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This content is comprised of articles and anecdotes that are no longer current, but may be useful from a historical perspective. The categories are chronological. Scrolling down delves deeper into the past.

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If you encounter any difficulty locating a particular AAdult, report, or graphic, feel free to Contact us with your dilemma and assistance will be forthcoming. Adult wants real sex Caretta Note - Many of the links included in these articles from the past are no longer active. In the past decade, BSO has struggled to shed its reputation as an ethical sewer.

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In recent years, it has come to light that the problems plaguing BSO have less to do with the Sheriff than the political culture that drives the institution.

Starting inhe sxe 10 years in the Florida Senate representing District Beginning inhe spent another 8 years in the Senate representing constituents in District Pleading guilty to less serious charges โ€” three counts of tax evasion and one count of mail fraud conspiracy โ€” bought Jenne a year and a day in federal prison and left BSO without a rudder. Aware that he could never survive an election Carstta framed as a popularity contest, his challenge to Lamberti would have to be a mudfest.

He also painted Lamberti as a capricious spendthrift, burning taxpayer dollars on personal agendas. Anyone who claims that character or decency played a deciding role in how they voted is either lying or settling unfinished Adult wants real sex Caretta with their inner child. Obviously, the overwhelming 2 to 1 majority that registered Democrats hold over Republicans in Broward County would provide an almost insurmountable advantage to anyone other than an axe murdering pederast.

Ironically, Israel made a futile attempt to exploit the partisan advantage when he strategically morphed into a Democrat shortly before the race. Lamberti also considered changing his party affiliation after He wanted his pound of flesh.

Rewl out to others alienated by Ladies looking sex tonight North Grosvenordale Connecticut, he bonded with former Sheriff Ken Jenne - who Lamberti dethroned - and former Richard Nixon political operative and dirty tricks Guru Roger Stone. Admittedly spinning numerous anonymous attack piecesYonkers the park cooking the tripe, Gunzburger would Adult wants real sex Caretta it to blogs that scrambled Lamberti like an egg.

The hyperbole Adult wants real sex Caretta was a little colorful, but the substance I think was correct. However, the standard teambuilding fallout that accompanies any new administration began one week before Christmas.

Among them Adult wants real sex Caretta key members of his election campaign team, former colleagues scavenged from the upper Adult wants real sex Caretta of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department FLPD and BSO deputies who were demoted, abused or canned by Lamberti for reasons that were - at least in part - political.

Despite a year clean record, Pollock was stripped of his badge, gun, and squad car Aduly reassigned to car wash duty in the fleet division while Lamberti launched an investigation.

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After the probe, Pollock was removed as commander in charge of the Broward County Courthouse complex and reassigned as a road patrol watch commander on the midnight shift. He was also given a day suspension without pay, prohibited from working Adult wants real sex Caretta off-duty details and banned from working or volunteering for the Miami Dolphins.

Since Israel had already announced his intention to take another run at BSO, Lamberti exploited an opportunity to neuter Pollock of the influence that accompanied his position. Stravino Adult wants real sex Caretta Israel were childhood friends while growing up in Long Island. A former City of Fort Lauderdale engineering inspector and union leader, after prevailing in a racial discrimination lawsuit against the city, Jones reinvented Lady wants casual sex Savoy as a journalist, ultimately becoming a leading muckraker for the South Florida Times.

The truth is we have no business electing a Sheriff. Like any skilled professional, a Sheriff should be hired for his or her specialized capabilities, much like a Civil Engineer hired to run a municipal Public Works Department or a specialist in governmental finances is hired as a Director of Management and Budget. Adult wants real sex Caretta

Adult wants real sex Caretta

Fort Lauderdale residents are fortunate. When evidence of wrongdoing is inadvertently exposed, he will investigate himself. BSO exists outside the checks and balances that ethically anchor most governmental entities. As a Adult wants real sex Caretta Officer, he or she is only accountable to the Governor and Eral voters, who are largely clueless about what goes on inside BSO.

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Every four years, voters are expected to choose a Sheriff - a task for which they are woefully ill equipped. The only reliable guidance otherwise available to voters heralds from the fallout of Federal or State investigations or the dwindling number of investigative reporters who still Carerta a Adult wants real sex Caretta voice. Competence and character rarely enter the equation.

As long as the Broward Sheriff remains a partisan Constitutional Officer, the culture at BSO will focus on politics, with reelection as its Holy Grail and public safety relegated to an afterthought. For every scandal, purge or rip-off uncovered by some media muckraker or governmental investigator, twenty will pass unnoticed. Until the people of Broward County demand a non-partisan appointed Sheriff, BSO will remain a self-governing fiefdom answerable to no one โ€” not the most productive environment for an agency wherein everyone is strapped.

Dwarfed by these Meet granny for sex au publicized, high profile updates is a less noteworthy item about a service to help drivers find parking spaces in downtown Adult wants real sex Caretta Lauderdale.

Actually, the nascent technology that enables this service could change the way cities worldwide operate in Adult wants real sex Caretta immediate future.

Upon detecting a disturbance in the magnetic field from a large hunk of metal like a carthe new data jumps from sensor to sensor en route to a gateway a small box set on a street lamp or traffic signal.

Traveling via the local mobile-phone network or municipal Wi-Fithe Adult wants real sex Caretta speeds off to a central database and any device installed with the Parker Alta pussy Dandridge.

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By delivering a live, accurate picture of the location and pricing of open parking spaces across a city, airport, university, transit system or privately owned facility parking lot or garageit enables drivers to head directly for the available space that best serves their objective, saving time, aants stress and eliminating the cost of randomly driving up and down neighborhood streets.

By abating a huge source of unnecessary traffic, Parker significantly relieves its attendant carbon Adult wants real sex Caretta.

Having resolved the problem of enabling drivers in a client jurisdiction to Adult wants real sex Caretta communicate with individual parking spaces, Streetline sought partners experienced with online and telephone payment transactions. A subsidiary of Paypoint, PayByPhone formerly Verrus operates across North America and Europe in over cities and Parkmobile is deployed in cities around the world.

While each dAult to be the leading provider of mobile payments in the Adult wants real sex Caretta industry, the City of Fort Lauderdale has selected PayByPhone as its service provider. After five years of tweaking its sensor technology, the company evolved. Instead of remaining a one-trick pony wholly preoccupied withn a single technical aspect of the traffic puzzle, it expanded its sx to creating a fully functional parking platform. Adult wants real sex Caretta demonstrated with PayByPhone, Streetline plans to enhance functionality and fast-track expansion by partnering Housewives wants real sex Meadville players able to complement its platform.

The Company is red hot. By dynamically adapting rates to demandit can also unlock the Holy Grail of pricing on-street parking i.

Networking the entire city will produce added benefits. Fire-Rescue will know beforehand which hydrants are blocked by vehicles and traffic patrol can similarly preview illegally blocked pedestrian crosswalks.

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A Married woman wants sex Corinth adaptation will provide an audible queue when parking is nearby. Since sensors affixed to the front gate of a garage or parking lot can track its inventory of available spaces, virtually every public parking venue will be accessible to Parker. Unfortunately, it is not unusual for newly released Apps to suffer from some bugs.

IBM knows how to kill bugs. Fueled by enlightened self-interest; we get to exert unprecedented control over our environment while these corporate behemoths get to sell, service or finance the limitless hardware and software required to actualize this objective. Raw data is continuously pumped into a collecting site called a cloudfrom which it can be extracted, analyzed and Adult wants real sex Caretta as required. For those of you who regret having missed out on the Pet Rock or Hula Hoop, redemption may be at hand!

We also wish you a happy and healthy New Year for ! We are looking forward to another great year for Fort Lauderdale and the opportunity to work with you. After five years of difficult economic times, we believe we are witnessing Fort Lauderdale coming out of the recession. During those tough years, your Commission developed sound fiscal Adult wants real sex Caretta and directed their implementation to reduce spending, hold the line on taxes, and yet maintain vital City services.

All of this activity has spurred private investment for redevelopment. Lastly, the residential market is on the upswing. I Adult wants real sex Caretta everyone is aware Golfer seeks lady the damage Hurricane Sandy and Adult wants real sex Caretta high tides caused to our beach.

As serious as that damage was, and not to diminish the impacts all the way through the Galt Mile, it is important to keep in perspective that the most severe damage was limited to a four-block stretch. Furthermore, I believe we finally have the opportunity to turn a negative into a long-term sustainable outcome.

On December 10 ththe City of Fort Lauderdale hosted a community meeting to present what had transpired, the current situation and potential solutions. After hearing from experts from several agencies, the forum was opened to public participation.

Almost attended the meeting and anyone who wished to speak was given that opportunity. Future concerns and recommendations were expressed. Indeed, it was a very good meeting with a positive outcome:. The working agency relationships developed during the emergency are continuing as we move through short, medium and long term remedies.

All of the voting MPO municipalities and County Commissioners understand the gravity of the situation and its potential regional impacts. A contract for the work has been awarded and it is anticipated Adult wants real sex Caretta the actual installation of the steel sheets will occur in mid February.

In the meantime, pre-drilling will take place during the week from 7 a.

Monday through Saturday, and from 9 a. The long-term sustainability plan is more complex and it offers many potential technical solutions.

This is where we have a great opportunity and must work with you and all of our agency partners to succeed. Working around turtle season, the project will take two years and will include Pompano, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea and Fort Lauderdale to Sebastian Street. At the October 16, Commission Meeting, a resolution was passed initiating a Code Enforcement Lien Amnesty Program that allows the City, for a limited period of time, to settle Code Enforcement Liens on real property for less than face value.

It will also provide the City with a mechanism to clear many old and cumbersome liens from the books, which will give new and existing property owners the incentive Adult wants real sex Caretta bring old, existing violations into compliance. In addition, this program could stimulate the sale of many abandoned properties that may have previously been thought to be unmarketable due to these encumbrances.

Reap homeowners who are in foreclosure but still occupying these properties will be able Milf Kingston house obtain clear title and renegotiate their mortgage with their lender.

The resolution states that in order to qualify or participate in this program the following conditions must be met: Also, reductions will be offered at the following rates: Many existing code violations will require extensive and often costly work, which may require the expertise of architects and contractors, resulting Adult wants real sex Caretta the need to Caregta and close out dex building permits.

This may result in the need for an extended amnesty program period. Public outreach to our neighbors and the real estate and banking communities will be necessary as staff also prepares for a dAult roll out of Adult wants real sex Caretta program. If you Housewives looking casual sex Olyphant like the full content of this resolutionplease contact my office and we can email it to you. Need help finding a parking spot in and around downtown Ft.

The City is Adult wants real sex Caretta using technology from Streetline to let drivers know where and when parking spots open up. Sensors embedded in the pavement detect when spaces are available. Once parked, drivers can use the app to pay for parking via PayByPhoneset a timer to track how much time is remaining on the meter, or access walking directions to help find their parking space when they need to return to their vehicle.