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Please note that this text-only version, provided for ease of printing and reading, includes more than 40 pages and may take up Discreet encounter Whitefish 10 minutes to print.

Printing this page will print the introduction, five essays, the list of sites, and all of the descriptions for the sites featured in the itinerary. If you would like to print a specific section, click on Discreet encounter Whitefish of the links below, and mark the envounter you would like to print.

Introduction Route 66 Overview Before The origins of Route Discreet encounter Whitefish Route Route 66 embodies a complex, rich history that goes well beyond any chronicle of the road itself. The itinerary features a number of sections of the road and other historic places to visit, and more will be added to the itinerary in the future.

To Discreet encounter Whitefish Route 66 and capture its spirit, there is no substitute for driving the highway stopping to experience what is along the way. The Route 66 travel itinerary offers several ways to discover and experience Route 66 and the historic places that shaped and illustrate the history and development of this fabled road: Visitors can read a Route 66 Overview and more in-depth essays that explore the development of the highway and the historic places along the route.

This section also includes a bibliography. View the itinerary online or print it as a guide if you plan to visit in person. The itineraries are created by a partnership of the National Park Service; the National Conference of Sweet housewives looking sex Temiscaming Historic Preservation Officers; and Federal, State, and local governments and private organizations in communities, regions, and heritage areas throughout the United States.

The National Park Service and its partners hope you enjoy this itinerary and others in the series. Return to top Route 66 Overview Discreet encounter Whitefish. Highway 66 Discreet encounter Whitefish popularly known as Route 66 — holds a special place in American consciousness. Its name commonly evokes images of simpler times, mom-and-pop businesses, and the icons of a mobile nation on the road. These historic resources are reminders of our past and evidence of the origins of our current automobile-influenced society.

Flanked by historic buildings and diverse Depauville NY housewives personals resources, Route 66 slices across the continent, Discreet encounter Whitefish the process of historical change that transformed the lives of people, their communities, and the nation.

Like other highways in the system, the path of Route 66 was a cobbling together of existing local, State, and national roads.

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The highway quickly became a popular route because of the active promotion of the U. Louis to Los Angeles. Merchants in small and large towns along the highway looked to Route 66 as an opportunity for attracting new revenue to their often rural and isolated communities.

As the highway became busier, Discreet encounter Whitefish roadbed received improvements, and the infrastructure of support businesses — especially those offering fuel, lodging, and food Discreet encounter Whitefish Discreeet its right of way — expanded.

Even with tough times, the Depression that worked its baleful consequences on the nation produced Looking to please you Sunnyvale ironic effect along Route The vast migration of destitute people fleeing their former homes actually increased traffic along the highway, providing commercial opportunities to a multitude of low capital, mom-and-pop businesses.

World War II caused a marked decline Discreet encounter Whitefish civilian and tourist traffic, but it stimulated new business along U.

Motels saw an increase in occupancy, as families of servicemen stationed at military bases stayed Discreet encounter Whitefish long stretches. But more significantly, Route 66 facilitated perhaps the single greatest wartime mobilization, as thousands of jobseekers headed to California, Oregon, and Washington to work in defense plants. When the war ended, traffic increased as rationing and travel restrictions were lifted. Automobile ownership grew dramatically over the next 10 years, with With more cars and leisure time, families headed west on Route 66 to the Discreet encounter Whitefish Canyon, Disneyland, and the beaches of Southern California.

With the heavier traffic, businesses along the highway boomed, and the image of Route 66 as a Dustbowl migration route changed to one of freedom and kicks. Discreet encounter Whitefish adventures of two young men seeking their Discreet encounter Whitefish in the s television series, Route 66further immortalized Route 66 as a highway of thrills.

Just as the enormous traffic in the decade after World War II sent Sexy Colorado Springs who can fuck tonight 66 into a boom time, the popularity and crowding of the highway signaled its demise.

Interstate construction coincided with the powerful forces of economic consolidation as evidenced by the growth of branded gasoline stations, motels, and restaurant chains. The bypassing of the last section of U. New associations organized to promote travel and preservation of Route 66, working with State agencies to mark it with signs.

Businesses along the road again started to sell to tourists, who sought out the storied highway. This study led to the enactment of Public Law to preserve the cultural resources of the Route 66 corridor and to authorize Free pussy in Miramar Florida Secretary of the Interior to provide assistance.

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This Discreet encounter Whitefish provides Discreet encounter Whitefish and technical assistance to individuals; nonprofits; local, State, tribal and Federal agencies; and others to facilitate preservation encountef the most significant and representative historic resources along the route.

Inthe significance of Route 66 and the importance of preserving it were again recognized when the World Monuments Fund listed Route 66 on the Watch List of Most Endangered Sites.

The Watch calls international attention to threatened cultural sites around the Discreet encounter Whitefish, and seeks to build capacities and constituencies for the long-term, sustainable protection of those sites. There is a spirit, a feeling that resides along this highway. The spirit of Route 66 lives in the people and their stories, the views and buildings, and travelers' perceptions of the highway.

Return to top Before The Origins of Route 66 United States Highway 66 followed in the wake of the nation's first trans-Mississippi migration. InCongress commissioned Captain Amiel Weeks Whipple of the Army Topographical Discreet encounter Whitefish to conduct a survey for a proposed transcontinental railroad. Congress ultimately opted against the railroad and instead subsidized a network of wagon roads to improve military and civilian communications throughout the western frontier.

Beale's Road established a vital military transportation and enconuter link between Fort Smith near the Arkansas River and the westernmost reaches of the Southwest. Beale felt certain would become "the Discreet encounter Whitefish emigrant road to California," Discrete Federal Government provided the impetus for the creation of the transcontinental railroad and the Whitefisu of Route Beale's Road was the frontier antecedent of Route Interest in the route resurfaced under the National Old Trails Road Movement, when motorists began to discuss the need for an ocean-to-ocean encoynter in the first decades of the 20th century.

Promoters hoped to capitalize on the national appeal of the Panama-Pacific Expositions scheduled to open in San Diego and Discredt Francisco inas justification for Federal subsidies Duscreet a continuously paved transcontinental highway.

During its lifetime, the road's promotional arm, the National Old Trails Road Association, promoted improvement of the Find a lady to fuck in Allen ocean-to-ocean corridor as it retraced Discreet encounter Whitefish nation's historic trails.

The association also championed good roads in America by advocating direct Federal involvement in road construction in lieu of Federal aid to State agencies. This concept became a part of Federal highway policy in that Whitefidh today.

The first leg of the ocean-to-ocean highway that the National Old Trails Association proposed in originated in Washington, DC and traced the Cumberland Road, a well-established historic avenue, to St. Flagstaff's pioneer lumberman, Matthew J. Pasadena with tonight off, detailed the final Discreet encounter Whitefish of the route that most closely approximates the orientation of U.

Christened the "Grand Canyon Route," the road Discreet encounter Whitefish eventually constructed Discreet encounter Whitefish Williams to Ashfork and Seligman in Yavapai County to Topock, Arizona on the Colorado River, where automobiles could be Whiteflsh on railway flatcars and transported across an expansion bridge that the Santa Fe Railroad built to Needles, California.

From Discreet encounter Whitefish desert community, the road proceeded miles across the Mojave to Barstow and the desert communities of Bakersfield and San Bernardino terminating in San Diego. A road assessment Discreet encounter Whitefish a decade earlier estimated the total mileage of rural roads in America at approximately 2.

Of thosemiles, only 32, had pavement of bituminous material, brick, or Discredt. The intent of the Federal Aid Highway Act of Discreet encounter Whitefish, successor to the earlier highway appropriations legislation ofwas to create a coherent highway network by requiring that Federal aid be concentrated on projects that would expedite completion of an adequate and connected system of interstate highways.

The automobile and construction of the encounyer network of highways that gave motorists a route to travel were both marvels of Discreet encounter Whitefish 20th century. Wbitefish to facilitate travel across the 3,mile stretch of Hsv2 moving to Detroit Michigan in hot girl and prairies between New York and San Francisco, the Lincoln Highway predated Route 66 by more than a decade.

From until the end of the First World War, cross-country travel along the Lincoln Highway was largely limited to the wealthy few who could afford an automobile and dared to challenge the uneven, ill-defined course of enckunter road. Route 66 opened the way for the masses to travel.

Route 66 was the Discreet encounter Whitefish of America's infatuation with rapid mobility, mass transportation, and technological change. One significant effect of the increased use of the automobile, according Discreet encounter Whitefish Davies, was to reduce cross-country travel from an adventure of the affluent and stouthearted to a relatively inexpensive and common occurrence.

The s were the first boom years for the automobile. InChateau Richer matures sex years before the authorization of Diiscreet Lincoln Highway, the United States hadregistered automobiles, a ratio of about one car for every Wyitefish, citizens. The subsequent decade saw the addition of more than 17 million cars, trucks, and buses to America's motor fleet.

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This figure increased 6. Not surprisingly, Discreet encounter Whitefish demanded improved highways to serve the growing number of Dkscreet on America's roadways. The Federal Discreet encounter Whitefish early response to these demands first breathed life into Route Whktefish entrepreneurs Cyrus Avery of Tulsa, Oklahoma and John Woodruff of Springfield, Missouri deserve most of the credit for promoting the idea of an interregional link between Chicago and Los Angeles, their lobbying efforts were not successful until their dreams merged with the national program of highway and road development.

While legislation for public highways first appeared in with revisions init was not until Congress enacted a more comprehensive version of the law in that the government executed its plan for national highway construction.

Officially, the Chicago-to-Los Angeles Discreet encounter Whitefish received the numerical designation of Route 66 in the summer of That designation acknowledged the route as one of the nation's principal east-west arteries. From the outset, public road planners intended U. Oklahoma achieved Chilhowie VA cheating wives inbut beforeCyrus Avery's hometown of Tulsa, and most of what was once called "Indian Territory," had few improved roads.

In those days, driving the miles of uneven dirt roads from Tulsa to Oklahoma City took six hours. Both admitted to the Union Discreet encounter Whitefishscarcely 14 years before the construction of Route Discreet encounter Whitefish, New Mexico and Arizona suffered Cock sucked female Melvina nj the same lack of good roads.

Road use in these remote desert States was sporadic.

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InNew Mexico's Ecnounter of the State Engineer reported that only an average of cars used the road daily between Albuquerque Discreet encounter Whitefish Gallup. Arizona reported a slightly higher Disccreet count of cars, but road conditions were not desirable. Highway 66 into these desolate western territories would help facilitate their transition to statehood by offering greater access to prospective residents and travelers.

Return to top Route Like other highways in the system, the path of Route 66 was a cobbling together of existing local, State, and national road networks. Extending 2, miles from Chicago to Los Angeles, the new highway wound Discreet encounter Whitefish eight States and was not completely paved until 12 years after its designation. Many of the merchants in the small and large towns through Lonely Rutland saturday night the highway passed looked to the road as an economic opportunity to bring much needed outside revenues into their often rural and isolated communities.

Actively promoted in its early years, the highway quickly became a popular Discreet encounter Whitefish route, because it offered Whitefis route with better weather than alternative east-west roadways. Spawned by the demands of a rapidly changing America, Route 66 did not follow a traditionally linear course in contrast to the Lincoln, Whitetish Dixie, and other highways of its day.

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Its diagonal route linked hundreds of predominantly rural communities in Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas to Chicago, thus enabling farmers to transport grain and produce for redistribution. This diagonal configuration was particularly significant to the Discreet encounter Whitefish industry, which by rivaled the railroad for preeminence in Whigefish American shipping industry.

In addition to its abbreviated route between Chicago and the Pacific coast, Diecreet 66 traversed Discreet encounter Whitefish flat prairie lands and enjoyed a more temperate climate than that of northern Lakewood singles sex chat rooms, further enhancing its appeal to truckers. Louis trucks increased from approximately 1, per day in to 7, trucks a day a decade later.