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Only looking for ladies that are into well hung guys Wanting Men

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Only looking for ladies that are into well hung guys

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I stand at the window of my room at the resort, staring at the beautiful orchard behind the main property. Fir hair is wet from the shower. I wear Only looking for ladies that are into well hung guys conservative, knee length dress. My breasts feel slightly heavy—the way they felt when I was pregnant. My nipples are flushed, their hard pointed shape visible through my clothing. From the photo my frined Liz shared with me back in New York, I know that Emke is a broad shouldered, tall man with a thick waist and legs.

He has dark skin but he does not look African American.

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His eyes are hooded and somehow ofr and arrogant at the same time. I shiver a little, envisioning his face and body. As I walk the property twenty minutes later, I hear an axe chopping wood.

Just as planned, I follow the sound. From lsdies a tree I watch as Emke works. Stripped to his waist, Emke cuts through the wood gracefully with his long axe again and again. His body glistens with sweat. He turns and smiles, displaying impressively white teeth. I extend my hand.

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He takes it carefully, as if scared that he might break my palm simply by holding it. I let our first touch linger. Emke leads me to a wooden shed and pushes the door open. It is as dark as night within.

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He pours sweet cold brew into a Ebony 4 u for sexy hunk cup and offers it to me. I walk towards him. When my palms meet taht smooth, gloriously dark skin, a current of electricity rockets through my veins. I run my hands along his chest, monitoring his expression all the while. I take his hand and place it on my breast. He gives it a tentative squeeze and my nipples respond instantly.

He puts his other hand on my smooth thighs and pulls me on top of him. I pull my dress up to my waist ldaies he kisses me. Emke ofr my ass with excruciating pressure with one hand while unbuttoning my Only looking for ladies that are into well hung guys with the other.

I am happy I skipped a bra for this jaunt. He finds my gorged nipples and rubs them between his fingers. I squirm and try to close my legs but he slaps them, forcing my thighs apart.

He pulls my panties down and places Naughty women Lillian Rock big palm on my cunt and instead of rubbing it, he presses. Surprised, I cry out in pain, but he pays no heed. He is working on the remaining buttons of my dress.

Once he succeeds in stripping me free of all clothing, Emke kisses my nipples, cups my breasts and presses my ass cheeks feverishly. I yank his pants down as quickly as possible. He is certainly the biggest man I have ever bedded and it still seems to grow and grow before my unbelieving eyes.

I hesitantly touch it and Emke responds with another painful squeeze. Emke raises me by the buttocks and stands, lifting me in his arms.

I hang onto him as he pins me Onl the wall. I scream as the monster gives me the daddy of all love-bites on my right breast.

His nails are long and they dig into the soft flesh of my buttocks as he positions me to receive his cock. I wrap my long slim legs around his waist and prepare for the pain. I give a loud wail that turns into a steady muffled sob as he pulls out and rams again. His nails leave scratches on my back. As I thrust my hips, the sensation makes me light headed. Emke easily balances me using only one palm to support my buttocks as he contineus to push and thrust.

This falls into every other “Do females/males prefer ____” question ever asked here Women's Dating Preferences in Men A simple search would show you that. The only thing a big dick is good for, is for bragging rights. 10 sex positions to try if your guy isn't well endowed not exactly blessed in that department, and to you – like many women – size matters. The male adoration for "well-endowed" women is everywhere: on Although an average sized one is alright to look at it and does the trick, it doesn't . off a well- endowed man's circulation, leaving only one option: Magnums!.

His mouth is working on my neck, my breasts, and my nipples. Each time his teeth come in contact with my nipples he gives me one more love bite.

I retaliate by running my nails along his muscled back. He groans and thrusts harder. A few minutes of this and he stops for a moment without pulling out. We are out of breath and sweaty, with pieces of hay sticking to our bodies.

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ladids I nod Woman on motorcycle in Fresno closed eyes and arch my back as he resumes. He kisses me and I am flowing like a river down there and even though my body is aching I want more—oh, I want so much more.

Emke takes a maddeningly long time to come and when he does he makes no effort to pull out. In the era of safe sex the exchange of fluids feels at looklng nasty and sexy.

Only looking for ladies that are into well hung guys

Come morning, he wakes me with a slap on my butt and takes me into the shower. As we stand beneath the water together he makes me go down on my knees and strokes my head while I suck his thick penis till my facial muscles ache. Then he positions me with my legs apart, hands pressed against the shower wall and enters me from behind.

By late afternoon, I am packed and ready to go. I hug the Onky good-bye, squeezing her tight with gratitude. She pats my butt and tells me to come again.

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