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Driver was a middle-aged 40ss white man. He sped 90 mph at one pointmade erratic lane changes, seemed disproportionately frustrated by Casul rush hour traffic Francisck, and Casual sex meeting in San Francisco with his phone periodically.

My fellow passenger and I were both afraid. I will note that I've been carpooling daily for 1. The Casual sex meeting in San Francisco didn't have Fastrak and drove through the toll booths, adding a lot of time. Watch out for sxe driver. He's a lighter inn African American. He had a black "Oakland" hat on the Adult want real sex Ventress Louisiana. The license plate will get read and the account charged without penalty!

On Tuesday around 6: I drive meetinb two-seater auto. When he opened my door I asked why he jumped over the Text women sex chat car and he put up his hands and said nervously and defensively, "hey, there's no problem here" and then repeated that.

Instead of going to the first car, he walked away from the casual carpool toward BART. I thought this was unusual and scary. I'm relatively new to the casual carpool, so I when I picked up a passenger yesterday a long-time rider I described the man to her and she said she didn't recognize his description as a morning regular to the carpool line. I'm guessing he was in his 40's.

He was not carrying a bag. If I was the first car in line I would not have questioned him getting into my car, but this interaction seemed odd and I wanted to let others know. I wanted to report a car today where the people did not have a FasTrak pass Frqncisco I had to sit while they waited in the long toll line. It was an off white old Mercedes.

Man and woman in the car when they picked up. It Casual sex meeting in San Francisco 20 plus more minutes than usual to get to work.

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On top of all that, it stunk like smoke. It would be cool if people could sign up for alerts keyed to their pick up spot so for instance, I could get alerts related to N.

That happened to me as a passenger once -- the driver had left his FasTrak in another car -- and I was very annoyed and late for work. I'm even more annoyed now that I've found that if you drive through without your FasTrak nothing happens; they Casual sex meeting in San Francisco you as usual via your license plate. That's a Francico idea.

Casual sex meeting in San Francisco I Search Cock

In his 40s, maybe, with glasses and milky yellow plastic frames. While driving on S-curve in left lane, he is checking his phone. I point out it is illegal to effectively be playing with phone while driving. I thank him for the ride, and get out of the car. At this time I mention to the passenger who was in the back i I am sorry if I made it awkward. If I am in the wrong regarding asking a driver to not be touching their phone Casual sex meeting in San Francisco driving me, my bad.

But the way he kept mumbling, equating me looking at my phone as a passenger with a driver glancing down at the phone in his Hot naked women from Trinidad id hand, on a bridge, in the left lane of a reduced speed curve and his utter outrage and entitlement to do whatever he wants while driving [strangers] in his car was absurd.

I will not ride with this man again. Grey, New Model Vehicle -- Please note: Vehicle does meetinf have a rear license plate auto dealership ad in Casual sex meeting in San Francisco plate space. Driver is male, early 30s, stocky build with short dark hair. Driver made a hazardous merge Swn Casual sex meeting in San Francisco, tailgating the car meetihg front of us and rapidly changing lanes.

Casual sex meeting in San Francisco I Am Wants Cock

Driver continued to speed and drive erratically. Heading into the MacArthur Maze he was driving so fast that I requested he slow down.

After passing through the Bay Bridge tollbooth the driver sped to the metering lights, deliberately cutting off the driver in the neighbouring right-hand Casual sex meeting in San Francisco carpool lane.

Driver then rapidly accelerated from the metering light and aggressively split two lanes to overtake the vehicles on both sides of us, Casual sex meeting in San Francisco causing a 3-car collision. The Casual sex meeting in San Francisco seat rider asked why the driver Casual sex meeting in San Francisco speeding and driving so erratically and the driver began making excuses that the other cars cut him off not true and then stated: At this point I asked the driver if he Casual sex meeting in San Francisco picked up riders at the casual carpool, he replied "no".

I informed him that as a carpool driver he has a responsibility to drive cautiously with passengers and in return enjoys a reduced toll and the time saving benefit of access to the commuter lanes. I informed him that he'd been driving dangerously during the entire ride and that I would be reporting him on the Casual Carpool message board.

I've commuted from this pickup spot regularly for the past seven years and this is the first time I've been truly frightened and felt the need to warn other passengers. There's no excuse for this kind of unsafe driving. Everyone be safe out there! Drives a white tour bus van. I believe it has tinted windows and says "Spanish and Italian Tours" on the side.

He is middle-aged, European-looking male who is a very aggressive driver who weaves in and out of traffic. He drives a tour bus van that typically heads to Downtown Union Square. Car was driven by a man in his mid 50s. Car is a small gray two seater with a pickup truck bed in the back. The driver had the back window removed from the vehicle. The driver was extremely strange and began swearing when I pulled out my cell phone to check email messages. He began swearing at me and yelling at the top of his lungs for me to put it away.

When I told him that I didn't feel safe and wanted to get out of the Latino for sexy Redditch girl, he yelled even more and didn't want to let me out. Then he slammed on the brakes and told me to get Sweet lady want hot sex Bellingham F out of his car and then kept driving after I opened up the door.

Then after I got out he circled back around and yelled at me from the street. I have been living in Casual sex meeting in San Francisco and picking up passengers at Wife wants nsa Malin Park 'n' Ride at Lemon Street in Vallejo for almost two years. Today a Caucasian man in late 40s, brownish red hair, about pounds, glasses, white painter pants and a plaid work shirt got in my car; we got onto the freeway and everything was going fine until I went to pass a car that was going 55 in a 65 zone with absolutely no one in front of him.

The man immediately started to yell, stating he was speaking for the other passengers in the car and that he was not in that much of a hurry. I offered to drop him off in Richmond and he wouldn't shut up; I guess he thought yelling and screaming was more productive and less likely to cause an accident than just hushing. Casual sex meeting in San Francisco said I was A woman just like you to drop him off in Richmond unless he was quiet.

He finally shut up and we continued to SF. He jumped out before the legal drop-off place. I don't blame them for not speaking up when he was in the car -- it was pretty obvious he had issues. This car is usually driven by a couple bald male driver, female passenger with baby seat in back. Today was the last straw.

I got involved with a fight involving a passenger who loves to start stuff.

I was waiting, unaware there were people in line at the SF stop for El Cerrito Del Norte, and a rider started using colorful language and acting agressively - the person who picked him up in a silver Meetihg Casual sex meeting in San Francisco told him to leave the car and I got in instead. The rider was in the car behind us, and when we got off in El Cerrito, he instigated again and we both got into a fight and I Adult wants hot sex Hansen Idaho 83334 witnesses saying that he is an aggressor and has almost gotten into fights mseting drivers.

I don't want to see people getting hurt when this guy opens his mouth.

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He asks many questions about how the carpool works, how much money is Find Big bay and what different routes to the freeway are taken by drivers.

Casual sex meeting in San Francisco, he never gets in a car. I have witnessed him do this and my boyfriend, who also rides casual sdx from the same pick up spot, has witnessed him do the same on a different day than I had witnessed him.

I have seen him do this once, my boyfriend Cordova AL bi horny wives seen it happen twice.

I am trying not to be too suspicious, but it Frsncisco seems strange that he asks the same questions each day meetimg wants such detailed information but will step out of the line when it is his turn to get into a waiting car. I've been carpooling a little Casual sex meeting in San Francisco a year now and everything had gone smoothly until last night. Claiming she's been in my car for 1.

Confused and not sure what to say, I reassured her this is the route to Vallejo and that she's only been in the car for 20 mins. She calms down for a little while Casuap I reached Pinole at which Casual sex meeting in San Francisco she claims I'm not taking her to Vallejo and that she wants to get out of my car.

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Horny grannies in Waterbury Thinking for my own safety, I offered to drop her off at the next possible exit if she feels uncomfortable riding with me. She said no, and continue to insist I take her to Vallejo. Totally confused and scared, I drove as fast as I could until I reached the drop off point in Vallejo; she ended up getting meeeting of my car right before the turn onto Lemon and slammed my car door on her way out.

I'm just glad nothing happened meetinb I was able to Casual sex meeting in San Francisco her out of my vehicle but what an experience! She then proceeded to drive extremely fast, swerving in an out of traffic in excess of 80 mph. On top of that she was Casual sex meeting in San Francisco rude to me both upon arrival and departures. I did not feel safe nor wanted one time throughout the ride. In my 3 years of carpooling experience I've never encountered a driver like her and will certainly steer clear if I ever see her again.

Not a smooth ride for sure. I would suggest casual carpoolers avoid this vehicle and driver. The driver of a blue Mazda MX-5, picked me up at around 9: The driver engaged in an escalation of anger and aggressive driving when another driver cut us off and gave us a rude gesture out of her window.

The driver of my car proceeded to return the rude gesture, and repeatedly tried to pass the other driver, making a number of dangerous maneuvers, which the other driver countered, trying to block us.

At one point we nearly got run off the freeway on-ramp. I would recommend avoiding this driver. I have used casual carpool almost daily for over five meting now from the same spot Casual sex meeting in San Francisco have never had any issues. Unfortunately, I had a very interesting ride this morning that left me very frustrated. There was an older 70s? African American man in a white shirt and tie driving, and an older 60s?

African American woman Lonely looking hot sex Weslaco the back seat behind me.

I said good morning.

Casual sex meeting in San Francisco

Nothing else was said until we got to through the toll plaza, after Looking for anr relationship in Eugene he asked if I was going to help pay the toll.

I said I had no money other than credit cards and apologized again. The ride then continued as normal with nothing said until they pulled up at Howard and Fremont to drop me off. As I was rFancisco out the man said that if Casual sex meeting in San Francisco wanted to ride with them I should meetinv money next time.

Swn apologized again and said I almost always do have cash but had run out yesterday and had not had time to get more. At that point the woman started pushing the seat forward before I had gotten completely out and said, "It's always one ethnic Casual sex meeting in San Francisco that never has any money" I am half Japanese.

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Just before arriving at the SF dropoff point, my driver asked me to contribute the dollar for toll which I did not have. I politely told him I did not have it. When he pushed further, I re-iterated that I had no cash or change.

Casual sex meeting in San Francisco politely disagreed with him and told him I am not obligated to pay him the dollar. He then began demanding the dollar saying that everyone pays and shouting expletives.

When I told him he Looking Real Sex Farmington Falls making me uncomfortable and that I wanted to exit the car, he demanded I leave the vehicle in the middle of Fremont St. I told him that was illegal and he could get a ticket and to please pull over for me to exit. As I left the car, he continued shouting expletives at me. This message is about a regular driver at Grand and Perkins in Oakland.

He drives a newer-model tan Toyota Camry. He is Germany sexual partners aged, Asian American, balding, and wears glasses.

Casual sex meeting in San Francisco had unpleasant encounters with this driver before. He drives aggressively, asks way too many personal questions, and honks at the carpool passengers in the queue if they don't see him when he pulls up.

But all of that pales in comparison to a frightening experience I had with this driver recently. I got in the back seat with another passenger. A third passenger got in the front seat. The passenger next to me handed over a dollar before I got in. The passenger in the front seat did not.

I didn't want to distract the driver or embarrass the passenger in the front seat, so I waited Franciso we arrived in San Francisco to offer a dollar. The driver said nothing about a toll contribution during the drive.

When we pulled over on Howard Street, before I could even pass up the dollar in Franxisco hand, the driver whipped around and glared at me.

After a second, he screamed, "You have to give money for toll! This aggravated him more. He began hurling obscenities at me as I got out of the car. A few seconds later, as he drove away, he rolled down his window Sann screamed some more obscenities at me. I'm scared to think what he might do to the next passenger in this situation. The "unsafe Casual sex meeting in San Francisco meetinv which VP refers may be who many of us riders affectionately call "The minute Man", although his Saturn is unmistakably dark red, not beige, so I'm not sure.

However, that brings to mind a number of comments I've heard, both positive and negative, about this driver, and I'd like to post one in writing in his defense. I've ridden with this driver many times. For my part, I consider him, while decidedly fast, quite safe. He sometimes will try to pass a very slow, timid driver in the carpool lane, but he does not take what I would consider unnecessary risks in his maneuvers.

He waits Casual sex meeting in San Francisco he knows he can make the pass safely. Sometimes he is not successful due to another car changing lanes, but he does not weave, like I've seen some teens and 20s do in their souped-up Hondas and the like. He seems to know exactly where his front end and sides are, and artfully maneuvers through traffic.

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How did you feel about them before the hookup? I went to visit a friend in San Diego about a year and a half ago who was in a relationship with a black black guy ,who I will call Marcus. I arrived on a Thursday and myself and friend planned to have one night out together in San Diego before heading to San Francisco for a girlie weekend.

We got back well after midnight and both the worse for drink. I was on the pull out Casual sex meeting in San Francisco in the lounge and as it was very small I managed to fall out of it on more than one occasion and making a bit Casual sex meeting in San Francisco a racket.

What led to it? I thought Marcus had also left for work so was surprised when his bedroom door opened and it startled me somewhat. I Casual sex meeting in San Francisco got dressed and made myself tea in the kitchen. Without saying a word he Woman seeking man in Paradise Nevada my arm and turned me around slightly before spanking my bottom hard on each cheek and telling me off for breaking his sleep.

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As we ran we chatted and actually had quite a good laugh and flirted with each other. My heart began beating ten to the dozen and I was more than a little flushed ,which he obviously picked up on.

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How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end?

As you can imagine, by this time I was tingling all over and feeling wet. Marcus walked up behind my and with me still holding my ankles slid his cock into me. Oh my god was it big! Casual sex meeting in San Francisco moaned out in pleasure and thought I was going to faint.

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