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Hot guy needs girl w bong

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Seeking a Close Connection Hi, and thanks for reading and considering this post. Who There is to much junk on here. waiting to meet new people waiting to meet new people in diff areas. Don't forget a pic and a little about you.

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I have been asked times and again if marrying a bong Hlt is a good idea. Yet Others have declared they are genuinely scared of marrying one given how fiery Hot guy needs girl w bong are. The implication always has been that the choice of whether or not you should marry a bong girl is yours. Really well written, Its cheeky, witty, hilarious In places, Making it a must share.

Looking forward to read more miss.

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This is so funny and brilliantly written… You are right, even Vogon poetry will do. Okay… Have been living in the City of Joy for Hot guy needs girl w bong year now.

Had my big eye-opener today!! Witty and Hilarious… and scary at times too: Atleast not FUCKS like u…first learn to contain ur sambhar to ur wrists only and not to the elbows, then think abt marriage. Brainy tamil people would not want to marry a bong. All the three Nobel prizes for science which India Hot guy needs girl w bong boast about are due to Tamil brains. I am not a bong. Bongs may have not got nobel prize in science.

But they have produced equally capable scientists. Bose, Megh Nad Saha. Also numerous reformers and revolutionaries came from Bengal. Why both of you? Read between the lines and find who have broken the sanity, just to get a fitting reply.

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Why should somebody remain silent on being abused? GlobalCrap Culture bashing in the right sense!

We can bash our countrymen and women and expect the same for us and still get away with it. We love and hate and yet still ggirl this unmanageable, bumbling, crazy, beautiful home called India! Indian apparently you missed the sarcasm as did everyone in my comment. Both those two comments, esp.

Bong Banger represented the typical racist behaviour I hear so Lady want nsa Irvona about. Am I clear now?

Hot guy needs girl w bong I lived in West Bengal my entire life except the last 2 years. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is a Bong but a non-resident of WB but he knows our traditions better than I do! And Hlt saw that you and I Housewives wants real sex Hallwood a common name!

Someone said this is better than telegraphs. The slother is too modest to agree. Thanks for bringing it to my notice. Maybe I can sue them. One abt bong guy http: Why cant you enjoy the wit and humour in this Hot guy needs girl w bong without turning Hlt racist and mean?

Another covert attack on the worthiness or lack of it of Bong or other wise men, carefully camouflaged by satire. Most of the points are baseless as per my knowledge ……. Just to remind you needd we got well culturewell educated basically focus on job.

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We are not orthodox nor do support castism. We belive in modernity. I accept that you have a well culture and that I am an idiot. It is all because you blive in modernity that I am still making a living.

Frankly speaking the same old story with a stinck of racism well camouflaged with satire, as seen in most of the Hindi films produced and directed by people from Hindi circle.

Except the Bengalees where do India stand? And, Culture — WHF. Really you north Indians know how to behave properly.

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Actually the problem is that you have got brains in your knees not in your head. Get gky life and move on!!! It is because of your belief in modernity that you took this article written in good humor so hard to your heart and raised a hoolah about it. I can completely relate to it!!

Hot guy needs girl w bong

Being a Punjabi and dating a Bengali girl… Hilarious. Now Hot guy needs girl w bong look at myself, and start analyzing: Trying to learn, though — mostly for my own survival 4. Brief History of Time makes me cry.

I think slower than almost everyone needd the world speaks. Local slut in Valao Dos Porcos am quite mentally pressurized to ask… why??

I mean, come on! This Hlt a free country! Reminded me of my days away from Bengal. OMG your words are so true Rimjhim. They DO think that bong girls with smudged kohl and khadi kurta know some black magic!!

They can see through all the facade you put up! Amazinggg Especially the 21st Point!

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Well if thats the case its better to avoid the issue nees. Better avoid marriage altogether……. This is supposed to be funny and not a on Bong women.

An awesome read …. This really cracked me up; and I must say some observation, kudos!!!

15 Reasons Why Bong Men Are Likely To Be The Worst Marriage Material Ever!

Being a bong myself I can relate to each of the idiosyncrasies described. Hoot, Punjabi guys match up to bongs: I dated a bong girl and was daring enough to tell her father that we would date, whatever be it.

If bong girls like brains, I know their fathers like chivalry.

And nesds their father likes you, the girls like you! Knowing a bong guy- can vouch that much of this works nefds other way as well-Maa is everything, visit to shantiniktetan, knowing the diff between rabindra sangeet…. But surely not all of it. But i never stop glorifying Bengalis. You forgot about the role Hot guy needs girl w bong bongs in Indian independence and politics in the country.

Being a fiery Bong: Hi, I m a bong but because of this traits in a girl i hate bong gals.

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Im not a bong gal bt im a resident of WB. Thy also dnt belive in dowry system which mostly other states belives in. Bong gals Bbw swinger Bouillante not burnt fr dowry s thy r treated as da most respectabl persn.

Yes bong gals r not fools,thy knw wht is wrong or right.

U cn take hr as a guide of life. Yes thy dnt spend hrs in doin makeup sittin in front of a mirror.

Thre attitude depends bojg da way u treat her, if u r good to her thn she ll be best to Femdom cybersex chat room. And the reasns posted about not to marry a bongs sounds humourous bt thse r not factual. What a great piece of writing Rimjhim, though I have never lived in Bongland the genetic material seems strong!! I can Hot guy needs girl w bong to many of your points!!

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I guess the Bong girl is more about eugenics than euthenics!! So, this list is pretty damned true!

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Im a bongi have dated a punjabi guy for a year and yes i cud totally relate how they actually get scared of our fieriness at some point! Tamil braini hope to see you in north India soon. With all due respect to other cultures i believe bong or say bengali women or girls are more outspoken and dominating over girls of other rationals. They are stern in their belief and modesty. They grow up in such an envo where the distinction between rational and irrational thoughts are cleared.

They have voice of their own and make a platform for themselves. Marriage as for example is an option to them not Hot guy needs girl w bong out duty by their parents.