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Making love is my main priority and so it should be yours too. While I'd like to get to know each other by hanging out and spending time together, there has to be a certain chemistry.

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Bob's Big Boy - Wikipedia

Amber is a dirty British cocksocket who has been practicing the art of throatfucking since her days back in jolly old England. We're sure you'll enjoy watching her head get transformed into a gitls cumbucket, we sure did! After you're done with this Sex dating in Accoville, wrap your mind around Low concept, "Maybe the head is the only part of a woman I really need.

February 14, Name: A Slave To Cock! Moxxie Maddron is just such a woman. Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles likes to think of herself as "hardcore. We're fine with that. Enjoy this excellent new Gag Factor scene! February 7, Name: Living in LA and loving it! It was a cycle she was determined to break. So she came out to Los Angeles looking for a way to live the Hollywood lifestyle.

You know, eating at inn restaurants without ever having to get a real job. That's when she ended up on our doorstep, and fufk mercilessly facefucked the shit out of her then bought her a birls. January 31, Name: Blow Hard Home Town: Yet another girl from the San Fernando Valley who became a Porn Star and when Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles got a hold of her, we introduced her to our idea of a crazy Blow Job that is so intense, it is basically Throat Fucking and not every girl can handle it.

Girls cannot handle it due to the Gag Factor and when the gag reflex kicks in, it gets messy!! January 24, Name: She just loves smoking Evnas cancer sticks. Well, we bring in resident Need phonesex now Johnny Thrust to break her of that habit.

She gets facefucked stupid by Johnny. Sure, it might not be an FDA approved method, but who gives a fuck!

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Have you ever heard about girs 12 steps of sucking cock?? Take personal inventory to admit how much Cum Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles drank, Ask Agent not to hook you up with guys who have shortcomings, Take immoral inventory of yourself, Make a list of persons you want to be Throat-Fucked by, Come to believe that a Huge Cock is a greater power than your throat, Carry this message hirls other Whores, etc Let's face it, living a carefree surfer-girl lifestyle down in the OC comes Looking for a tattooed girl some costs.

After all, you gotta buy wax Anveles your board and pay for trips to the emergency room after each shark attack. That's where Gag Factor comes in. When money runs low, just come on in and get your face transformed fcuk a flesh cumbucket and you'll be out riding the waves again in no time! January 3, Name: Jamie Elle is one of those porno girls who has been around for quite a while.

We suspect she Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles never smarten up and get a real job, and we are fine with it. Hungry for rent money, she came by our office looking for some work. December 27, Name: Our previous update, Cherry Ferretti was also from the lone star state.

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Today, the sexy and sophisticated if you can call it that Elizabeth Anne gets her throat hole drilled into on a billiard table. It really does bring a tear to our eyes, a thing of beauty! December 13, Name: We get this a lot when Lls girls think they are ready for anything, very confident and then all of the sudden they are Gagging while Cum is leaking all over the place.

December Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles, Name: We're not sure if Wonder Woman ever used her holes to jack off strange degenerates, but if she did, I'm sure she'd be every bit as Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles as Diana is in this amazing Gag Factor scene! November 29, Name: Gag Veteran Home Town: People from North Carolina usually smoke because that is where the Big Tobacco Companies are located.

This whore really didn't get hooked on Single white big beautiful woman for single white male habit BUT she did in fact get hooked on putting something else in her Mouth and Sucking it.

Yes, of course I am talking about Sucking Cock!! The bigger the better she likes it until she actually chokes on it!! Keiko was a pasty white Florida fuckhole who thought she was super hardcore and could handle anything that sick porn degenerates like us could throw her way. The stage was set for Gag Factor magic.

Once the violent throatfucking began, however, Keiko realized agreeing to do this scene was just one of a long series of mistakes that she has made in her wasted youth.

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What you are about to witness is real. It was not staged. November 15, Name: Slave Violet Monroe Age: You see, she was fine with being facefucked. Hell, she's done that before for us. But, what's with this ass eating? Violet is compelled to munch on some hairy man ass then is one the receiving end of a brutal facefucking. All so you can jack off. HD Gag Factor An Amazing Throatwhore Home Town: Melody Nakai reminds me of the whores of yesteryear.

This slut likes to suck and fuck any and every cock that comes Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles way, and that's what we love most about her. Watch as her throat gets transformed into a vagina for your viewing pleasure! An Amazing Cocksucker Home Town: And she loves to give head - even when she is being barbarically pistonfucked in the head.

Her tongue action is amazing and is the stuff of legend. It leaves us breathless. And yes, Natasha Nice is amazing. But dude, what is up with Harry's cock? It is so massive. Sometimes I think he is not even human. It's like she was headfucked by an alien. June 21, Name: Until them, we've gone deep into the archives for previously unseen footage here on the site.

This big tit latin hotty was named Misty and she came from West Covina looking to be a star. Instead she got Are any girls into Pike Creek showers by a young, vibrant Johnny Thrust. Slave Sasha Knox Age: Back From Retirement Home Town: She fell in love with a pimp and left for a few years, but now she is back and ready to be punished once again.

March 8, Name: She attends conventions, sex shows, etc. Good for you Heidi! To show Heidi Seeking a relationship 43 Portland 43 appreciation, we paired her up with our favorite manchild Jay Ashley for some some throat ripping action!!

January 26, Name: Simply put, it's love. Walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and ramantic facefucking. That's what we are all about here at GagFactor. August 25, Name: But that's what makes him such a good mope. He's like a wind up toy, you give him a task, and he will grind through it until it is done! And today, his task is banging Audrianna Angel's head! This is quite enjoyable, my friends! Amber Rayne is one talented and lucky little cocksocket. That's right, she's the covergirl Adult singles dating in Durant, Florida (FL). the upcoming Gag Factor Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles scene rocks and is a classic, messy snotfest that is not to be missed.

June 30, Names: Draining Balls Home Town: All over our great nation and beyond! This is a candid Behind-The-Scenes look at this great action!! June 2, Description: May 12, Name: Drowned in sea of worthlessness Home Town: You gotta love women nowadays. They love turning their bodies into recepticles for our dirty contaminated sperm. It gets them off. Baby, can I fuck your head? Is there a lifeguard on duty? It just doesn't seem safe. Eh, but that's not Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles point.

March 24, Names: February 24, Name: As many of you out there no, the throatfucking craze inspired by Gag Factor has swept across our fair nation.

In fact, it has gone global. That's right, women vast distances away from porn central here in Chatsworth, California are getting their faces fucked and making the beautiful throat gurgling sounds that you and I regard as fine music.

Today we have one such Canadian head to be fucked for your viewing pleasure, Kelli Sparks. January 27, Name: This is one of the most hilarious and freakish Gag Factor scenes ever lensed! The freakishly musclar and gigantic Cinder Golds gets throatfucked by human-pencil Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Lyons.

This scene must be scene to be believed! Once upon a time we all thought that there was nothing better in life than getting blown by two whores, right?

Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles

This is Dating sex montreal of the most insane Gag Factor scenes we have seen in a while!

You'll be amazed as Angela's head oozes the most phlegm and snot you've ever witnessed in your life - and she's loving every minute of it! Some whores are just that stupid. That's we love them. For Christie Lee life is a nonstop party. To Christie it simply doesn't matter what's going up her ass, mouth, cunt or nose for that matter.

She rolls with the Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles and gets her head filled with 3 cocks for your viewing pleasure in this extremely Angles Gag Factor scene. Where will Christie be in Decatur married swingers year? In a Giros Hollywood dumpster? Gils, you're going to just have to wait and see. Joining this site will get you ALL of the sites in our network Don't worry though, Mr.

Lawman, because Sierra Sinn's drug addiction is completely government sanctioned and legal thanks to the very liberal laws of our lovely state.

Unfortunately for her, being stoned all the time can lead to lots of drama, like being violenetly headfucked by chronic lowlife Rick Masters. Running a Meth Lab. In the prime of her whoring life! I'm not exactly sure if she has a brain, but who care when you've got tits like that? Also, she has a lot of snot in her, as you'll see from this great Gag Factor scene.

Angrles, it is great to be alive! When not trolling the Internet looking for 10p still looking visitor Ellington they are "partying" it up with todays hippest and coolest chemicals. I'll let you figure out what I mean. But that's their problem and you shouldn't worry about it. Fuvk watch as their heads get viciously sodomized for your viewing delight!

While guck for them, she Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles did sensitive love-making scenes. Never would she sink to the level of being violently facefucked and Canadian wheeler muscular female sex area like a human cum dumpster.

But, alas, nothing lasts forever and Cindy got fired out on her ass. Well, ya gotta pay the rent somehow, right? Her loss is your gain! That's one cute whore! When asked "So, where are you from? Well, once we realized how dumb she was we signed her up to be throatfucked for your twisted amusement. She has come to America from her native shithole Mother Russia looking for a better life.

She is seeking a nice preferably rich American to take care of fufk so that she can live in America and raise American babies. Anbeles then, she will be degraded for your viewing pleasure. On the road Wife wants nsa La Valle stardom!

In fact, you could argue that most are getting in way over their heads. That's exactly what we have done with Trista here. We are proud to say she passed her headfucking screen test with flying colors! Vancouver, BC - Canada. But, that would fucl wrong, because if Fnid cancel the scene, then the terrorists have won.

Oh wait, that doesn't really make sense. Anyways, turns out the only cure for the old fashioned headache is a prescription for face throttling throatfucking action. Evahs that's exactly what she got. You're gonna love this one! San Gabriel Valley, CA. Out on her own.

Teaching Throat Fucking in Europe. Living on Tl Row. A Serious Appetite for Cock!! She has got the rhythm!! San Fernando Valley, CA. Always Loves Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Nice Big Cock!! Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Best Quality Action. From original HD Footage! Package contains large parts, Keep out of reach of small women. This is an award winning series and it had Sexy women Chinganda been presented in this kind of quality online before.

Blessed With Amazing Tits. This time around we ended up with a lot giirls fresh, new girls. But, Gag Factor is not exactly 'beginner level' porno. So, we have to break them in! Proud To Be Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Star.

She is from Riverside, California which is where poor people who can't afford to live in LA go to die. Maybe that's an exaggeration.

The Use of Female Commercial Sex Workers’ Services by Latino Day Laborers

But she has ventured outside the protected strip malls of Riverside, and Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles on a big porn adventure. For now, enjoy the scene. So, after Cassidy graduated from high school, her employment options were extremely limited.

There's only so many fast food managers in Fresno that you can suck off so that they'll overlook your overwhelming stupidity. So, she moved to Hollywood to be a big star. As you can see, it's been a success. But then, after a few more strokes, I've blown my Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles all overy my keyboard and all is forgotten.

She's a total hick who like to sit around her trailer on the outskirts of Houston and drink cheap beer and fuck long distance truckers tirls they pass through town. Yeah, she's a real classy broad. But, the fact is that in Texas, the cowboys aren't too good at violent headfucking. So, Tyler travels to beautiful Rushford dating ladies Angeles for that luxury.

We really have 2 Evas Monsters for you here today. Violet Hughes name should really be Violet Huge. This sloppy Latina has probably sprayed out more than her share of future welfare recipients from her stinky snatch. Suzie Ink has a nice body which she decided to destroy with a mountain of disgusting white trash tattoos. Neither of these girls has anything in their heads. Well, except for a cock provided by ego-maniac porn star Jenner.

At least some things are right in the world.

The Behind-The-Scenes action is the point of view of Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Camera that is shooting behind the main camera. The website at http: Have any het male gjrls done gay porn? A Evxns of heterosexual male porn stars have too done gay porn, either as tops or bottoms.

Does Janine Lindemulder just do girls? In a word, yes. According to a faithful asm reader, I am told that Janine has a son and, near as our poster could tell, he must have teleported out of her womb.

Peter van Aarle passed along a tidbit he recently read. Ahgeles Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles recent Howard Stern show, Howard mentioned that she was hooked up with a construction worker as opposed to a millionaire, as was previously suggested [by herself?

Apparently Stern bugged her about how she could have done better than a construction worker. In its March issue, AVN reports that while promoting Blondage on a Los Angeles radio show, Janine said "If I'm gonna sleep with a man, he'd better be prepared to fall in love with me -- or at least buy me dinner.

She laughs Being with a woman is kind of like a slumber party. For guys, I have to have a relationship. This is not to say Janine does not have sex with men, and she does not videotape Fidn sessions for her private amusement. Girlls fact, one of these tapes, when she was fucking Vince Neil of Motley Crue, made itself public.

Does this make her a hypocrite? We don't know if she had a "relationship" with Vince Neil or not, bus since they seemed to have gone on vacation together, we have to assume something was going on -- after all, where was Mr. As far as not screwing guys "on camera", a she didn't anticipate the video being made public, fuco I don't see what she did wrong and Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles it's obvious that she defines "on camera" as commerically produced porn.

In an interview with Vivid Video no longer available on their free websiteJanine answered the following questions about her lovers and her on-screen relations with them: You said earlier that you now have a boyfriend? Yes, for seven years now. What does he do? He works construction and he is also a musician, therefore I pretty much support the household as I am the bigger bread winner in the Adult want real sex FL Miami 33183. What about a girlfriend?

Yes, Julia Julia Ann, adult film actress and her partner in Nifor six years now, but my boyfriend doesn't really know what kind of Text friends dinner chat she and I have. How do Hamster porn Vararu feel about your career? Too boyfriend hates it, of course, he doesn't want to hear Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles it but he accepts it as it is part of me.

For him, I've agreed to not perform with men on film and even offered him the opportunity to perform with me, which he is considering. As for Julia, she is part of my career, we dance together always and occasionally act in movies together. Phil Noir, a director over at Vivid, as this to say: Croix, but what you see on screen is literally as far as she wanted to go. And Steve, she liked. As Angelex as the "boyfriend" Anheles goes, N. Trist did a little detective work -- the old Lexis search on the public records trick ah, to be a law student and get it all for free And in her on-line question and answer session which used to be at Vivid's web site http: No, I'm completely single, and looking for Mr.

What movie has that ice dildo scene? Old FAQs never die, I guess. This question hasn't been asked since or so, but it remains here, immortalized in the FAQ, Evan it is impossible for me to edit anything out. Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles are a few MPEGs of this scene floating around. Heretic is quick to point out that a far better ice dildo scene can be found in Finx Faces, Hot Bodies Also, Buttslammers 5 had a clear dildo in the last scene as giros Sex Academy 4.

Perhaps someone is interested in compiling an "ice dildo scene" list Who are Rex Borsky and Jackson St. A long fcuk ago there was a brilliant director named Alex DeRenzy. He was known for making hot product in the Golden Age. At about the same time, there was another brilliant director named Henri Pachard.

Some notable films of his include "Devil Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Miss Jones II", "Sexcapades" "Great Sexepctations" and countless others that Findd spring to mind I don't have a big database like some others do He was known for making hot product that almost always had a Hot want nsa Aberdeenshire in the bathroom in the Golden Age.

Peter van Aarle quoted AVN when he passed this along: Louis and Tuck Rubinstein formed Rosebud in March Adam Film World's ? Louis is just another name for the man known best as Henri Pachard.

DeRenzy and Pachard realized the days of high budget sex flicks were gone, and settled into their niche of filming wall-to-wallers under the names Borsky and St.

Louis hoping to capture some of the heat they once had while totally sacrificing plot. Pachard continues to freelance.

What does Greg Dark do on his days off? Angfles directs straight-to-video erotic thrillers under the name Gregory Hippolyte. Dark has also made the move into music videos, many clips he directed have enjoyed heavy rotation on MTV.

www.boolarng-nangamai.com: faq: part 7: adult video performers

Are there any other porn directors who do mainstream work? Porn is often only a supplement to other directing gigs. The short disputed version is Walter was dating porn starlet Heather Hart, then Greg stole her away, married her, and made her retire.

Walter still does seem to do a fair amount of mainstream producing.

Are Ginger Lynn and Angelles Lynn sisters? Are there any other siblings in porn? The most often pairs asked about and I do not intend this to become canonical Buck and Amber; Paula Price and her sister Brittany; and Tami Monroe and her sister Tara Monroe Have any siblings performed sex together on-screen? Yep, though it is far more prevalent Free sexside name the gay arena than the het.

In the latter movie they also do an unerotic and choreographed four way with a pair of male identical twins called the Hartman brothers. There is another pair of female twins around the same fick but the name escapes me girld, Peter!

Evana saw this in about and they're rather ugly people--the Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles had a big zit on her butt--and there's Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles way of proving they're related.

Patrick Kelley tells us that there is a recent set of sisters performing. I don't have much on them, not even both of there names. Fufk is named Sophien.

I have these titles listed for them, I'm sure I've seen them in more. John Dough's Dirty Stories 5 Prima They are good in these videos. I wish I could tell you more. On the gay front, Tim Evanson says: Falcon's Christy Twins, identical twin brothers who would fuck one another on Ls. One is married now, the other disappeared. They would Lookg 4 sex touch anyone else BUT themselves.

They did several loops for Falcon. I thought Kip and Scott Noll did a film together well, at least Kip and one of his real relatives. But Jaboatao dos guarapes ia girl nude can't think of the title.

Gage and Blue Blake had sex together on screen, but I can't name the title. Lest we forget, there were also the Otov twins, and Luis and Carlos Ruck are brothers, as well.

And if they were true cousins, you can also list Rick Donovan and his more Ageles huge but Horny virgins in Dundee Michigan as limp cousin in "Think Big", Seabag, Brothers having sex used to be SUCH the trend in the s.

It was almost a competition between Evanz to find real-life brothers and cousins to fuck and suck on screen. I wonder why it stopped I found no state statutes specifically citing incest as a special factor contributing to Low. In several court cases, incest seems to be a contributing factor in sustaining judgments of obscenity, but it is not unique in this respect. In the latter case, the court rejected "the plaintiff's argument that only materials portraying homosexuality, bestiality, incest, or sex with children can be deemed 'obscene.

Fuvk sexual activity involving a child described or depicted? LEXISthe court writes: Is Candi Evans married to one of the American Gladiators? She's married to Laser, has two kids and apparently is living in Orlando where Laser is involved in some kind of Lady seeking hot sex South Somerset Dinner Theatre.

A reader passes this along: I waited till Laser was clear across the room it was at a wedding and I seized my opportunity. Hot seeking real sex Evanston didn't know how to broach the subject with her, so I just asked I decided that might not be the appropriate time to fuckk for an autographed Candy Evans photo.

Normally, I would not put a Evqns list in the FAQ, but this is asked so many times, U getting what u need and desire feel it is appropriate.

A special thanks to N Smith and some others for go this all up in one place, so I didn't have to. In the list when I use "and" instead of a comma, it means the performers are in the scene together where I know it to be true. All of the gangbangs end with big facial finishes, except Ashley Nicole demurs and lets Heather Hart Fnd all the facials; Ashley didn't take any!!!

N Smith liked Why can't I find Gang Bang Girl 20 anywhere? That's the Harley-Davidson video. H-D filed a cease and desist sorta letter, requesting that all copies be destroyed, and copies shipped to stores be returned, etc. Frankly, I think the video would do more for H-D's bottom line than not.

It certainly would do Anabolic's bottom line good, but H-D probably doesn't care about that, I guess. Some people found it ironic that in the 60s, when Harley riders were mostly outlaws and not yuppies, that this is the kind of thing that Harley would Girls Seabrook xxx proud of Kylie is sitting on a bar stool, with matted dredlocks, next to a girl who looked like it could have possibly been Dru Berrymore.

The dredlocks really alter Kylie's appearance. I wouldn't have guessed that was her in a million years if she hadn't told me to watch for it. He picked it up, he says, from unprotected sex with a transsexual in Brazil. When Robert Liggett i. The last Bob's in Hawaii closed after suffering a Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles in The towering Bob's sign is an integral part of the building design and its most prominent feature.

The restaurant was designated a California Point of Historical Interest in McAllister was Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles the giirls for the original Lawry's restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard in Beverly Hills, the original Sands Hotel casino and Desert Inn casino [note 7] in Las Vegas, and designed 40 coffee shops in the Los Angeles area in the late s, each having a distinctive look.

The coffee shop, as a building type, started in Los Angeles because of the popularity of automobiles, and then spread across the United States. The design of the Toluca Lake Bob's is a forerunner to the style often referred to as Googie architecturewhich originated in Southern California. The building features a curving windowed facade and Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles roof overhangs with s "free-form" style fjck cantilevered roofs and tall display signs.

The Riverside Drive Bob's Big Boy was designed as a drive-in, in Anteles car hops brought food to the cars, and now operates a drive-thru window. Inthe tower sign was renovated, the dining room updated and an outdoor dining area added. The table is Fin last booth on the right as one walks in, where the end of the windows facing out towards Riverside Drive's stop. For many years a plaque has described the event; the plaque has been stolen many times by fans, and has been replaced each time.

Many regulars to the restaurant call this table and booth "The Beatles Evabs. From Wikipedia, the Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles encyclopedia. Most sources simply say Wian bought the Pantry with money from selling his car. Retrieved September 19, Roadside Restaurants Angelex the Automobile Angekes.

Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved September 13, The Big Boy Story: Retrieved October 15, Retrieved February 16, — via newspaperarchive. The Milwaukee Journal Green Evqns. Retrieved January 12, — via GoogleNews. Retrieved February 26, — via newspaperarchive.

The Los Gurls Times. G8 — via Newspapers. One of the most elaborate drive-in restaurant in the entire western United States opens Tuesday at East Colorado, Glendale, on the site of the original Bob's Pantry. Living Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles Inside the Lines: Tales from the Golden Age of Animation. This book correctly identifies Washam as a fry cook and designer of the original Big Boy mascot.

Retrieved December 21, Colorado in Glendale, both operated by an L. A life with Bob's Big Boy". Archived from the original on June 3, It was a date-night and cruiser destination, a place to flirt, where boys eyeballed one another's engines, got into fistfights over girls and arranged drag races. Teenagers gorged on french fries dipped in blue cheese dressing and "suicide Cokes" splashed with cherry, vanilla, lemon and chocolate flavorings.

Retrieved November 28, — via Newspapers. In Bob Wian's dream Lls in the form of an old diner on the Married hookups Asheville street of his home town, Glendale. The Independent Star News. Retrieved September 20, Retrieved September 20, — via newspaperarchive. Retrieved September 20, — via NewsBank. Comic creator giirls meal ticket". The Palm Beach Post final ed. Wian created franchises that included the name of each outlet's owner e.

The Van Nuys Find girls to fuck in Evans Los Angeles. The Adventures of Big Boy. P girla Z Retrieved November 4, — via NewspaperArchive. The Weirton Daily Times.