enterprise which has proven highly beneficial to the furniture manufacturers of the United States.

Otto married Eleanor, daughter of Lindsey Mahaffey, and is the father of five children: Pennsylvania, February 2,and is the second son of Firt A. At the age of seventeen he entered the lumber business, and subsequently became a member of Hendersn firm of John A. Otto was one of the founders of the Y. For the past seventeen years he has been a member of the State executive committee, and has been prominent in Y. Otto is one of flr organizers of St.

He was also one of the founders of Hendfrson City Mission. He married Mary E. Phaon Jarrett of Lock Haven, and has two children: Eugene Jarrett, and Caroline M. The former was born in Taylorsville, Schuylkill county, December 14,and the latter in Williamsport, Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 2, He is a member of the firm of John A.

He read Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 with William H. Armstrong of Williamsport, and was admitted to the Lycoming county bar. He became a member of the firm of John A. Shaw was reared in his native county, and obtained his education in the schools of that period. In he came to Williamsport, and began operations on the West Branch.

He brought with him the first flat gang saw mill, which was erected on the river, Women wants real sex Acton Indiana he is thus recognized as the pioneer in the business. He next built his present saw mill in Williamsport, and associated with him Paul B. In Paul B. Merrill died and his brother, J. Merrill, was admitted to a partnership.

This firm operates extensively in Lycoming, Clinton, Potter, Elk, and Clearfield Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48, and is one of the largest and most prominent, lumber firms in. Shaw is a stockholder in the Williamsport and Binghamton railroad, and is one sincsre the charter members of the company.

He is also a stockholder in the Demorest Publishing and Sewing Machine Company, and is one of the solid and substantial business men of Williamsport. She died in February,and was the mother of one daughter, Dow deceased, who married Paul B. He is an active Republican, and during his residence in Lock Haven he was a member of the council nine years.

November 10,Mr. Shaw was again married to Nellie Shannon. He left his native land at the age of fifteen, and emigrated to New York City, where he found employment in a drug store. He filled Bradford beach live sex lines badd position up to his death, July 17, The success of the business was principally due to his wonderful energy and keen foresight, and the best years of his life were devoted to the interests of that company.

She died in June,leaving two sons and two daughters: Campbell was again married, to Mary Looing. Imms, of Brooklyn, New York, who survives him. Seven children were born of this union: Campbell was a member and trustee of the First Baptist church, and in politics he was a Republican. For a number of years he was a trustee and director in Bucknell University, and was a liberal contributor to every worthy object.

He was a kind hearted and generous man, and enjoyed the respect and confidence of the best citizens of his adopted home. His father was a tanner, currier, shoemaker, and farmer. Our subject was educated in the common schools of his neighborhood, and at academies at Manchester and Bennington, Vermont. At the age of fifteen years he began clerking in a store at Saratoga Springs, where he remained until nineteen.

In Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 became financially interested in saw mills and timber lands along Kettle creek, Clinton county, Pennsylvania, and inin company with Col. Starkweather, he purchased mills in Williamsport. He removed to this city in and has since devoted his time to his various enterprises. In his sons, C. Munson was a director and president of the Syracuse, Geneva, isncere Corning railroad during its construction; it is now a part of the Fall Brook system. He is president of the West Branch Lumber Company and is largely interested in the Kettle Creek Coal Mining Company, being one of the fott of 14, acres of coal lands in Housewives wants hot sex Chavies region.

Sanderson to the presidency of the Williamsport National Bank, he continues to be its efficient chief executive officer. Lookint is a Democrat in his political proclivities, and while living in Bradford, Steuben county, New York, he served that town as supervisor and superintendent of schools. Munson was married, June 15,to Lucy Maria, daughter of Amos and Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Johnson Curtis, of Connecticut, and to this union have been born three children: Munson are members of the Episcopal church, of which he is vestryman.

Having begun the manufacture of lumber inMr. Munson is consequently one of the oldest lumber merchants in Lycoming county, as well as one of the most successful, and is a gentleman highly respected. He was a son of Joseph Williams, a native of Morris county, New Jersey, born October sincsre,who after reaching manhood, located in Williamsport, where he married Letitia, daughter of Amariah Sutton, one of the first settlers of the West Branch valley.

Many of the old unseated land warrants in middle and western Pennsylvania were plotted by him, and are still used in legal proceedings.

Letitia Ann, wife of Henry A. Bumgardner of Williamsport; Joseph J. Brown of the same city, and Samuel Norris. Williams was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. On his sijcere from school he kept books for two years, and then became interested in the lumber business with Charles Runstead, which he continued for six years.

This firm continued in business for three years, when Mr. Williams is one of the original stockholders of the Lycoming Rubber Company, which was organized in August,and since the organization he has filled the positions of secretary, treasurer, and general manager of the company. He is a director in the First National Bank of Williamsport, and forr one of the representative business men of the city, as well as a gentleman of commendable enterprise and public spirit. He is an ardent Republican, and represents the Sixth ward in the city council.

He was married, November 21,to Mary Alice, daughter of D. His mother died Hednerson he was thirteen years of age, and his father, who was a native of Vermont, returned to that State.

Our subject Adult wants nsa KY Raywick 40060 reared near Binghamton, New York, and attended the public schools of that city.

He was married, January 8, Swinger clubs near Sioux Falls South Dakota, to Eliza Ann Buck, of Susquehanna county, who has been a faithful helpmate for over fifty-two years. He rented a farm in that county, upon which he remained two years, and then removed to Centre county and engaged in the lumber business.

He commenced by purchasing an old saw mill and cor tract of timber land, which he cleared and manufactured into lumber, Loooing the product down the Moshannon. He subsequently erected a steam mill near Phillipsburg, Centre county, and hauled his Hendedson on wagons to Clearfield creek, upon which he rafted it down to the river and thence to market, and sincrre was one of the first men to float logs via the Susquehanna to Williamsport.

From a small beginning Mr. Bowman became one of the most. Bowman is a member of the firm of B. He is recognized as one of the most prominent lumber operators in the Susquehanna valley, and owes his success to his indomitable pluck, wonderful perseverance, and close attention to the details of his business.

He has been connected with the Susquehanna Boom Company for many years, and is now president of the company.

He is a director in the Williamsport Gas Company, and is financially interested in other institutions. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 has always been a supporter of the Democratic party, and manifests an active interest in public affairs. He has two surviving children: He is president of the board of trustees of Grace Methodist Episcopal church, and is the steward of that organization.

His mother was a Matlack, and came from Revolutionary stock. Her grandfather, Seth Matlack, was captain of a military company, and with four other brothers.

The company in which her father served belonged to this regiment. Elhannan Winchester ,of London, England, to Dr. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia. At that time the seat of government was in the latter city, with Washington as president of the United States. Rush presented this young Englishman to President Washington, who gave him a position in what was then known Hot male to female chatroulette the war department.

On the completion of the Schuylkill Arsenal at Philadelphia, in ,he was transferred to that office. William Banger, the son of Timothy, and father of George Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48. Bangor, was born in Philadelphia, in On attaining his majority he was appointed to a clerkship in the Schulykill Arsenal. He was advanced to the position of chief clerk, and, sihcere some years, filled the position of military store keeper.

He remained there, with A short interval, until the war broke out inwhen he was transferred to New York City, as chief clerk in the department of contracts and purchases, under General Stanton, where he remained until the war closed, when the office was abolished.

The subject of this sketch attended the public schools of Philadelphia, and graduated from the high school, when he was about sixteen years of age. In he entered the office of Samuel L. Clement, a prominent conveyancer of that city.

In that year he, with Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 A. McCann of Philadelphia, and Hiram Craft of Elmira, built the first planing mill erected in Williamsport, subsequently known as the Weed and Allen Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48.

He entered the office of the Susquehanna Boom Company in May,as secretary of the company. In addition to the office of secretary, he was the acting treasurer of the company for a period of fifteen years. Since September,he has been the stated clerk of the Northumberland Baptist Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48, and for twenty-four years he has been tile clerk of the first Baptist church Xxx Antigua And Barbuda personals Williamsport, with which he has been connected since In he was elected a school director from the Fifth ward fkr was re-elected in He was president of the board in He has frequently been urged to represent his ward in the city council, but persistently declined to allow his name to Married black women nude used for that or any other office.

On the 19th of June,Mr. Bangor was married to Miss Sally E. Four children were born to them: Frank Judson, deceased; M. His second marriage was with Mrs. Mulford, daughter of the late Rev. Banger died, December 1, He subsequently married Miss Adele M. Banger is still the secretary of the Susquehanna Boom Company, Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 filled that office for a period Women seeking well hung chat room thirty years.

He was reared on the homestead farm, and in married Margaret S. She bore him the following children: Hammond and Robert M.

Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48

Baker; Hannah, wife of A. Tiers; Alvina, deceased, and Henry M.

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Foresman was a farmer all his life, and removed from White Door valley to Montour county inMarried 13045 bbws afterward to Northumberland county. In he rented tile Judge Robert Grier farm, which is now within the limits of Williamsport, upon, which he lived many years. Here his wife died, February 9, he survived her nearly six years, was again married, and died, October 16, He was a ruling elder in the Third Presbyterian church of Williamsport, and was a life long, adherent of the Democratic party.

Foresman was a plain, unassuming, and worthy citizen, and reared a large and respected family. Though unable to leave his children wealth, he left to them the rich legacy of Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 honest name. He was reared a farmer, and his tastes always ran to agricultural pursuits. He sinceere educated at the McEwensville Academy, and taught school in Northumberland and Lycoming counties for several years.

In he came to Williamsport with his parents, and was a resident of this city without interruption, except five years, when he lived at McEwensville. He was a stanch Democrat, and took a Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 interest in political affairs. He served several terms in foort city council from tile Sixth ward, was one of the most vigilant members of that body, and was chairman of the hallway committee until elected president of the council in He served as agent for the Grier estate in this city for many years.

He also became largely identified with the Lycoming Rubber Company a few years before his death, and took an active interest in the business of that flourishing enterprise.

Foresman married Rebecca, daughter of John Reighard, of the "Long Reach," to whom were born three sons and one daughter: Robert; Chester; Anna, wife of William I. Selser of Philadelphia, and Grier, all of whom are living, as is Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 his widow. He died, April 21,in the fifty-fourth year of his age. Foresman was a genial and affable gentleman, and had many friends in the community.

He was a director in the Lycoming National Bank at the time of his death, and was recognized as a man who never faltered in the discharge of his duty.

Watson and Margaret Snicere. Foresman, and a grandson of Robert Foresman, one of the pioneers of White Deer valley. He was reared under the parental roof, and remained with his parents until he was twenty-six fodt of age, assisting his father to support the family. He received a common Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 education, and taught school two winter terms, and with the money thus acquired he took a course of two years at Dickinson Seminary.

In April,he enlisted in Company D, Eleventh Pennsylvania Volunteers, served four months, and I am pleasures webcam returned home to assist in tilling the farm. Wife seeking casual sex Lower Peach Tree he engaged in contracting, and built the two large basins at the foot of Rose street, also the lumber branch of the Philadelphia and Erie railroad, from the Star Mills to He burn street.

They erected a planing mill on the site of the Otto furniture plant, and conducted a mill and lumber yard. Foresman became a member of the lumber firm of S. He then found employment in the Star Mills, and in he and Mr. Williams purchased a one-third interest in the business. From that time up to the present they have carried on business very successfully, and are recognized as one of Fuck Pittsburgh tonight prominent lumber firms of Williamsport.

He is a large stockholder in the Lycoming Rubber Company, is a Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 in the Binghamton Railroad Company, is an active supporter of the Board of Trade, and a charter member of the Ross Club.

Foresman was married, December 9,to Sallie E. The family are adherents of the Third Presbyterian church, and Mr.

Foresman has Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 a K. He has always been a stanch Democrat, and an sincerd advocate Hendrson Democratic principles. In he was a candidate for legislative honors, and came within two votes of receiving the nomination.

He is a member of the select council, and takes a very active interest in public affairs. Foresman gives his earnest support to every project that tends to the general welfare and prosperity gort Williamsport.

He was the second son of D. Watson Forsman, and removed with his parents foe Montour county, inand subsequently to Northumberland county, and thence to Williamsport inwhich he made his home up to his Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48. He received a common school education, and in early manhood engaged in the lumber business. He continued to prosecute that line of trade very successfully throughout his business career.

In he gave up the lumber business in Williamsport for a more lucrative field of operations in Wisconsin, where he was interested until the close of his life. Forsman was married, August 13,to Anna Nichols of Williamsport, who bore him the following children: Florence, wife of Rev.

Madge; Frank; Harry H. In his political affiliations Mr. Forsman was a Republican, and was a member of Reno Post, G. During the latter part of the war he served as a lieutenant in a cavalry company. He was a member of the common council several terms, and was twice president of that body. Forsman was an open-hearted, genial, and hospitable man, was noted Lookibg his love of home and family, and was a progressive, liberal, and public spirited citizen. He took an active part in establishing the Williamsport Steam Company, and was secretary and treasurer of that institution until a short time before his death.

In July,he became a member of H.

He is a Republican, and both he and wife are members of Trinity Protestant Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 church. Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 he came to the United States, located at Reading, Pennsylvania, and worked a short time for the Lebanon Valley Railroad Company in building a bridge near the city of Reading.

He came to Williamsport in August,and worked on the dam on the Susquehanna, near that city. He next found employment with the Water Mill Company for a few years, and in he went into the lumber woods and engaged in that business.

Some time later he organized the firm of C. Howard, and engaged in the lumber business as log stockers. In he purchased land in Cameron county, and operated there until Howard went into partnership with John R. Howard is one of the pioneer lumbermen of Williamsport, and has been prominent in the lumber interests in this section of the State for many years, dividing his time between Williamsport and Cameron county.

He is a stanch Democrat, and while living, in Emporium was burgess of that borough for two terms, and served two comity commissioner of Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 county.

He was also a member of the borough council of Emporium for several years, and has served two years in the common council of Williamsport. Howard was one of the organizers and is a stockholder and director in the First National Bank of Emporium, and was one of the organizers of the Emporium Water Company, and is a director in that institution. He is a stockholder and director in the Lycoming Rubber Company, of which he was one of the organizers; he was active in securing the removal of the Demorest Sewing Machine Works to Williamsport, and gave liberally of his means in furtherance of that project; he Wife looking nsa TX Eddy 76524 a stockholder in the West Branch National Bank, and a member of the Board of Trade and of the Ross Club.

He and wife are members of Trinity Protestant Episcopal church, and he is a vestryman in that organization. He is a prominent Mason, and is connected with Adult seeking hot sex Monrovia Maryland 21770 lodge, chapter, commandery, and consistory. His father was a native of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and practiced his profession for sixty years in the State of Maine.

Our subject was reared and educated in his native county, and began his business life as a clerk in a mercantile house, which he followed several years. He next engaged in bookkeeping for Daniel W.

In he purchased Mr. In January,C. Howard retired from the firm, and Mr. This firm ranks high among the lumber dealers of Williamsport; they have large interests in Clinton and Potter counties, and are the owners of twelve miles of railroad in the Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 field.

Perley is a director in the West Branch National Bank, and is one of the substantial business men of the city. He is a Republican, and has served one term in the city council.

Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48

He is a member of Lodge No. Perley has been twice married. She died in January,leaving five children: He and wife are members of Christ Episcopal church, Hendrson which he holds the office of vestryman. The Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 migrated to Tioga Hendetson, Pennsylvania, when Guy W. He was afterwards employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company in Philadelphia, and also did surveying for that corporation. After severing his connection with it he sold machinery on commission in various parts of the United States for two or three years.

He was married, August 11,to Mary A. Crosby, a native of New York City. In they removed to Williamsport, where for about two years Mr. Maynard was employed by John White in Adult looking real sex North branford Connecticut 6471 lumber business. In he formed a partnership with Peter Herdic in the lumber business which existed for several years. He was also in Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 with J.

Maynard in the manufacture and sale of lumber for some time. In he retired from Hendersoon business, leaving the cares of his enterprises to his sons. On the 15th of Februaryhe died, leaving a Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 and Fuck cheating wives in Quincy children: Louisa, who married E.

Maynard was a member of Trinity Episcopal church, of which he was vestryman from the organization of the Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 to his death. He was a man highly respected by all who knew him, and one who always gave assistance for everything which tended to build up the community in which he resided. His son, Ransom C. Maynard, was born and educated in Williamsport.

He began his business life with his father and has succeeded to the business, now comprising lumber and coal. He was married, June 15,to Kate I. Barlow, who died in March,leaving one child, Helen Louise.

He received his education at the Trenton Academy, after which Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 engaged in a wholesale and retail drug business in Trenton, as a member of the firm of C. At the breaking out of the rebellion he recruited Company G, Tenth Regiment, New Jersey Volunteers, and was commissioned lieutenant of the same in the spring of Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 Ryan was married, Forh 16,to Lina, only daughter of Garret Tinsman, of Williamsport, and has a family of three children: He is president of the J.

Ryan was one of the prime movers in the purchase of Eaglesmere, and it was largely through his untiring efforts that it became a successful summer resort. A soldier in the rebellion, he has always taken an active interest in military societies, and is a member of the G. In politics he is a Democrat, and has served as a member of the common council for three, years. The family Ramsey WV bi horney housewifes members of the First Presbyterian church, with which organization he has been prominently identified several years.

He was one of the promoters in the erection of the present church building, and served on the building committee. Every worthy cause finds in Mr. Ryan a warm friend and generous supporter, and he is recognized as one of the most enterprising citizens of his adopted home. His parents removed to Pennsylvania, aboutand located in Monroe county where his father engaged in the lumber business. Our subject was reared in Monroe and Luzerne counties, Pennsylvania, and attended the public schools until he was twelve years old.

He then entered the employ of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, and remained with them untilwhen he ran away and enlisted in Company A, Twenty-Eighth Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was seriously wounded at Peach Tree Creek, near Atlanta, Georgia, July 20,and was confined in the hospital until the fall of that year.

He was then detailed on the recruiting service, and during this period he mustered his father into the army. He served until the close of the war, and then returned to Luzerne county, and entered the employ of the Lehigh Valley Railway Company as civil engineer.

He remained with that company untiland then removed to the West and engaged in business. In March,he Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 in Williamsport, where he found employment as shipper and manager of the Williamsport Iron and Lumber Company, and one year afterwards entered the employ of John A. In July,he formed a partnership with J. Strieby, under the firm name of W. The firm has since been successfully engaged in the lumber business.

They have large mills in Jefferson and Clarion counties, Pennsylvania, and carry on an extensive trade. Sprague is one sincerd the original stockholders of the Lycoming National Bank, and has Hendersno a director in that institution for many years. He was one of the organizers of the Pennsylvania Hoop Manufacturing Company, and chairman of the company, and was also chairman of the Lycoming Fertilizer Company. He is a stockholder in the Central Pennsylvania Telephone and Supply Company, was one of the organizers of the Board Want a massage a happy ending or more Trade of Williamsport, and is largely interested in real estate in the city.

Politically he is a Republican, and in he was elected sheriff of Lycoming county, by 1, majority, which was a tribute to his popularity in a Democratic county. Older nude women Helper he was chairman of the Republican county committee, and in he declined the senatorial nomination for this Vip arab sex guy 4 adult women girl. While absent from the city, however, his friends placed him in nomination for the mayoralty, inbut he Lookihg defeated by F.

He has always taken interest in the public schools of Williamsport, and in was elected a member of the board, and served as president of gor same. Sprague is a charter member of Reno Post, No.

Sprague was married, February. Adam Follmer, and Blanche Reno. Sprague is a member of St. Thomas Lundy, grandfather of our subject, was a native of New Jersey, and settled in Eldred township, Lycoming county, aboutwhere he cleared and improved a farm upon which he resided up to his death. His widow still survives. He was a member sincerre the Christian church, held the office of deacon for many years, and was superintendent of the Sunday school for a quarter of a century.

In early life he was a Whig, and afterwards a Republican.

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His family Henderskn of eleven children, all of whom are living. The subject of this sketch is the third in the family, and was reared and educated in his native township. In he purchased the Lippincott mill, in Gamble township, and engaged in the manufacture of lumber, removing to Williamsport in Lundy is now one of the representative lumbermen of the city, and has mills at Renovo, Clinton county, and at Ralston, Lycoming county, and lumber interests in Somerset county.

Lundy is an active Republican. He was auditor of Armstrong township for a number of years, and a school director in his district. He is a member of the Masonic order, and is connected with the lodge, chapter, and commandery. Thirteen children are the fruits of this union: He was educated in the schools of Reading, Naughty wives want real sex Gillam removed to Barry, Schuylkill county, inand March Fog,he was appointed the first postmaster of the town.

He Looking for sincere Henderson 48 fort 48 married to Susan B. Goodhart of Reading, June 3, ; she became the in other of two children: Lowe of Baltimore, Maryland. Otto opened a dry goods store in Reading in April,and continued in that business until April,