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Looking for My Sexy Chocolate tonight. I am not looking for a girlfriend, just a nsa and recreation friend to go out, have throguh good time and then we go about our business until next time. The heading says it all. I was wondering if she would like to be friends. And she may participate, or just observe.

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Agree x 1 Friendly x 1 List. I am contemplating that same thing, as I have another daughter inbound next month. My preference is for the priest to do it. My parents are coming down too, after the birth, and they do not approve of paedobaptism, so there is that inconvenient factor. Friendly x 1 List. Sep 17, Ministry as the art of making it up as you go along: We managed to jerry-rig a solution, but it was awkward Funny x 2 List. I live on the US east coast about 6 or 7 miles from a beach.

All of the trendy evangelical churches pick a day in the middle of the summer when they Anyone up for a chat to get through the day down and do baptisms in the open water of the Chesapeake Bay and then have a cook-out Anyone up for a chat to get through the day party on the beach.

I heard last summer was the first time two churches ended up down there at the same time. We Americans sometimes struggle with our social skills so they ended up setting up on opposite ends of the beach. I would have tried Anyone wanna sext combine the two tribes for the day but that was not the thinking of the parties involved.

I Nsa sex partner Deer grove Illinois baptised in the sea, but if you want to do that here, you really want it to be summer. It being still only early spring, the paddling pool seemed like a far better option! Sep 18, I was working as the custodian at Anyone up for a chat to get through the day Evangelical Friends church for a while descendants of Quakers who gave up most of the Dday distinctives to fit into a broader generic evangelicalism.

They had a baptistry, but they had adopted the trend of going to the beach to do their baptisms. That poor baptistry had clearly not been used in quite some time and was filthy. I ignored it and pretended it wasn't there. It had a lovely stained glass mosaic of Jesus and a lamb that was totally covered when thd lowered their projector screen.

See, throguh sort of thing is just a shame. If you have something, you should either use it or get rid of it. And if you have a beautiful piece of artwork, you should honour it for what it does to nurture your people. Agree x 1 List.

The Church of Christ that my Father has served these many years inhabits a facility that was built by the hands geg the founding members in That is to teh It has a baptistry of masonry composed of some type of cinder block. I remember the time they learned the masonry was found to be hopelessly deteriorating: Everyone left after the morning service and went out for lunch and such.

After lunch, Dad swung back by the building and turned on the water flow into the baptistry; he hung around for over half an hour until it was up to a level he thought suitable for a full immersion. Then he turned on the heating coil and left to relax for a few hours. We went back a little after 4 and there was a huge puddle on the carpet in the front of the sanctuary. That old baptistry had sprung a leak! It was bad enough that he had to turn the water back on for a while to get the level back up.

He did the baptism with some haste and pulled the plug. He and another fellow took snow shovels and pushed the water through the carpet and out a side door prior to the 5 yp service.

A month or two later Housewives personals in Gepp AR business committee set about discussing this facility problem. They went about getting estimates for a liner for the baptistry and it was going to run a couple thousand dollars, so that got nixed.

The sound reverberates through his home as I am yp and assisting him. Some of the music is wonderful. I don't really have much of an idea as to what I am listening to, but do enjoy some of it. I'm not into some of the operatic music and singing, more the singing!

Is anyone up for a chat?

Some of that hurts my ears. A bit like some of chatt Asian music and high noted singing. Maybe it is just that particular pitch that my ears don't enjoy! Years ago I attended some classes where we learnt all throough of relaxation techniques, one Sexy seeking real sex Auburn Hills visualisation.

I was surprised that my mind took me Anyone up for a chat to get through the day a still pond and not to the ocean which I caht so much as a child. I am hoping to return to some mediation and relaxation techniques. It has been so long since I Anyyone made the time for such activities. Three days a week I try to visit the local swimming pool. Sometimes I have the 25 metre pool to myself. I love the calming feel of the water as I huff and puff my way to the other end of the pool!

Lauren how lucky to have 3 jacarandas in your garden I can imagine tree lined streets in jacarandas how beautiful! At the moment I am doing mindfulness techniques online with A great teacher Jon Kabat-Zinn he has some very simple online video classes that have really helped me in doing meditation. Likewise music while cleaning the house has been great to lately I've been listening to the Anyone up for a chat to get through the day flute or music I haven't bothered ho in years it certainly creates a lovely atmosphere and takes the mind off worrying or overthinking all the time.

I woke early this morning while laying awake i listened to the wind in the bet and the birds waking to another day how simple yet beautiful. I wrote a reply here early today, then clicked on to another page before posting and so I lost my words. Cannot believe I did that. Jon Kabat-Zinn is a great teacher of mindfulness.

The best group chat

I have several of his books. To me, mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand. Today I have lazed around. Wrote some replies to Anyone up for a chat to get through the day at Cha, bought a birthday present for my grandson, Pictionary as he asked for it, read some Joliet girls on local web cam Aurelius, Meditations. He was the last Emperor of Rome and wrote a remarkable book.

His sayings are so relevant and modern. How do you folk go watching TV programs and films? I used to enjoy watching Cold Case and seeing the old wrongs solved. Made me feel good and that people cared about justice. Now I just get upset because I find it becomes far too personal. Do other films etc do this to people?

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Mary, I don't like watching a lot of TV either. Anything s is too realistic and scary for me, I do not watch anymore. It makes me feel bad. It is very interesting that you mention Marcus Aurelius. I learnt Latin in school and we spend a bit of time translating, but I have rarely touched literature from that time since.

I do have Ladies want sex tonight OH Berea 44017 few old books in my library though, I might dust them off and have a look inside.

I was thinking about nice things to do to keep me occupied when driving. I bought an audio version of "The best German poems" and a Italian language course. Even if I spend 10min a day thinking of something else that interests me, it will be a great start! I love jacarandas as well. When we moved to Australia I was amazed to see those amazing trees, a sea of blue flowers! I love all colours and flowers and also the colourful parrots in this country!

I might have a go at creating some flavours for myself. I do like the idea of the pepper in it to give it that hint of "Bite". I wonder if a splash of paprika might be a bit too much! You are also right about the Jacaranda trees, they may be a bit of Anyone up for a chat to get through the day problem all clustered together as they grow.

Cht have experienced some very damaging frosts here lately. I had a look around the garden on the weekend only to discover my lavender plants have been totally destroyed by the frost as have some of the succulents. Gardening conditions here are so tough. Our land is open to the winds as well. In summer everything gets scorched. I will look up some of the names given here for authors and ideas on meditation.

I would like to create more time each day for both of these pursuits. Local sluts Bayard Nebraska a balance is difficult Seeking professional College Alaska female days. Yggy, I like your idea of using your time in the car more productively. I had thought of that myself recently but did little with that thought.

I spend quite a lot of time each day in the car. I need to dash off now and check on the sheep we teh borrowing and the chooks then prepare for the working day. Anyone up for a chat to get through the day like listening to CDs in the car when travelling. The trouble is I just bought a new car and discovered to my horror that there is no CD player. At least if there is I cannot find it.

Very disappointed as we are not all up Anyone up for a chat to get through the day USB sticks and whatever. I like, well used to like, listening to books, on CDs of course. It's OK at home but I enjoy being read to while I am driving. Tge like listening to talks by various people. Philip, I have rescued down and out plants. I like to soak them in a seaweed solution for a day. It is amazing how the plants come back to life and can then be planted out. When I cleaned out my garage I found a bag of bulbs still in their packets from the nursery.

Ladies Want Real Sex Leland

No idea if they are still viable Bbw Milwaukee right now I planted then anyway. Wrong time of the year but it's still cold so they may do OK.

Yggy, I gather you were not born in Oz. I come from the midlands in the UK. I became a naturalized Aussie on Australia Day 15 years ago.

May I ask where you come from? At a guess I would say Wales or the English border counties. I found it hard to adjust to living here at first but after my first visit 'home' I realised I would not return permanently for quids. Still, it is difficult when the rest of your family live there.

Lauren, Who to fuck in 19512 was amazed to listen to some of the poems. It is a great story about friendship. Mary, I understand you. I still have a lot of CDs, but recently I entered the new age and am actually quite happy with my iphone. I have a vast selection Anyonf audio books, and they are AAnyone on my phone, something that continues to amaze me.

You are correct about me not being born in Oz, I grew up in Switzerland. That is also where all my family and old friends still are. It is Housewives looking real sex Loganville Georgia difficult to have the rest of the family overseas, but I am happy in Oz, although I have not even been here 10 years, this is my home now. Philip, I love Goethe and Beethoven.

That era created so many great thinkers and composers! I have never read any of the literature in English — is there much that has been translated? I saw on Google to take cuttings off rose bushes you cut then insert into a potatoe then plant very interesting will try and see how it goes do I Anyone up for a chat to get through the day like a beginner green thumb?

Yes you would be right lol but now I have the chai recipe at least I can relax afterwards while reading my gardening magazines and dreaming of lush colorful gardens lol. A couple fo years ago we moved to a different area where I have found gardening to be a bit of a learning curve!

The soil is so different around Anyone up for a chat to get through the day of the garden.

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We have a lot of strong wind quite Beautiful housewives wants nsa Waltham, heavy frosts in the winter that kills of certain plants and then scorching heat in the summer. It is a challenge to learn what will grow and flourish here. On one side of the house the geraniums have grown beautifully, but on the other side, geraniums I planted at the same time are only about 20 c.

The weeds flourish all through the garden, so Anyone up for a chat to get through the day I will just cultivate those! I do like the bright colour of the sour sobs and then the lovely purple of the Salvation Jane. A lady at Church told me the nut grass that I was caring for as I like the pretty flower, is actually a noxious weed! I do have a few things to learn about the plants that pop up in our fay

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I hope you have managed to find new friends here in Australia. With all the modern communication techniques available these days, it is a lot easier to stay connected with loved ones no matter where Anyone up for a chat to get through the day are. I have a dear friend in Holland whom I have known now for 30 years. I have been to see her three times and love Holland. It is so very different from many parts of Australia.

It is certainly different from Switzerland as well. We travelled through there on one of those whirl wind European bus holidays! My Dutch friend used to send me Dutch music. A lot of the songs were about the sea. Some were so haunting about the sailors never returning home. She also sent me quite a few Dutch poems. It is interesting to read stories, Housewives want nsa Fiatt and information about different cultures. I don't have a West lothian sex hook ups phone at all, I have enough trouble trying to use a computer and the modern televisions.

At least I have worked out how to play a CD in my car! Thanks for the Chai tea recipe and instructions on how to make it.

Wife Looking Nsa SC Fork 29543

I can imagine that preparing a cup of Chai tea for you may almost dxy like a Japanese tea ceremony u all the ingredients carefully planned, gathered and then prepared in an almost regal way for want of a better word. Recently in a second hand shop I purchased a tea pot that sits on a ceramic holder that contains a recess where you can light a tea candle.

That is a good way of keeping your pot warm.

Anyone Up for a Chat? - Picklebums

Once at a restaurant, a man was walking around with a coffee container that had a very long spout. He was able to pour a cup of coffee from a great distance with the liquid flowing out of the spout and into the cup perfectly with out a drop being spilt.

He didn't have to lean over your shoulder at all to pout a cup of coffee, he could do it with ease from the other side of the table! Sign up below for regular emails filled with information, advice and support for you or Anyone up for a chat to get through the day loved ones.

Home Get support Online forums. Online forums Before you can post or reply in these forums, please complete your profile Complete your profile. Cancel The title field is required! Hi Everyone, Sometimes it is great to have a place where you can just have a chat about something not Anyone up for a chat to get through the day to your mental Anyone up for a chat to get through the day.

Hope you all have a great day, Cheers from Mrs. Dear Geoff, How very perceptive of you! Thanks for your very caring thoughts Geoff. Cheers to you from Lauren. Hi to you both, It is definitely cold at the moment but I don't mind it. Hope you are both doing okay this morning. G'day one and all. At the moment I am 'listening' to my favorite antidepressant - Beethovens 9th Symphony. Nothing that comes in tablet form has ever helped so I tend to find what heart there is at the heart of things with music amongst other things.

My mothers favorite plant was Azaleas and so it is also mine. If I could have a garden I would fill it with herbs and have an area just for Lavenders - There are so many varieties apart from those you commonly see. I love cottage gardens so if I want to visit one I put on the music of some of my favorite Wanted female companionship composers and find myself transported into the meandering hills and dales of an English landscape.

Loneliness is such a common factor for those with mental illness's although its sting is felt by all as we balance the joy and pain of being alive. If I could go overseas I would go to southern Spain as I have played Flamenco and Classical guitar all my life and Flamenco, which has many cultural influences in it, took form there. I planned to go when I was young but psychological issues took me to very different places and so I had to learn what I could from recordings.

Its nice to be able to come to this site without the emphasis being on mental health issues. It can Housewives want sex Ezel Kentucky 41425 quite demanding trying to offer something that may be of use to those who make posts.

I'm afraid my knowledge of ice cream is pedestrian at best - Chocolate or Vanilla serves my purpose when it arises which isn't very often but I like Chai. I grind the spices myself according to the various recipes I have.

The variations are endless and therefore so are the experiences to be had. I've created some recipes myself. In reality there are few rules and most of dayy can be broken.

Anyone up for a chat to get through the day

In India no two families would make Chai in the same way. Beethovens 9th has just finished and now I'm listening to his 7th and 8th symphonies. Hi Wendy Pendy, Lovely of you to join in with the chat. Hope you throuugh a good day and enjoy the weekend.

Cheers for now from Lauren. Hi Philip, Thanks Anyone up for a chat to get through the day a really interesting post with tye many different topics to contemplate. I also enjoy some of the CDs that are made with a combination of music and the sounds of nature.

Thanks for sharing Philip. The guitar has been my companion, my friend, and my cor reaching back into the dawn of my memory - I cannot remember a time when it was not there. I can still remember the smell of my first instrument, the smell of aa lacquer - It was a crude instrument but then so was I as I approached it and began my journey into the possibilities that fot available to me Anyone up for a chat to get through the day I were to make the effort I make that effort an over many years the instrument revealed itself to me.

I must admit that I have to approach classical music cautiously. There is much solitude in art, so much that remains unspoken, that has been denied a listener - Elgars Cello Concerto Which he described as "a mans attitude Bbw dating in Suita life" is such a piece. I approach it at my peril. So I must be ready for the encounter.

I too love the sound of water. It "sings a song" as I once heard it expressed and that is not wrong, but for me, I find such an utterance reductive and mundane. The sound is to ancient for language.

Comprehensive list of synonyms for to have a conversation with someone, get into conversation (with someone). to start pass the time of day (with someone). It's perhaps for this reason that so many of us enjoy chatting with strangers We get insights into the ways to get others to open up to us from. So – trying to come up with a good opener or something smart to say will mess up “I will have at least one conversation with a stranger every day this week. Before we get into the seven universal questions you can ask to anyone at any.

It existed before there was anything to speak of it - It is primordial and beyond description. Your words Anyone up for a chat to get through the day appropriate and are as much as I could speak of it myself. Hi All, Last night we had a long and steady shower fir rain. White Rose Community Champion.

Hello Lauren and Everyone Beautiful looking sex tonight Nowra-Bomaderry New South Wales have found this winter to be quite cold. Thanks for the invitation Lauren.

What a lovely topic: I am smiling now! We had a beautiful day here with temps in the 20s! I will go back inside now and do some colouring in at the fire. Thanks for making me smile! I wish you all a wonderful evening! Hello All, I really loved reading this post and it made me smile. I wish you all a wonderful weekend x.

No Mary I didn't hear the programme you mentioned.

Anyone up for a chat to get through the day

Overall it was excellent but the guitarist featured played pieces that were slightly beyound his ability But it was a rare treat for this neck of the woods. I must admit yggy that I have fantasies of performing Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto no1. The sheer power and physicality that the instrument affords could be utilized to its to its fullest in such a piece - In those fantasies Xay have received rapturous applause and standing ovations Japan s swingers each performance.

But Anyone up for a chat to get through the day ofr lies chaat the instrument that Beethoven described as a "miniature orchestra" the guitar. Quite a remarkable statement by Beethoven since in his time the instrument has virtually fo repertoire and was dismissed as little througu than a parlour toy.

An old stone house with a very old, and perhaps neglected, piano in residence. In such places I find that which is necessary to write my best short stories - A pursuit I began in an attempt to communicate to the ever expanding numbers of Psychiatrists I was confronted with.

Alas, they too, fell on deaf ears and were as impotent as the conversations which had preceded them but they did achieve some literary acclaim for me Anyone up for a chat to get through the day was not what I sought.

I imagine the instrument offered forth the best that it could summon Lauren even if your hands were not educated to the task. Hi Mary, yes I agree the Jacaranda is one of my favourites, the long extending branches full of beautiful blue flowers is just magical.

Hello Everyone, This certainly is a refreshing chat! I hope you all have a good week. Cheers for now from Mrs. Hi everyone hope your week is going well. My favourite recipe for Chai consists of Cardamom: Green Kinky girls who suck dick in Ellsworth Iowa is an essential ingredient in indian Chai.