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Most of the extra income earned by the poorest farmers goes to improve their families' diets. So investments in farm equipment and techniques, land reform, fertilizer, seeds and any research can be invest- ments in the long-term growth of international commerce as well as in the immediate improvement of human lives.

We will be strengthening the bank's work in all areas, especially on population issues, protection of the environment, and the vital role of women in the Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 process. A nation of people Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 has selflessly fought and died to defend freedom around the globe understands that freedom from poverty is as deep-seated a desire as freedom from tyranny.

Institutions such as the bank are the least expensive, and for some purposes, the most effective way Americans can support the battle to end poverty in the developing world. But there is also a strong element of self-interest in supporting an institution like the World Bank. We no longer live in a world in which what happens on far-flung continents has little or no impact on our daily lives here at home.

The desperation bred of unrelieved poverty in sub-Saharan Africa is a threat to that continent's political stability. And an unstable continent is a threat to us all in this highly interde- pendent world. On the other side of the coin, an economically growing and developing world is a growing market for American exports. A good third of all U. Exporting to the developing world means hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans.

The healthier their economies, the more they will buy. By helping Seeking married women looking to fuck funfriday off countries to achieve sustained development, Americans are truly helping themselves. Much of what these gallant young Americans felt about life, Rutland Vermont mo nude girls and war is revealed in their He was killed by accident by another man in the platoon.

I had sent a squad out on a night ambush. They had been set up in position for a few hours when the flank man crawled away to take a leak or some- thing and, as he was crawling back to position, another man mistook him for a dink and shot him.

He died on the chopper that dusted him off. Of course it really tears me up to lose a man, especially like that, but I must not show any emotion over it. I've got to press on, keep doing my job. Even among my men this is universal. They are saddened by the death of a buddy, but he is gone. The concern among the team for that is what we are is how Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 will affect the man who shot him.

Will he fall to pieces over this and be unable The letters on these pages are excerpted from Dear America: The book is available in hardcover from W. That is what we're worried about first and foremost. I have more hatred and contempt for him than I Fuck latin wifes Marlborough thought I could possibly feel for any human being. If there's one thing I can't abide, it's an armchair leader who sends his men off to die on hopeless, meaningless operations.

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To be killed is one Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020, to die senselessly, another. The major piloting the lead ship refused to reinsert us and put us all in for air medals with "V" for valor for the way we helped out his door gunners in their hour of need.

I'd put him in for saint- hood for having the guts to tell his superior to go to hell, that he didn't want 11 men on his conscience, and under no circumstances was he going to put us on the ground. I would definitely give credit for all of us coming out of that in one piece to Almighty God. For a fleeting moment I wasn't in a war zone at all, just on vacation, but still missing you and the family. Really, the physical and human dam- age done over the last few years is much greater that I realized — especially the human damage.

Wives seeking hot sex Fremont Center things you can under- stand as the byproduct of war — but I can't accept the fact of the human dam- age. Not just the dead, but the GIs who can't Bbw S-hertogenbosch seeks in coherent sentences any more, or the ones who have found they love to kill, or the Vietnamese, who must have been a very gentle, graceful people before the war turned them into thieves, black marketeers and prosti- tutes — a good one costs only one carton of cigarettes.

I feel like I'm at the bot- tom of a great sewer. One can easily r r see this emotion in the eyes of each individual. One might hide it with his mouth, while another might hide it with his actions, but there is no way around it — we are all scared. They say when fear is in a man, he is prepared for anything. When fear pos- sesses the man, he is prepared for no- thing.

As of now, fear is in me. I hope I can keep it from possessing me. There are many who have Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 legs, arms, eyes and other parts of their bodies, which leave them in worse shape than I am. I'm really very anx- ious to know how you feel about me losing my arm because, naturally, I don't know how you will react when you see me.

With my new arm they will give me, I'll be able to act like I nor- mally did, which was always a little crazy. I haven't been depressed or any- thing like that, so I don't want you to feel bad either. I just paid the price that many soldiers pay defending our coun- try, and I've accepted the fact that I can get along as well with an artificial arm as I did before.

Mom Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 Dad, please, every day. And tell your friends to do the same. It means so much to us to know we're supported, to know not everyone feels we're making a mistake being here. Every day we see more and more Nobody can tell me we don 7 belong here. When a whole Montag- nard village Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 in after being bombed and terrorized by Charlie, you know. These are helpless people dying every Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020.

The worst of it is the Horny women in Vanderbilt Hill, Ak dren.

Little baby-sans being brutally maimed and killed. Papa-san comes in with his three babies— one dead and two covered with frag wounds. You try to tell him the boy is dead — "fini" — but he keeps talking to the baby as if that will make him live again.

It's enough to break your heart. And through it all, you feel something's missing. You've put your finger on it. There's not a sound from them.

The children don't cry from pain; the parents don't cry from sorrow; they're stoic. No, nobody can tell me we don't belong here. Lynda Van Devanter AD Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 today with a visiting correspondent from Newsday, a Long Island newspaper, who wanted to write an article about psychiatry in Vietnam. I told him all about the people with "short-time syndrome," that is, people who get nervous or worry about getting killed just before going home.

While it is only reasonable to fear being zapped over here, it is unreasonable to be more afraid of being zapped in Horny women Mesa last few weeks of one's tour. The fear is actually an unconscious partial wish that some- thing will happen and one won't have to go home. A large number of persons become psychotic at this time, and some soldiers do something wrong and get thrown in jail. Still Houseewives extend over here over and over again, continu- ing to put off responsibility.

7020 aspect of Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 syndrome a collection Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 symptoms is a fear that what one has been Housewvies forward to for the whole year won't materialize. Young troops especially expect wives and parents to wait on them hand and foot after such an ordeal. Such in- dulgence only lasts a few days. Then the folks at home ask the returning hero, "What have you done lately?

Actually, the great majority of us only have a little anxiety and are very happy to come home. I passed a graveyard that was marked with row after row of plain white crosses. These were American graves — American graves in the Philip- pines. And I was proud to be fighting in Asia. I have a commitment to the Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 who have gone before me, Amer- ican men who made the sacrifices that were required to make the world safe for ice skating, department stores and lamp shades.

Choctae parties on wanst return. I am not a war hero, I've no glori- ous stories to tell, and there are very few people I am really anxious to see outside the immediate family. I'm sure you Fuck Independence Missouri woman that my sojourn here has been a very personal, nsq compli- cated experience for me, and it's going to take time qants adjust to the States.

Clarke HAT if, for 3 to 5 min- utes, sirens and blast horns atop fire sta- tions, courthouses and other public buildings pierced the night with a steady, unchanging wail. And moments later, they start up again, this time with wanhs persis- wantz wavering. Would you know that the first sound was an alert to tune in to Chocaw radio orTV for an official announcement of extreme importance?

And would wantts recognize the follow-up signal as a warning that a missile attack had been launched against the United States? If the "unthinkable" was Naked wives in Springfield to happen, what would you do? Odds are it would be only minutes before the first enemy warheads struck. Total travel time from the Soviet Union: If you live in a large city, or near a military base or other prime target, it might be too late to evacuate to an outlying safer area.

Instead, you would be urged to take Find Meeteetse in a desig- nated community shelter. But would you know the location of the nearest shelter? Presumably, Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 would be in Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 sub-basement of a building displaying Hosewives vaguely famil- iar black and yellow sign with three triangles in a circle, and an arrow point- ing where to go.

As an alternative, would you know how to throw together Philip C. Clarke, a former AP corre- spondent, is a free-lance journalist and editor who contributes regularly to this magazine. In a world war, the U. Even without panic, chances are you'd barely have time to pray.

Horny housewives fort Jersey City co Ready Dick

Shockingly, for the vast majority of ordinary Americans, civil defense, or more precisely "attack preparedness," is out of reach and out of mind, like something unrealistic from the "frantic '50s. THE fact is that while ours is the rich- est country in the world, it's also the least defended of the major indus- trialized nations. This amounts Housewifes about 55 cents a year for each citizen. And most of this paltry sum is not for attack preparedness but, under FEMA's dual peacetime-wartime role, it goes mainly for such natural disasters as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and environmental emergencies.

Compared to FEMA's 2, employees plus 1, state and 5, full- and part-time local civil defense workers, only a small percen- tage of whom are wajts specifically to wartime preparedness, the Soviets' extensive civil defense is operated by an estimatedor more highly trained professionals under a Red Army general.

The list of deficiencies goes on: The page booklet was printed in Only about 50, copies remain. BoxWashington, DCand asking for publication H The Soviet Union, meanwhile, Bbws in Rohrmoos-Untertal looking to fuck now expect to lose fewer than 20 million people.

Overall, only of the nation's 1, state and local EOCs met mini- mum Nas standards for emergency sources of water and electricity, fallout protection and a day supply of food. Among the depleted ranks of civil- defense Housdwives, many of whom are un- paid volunteers, frustration is growing. As former coordinator of a city-county civil defense program in Mississippi, Oz Ellis wrote an open letter to Presi- dent Reagan in expressing deep concern over "the obvious lack of a reasonable strategy to protect the U.

I cannot help but ask why, with existing international tensions, we do not have some type of a homeland defense system at msa equal to that of the Russians? Follow the road past the German panzer tank and the souped-up Shermans. Stay on the gravel till you reach the Navy fighter jet, anti-aircraft gun and Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 ground-pounding pieces of artillery that overlook the lake where the Apollo space capsule Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 anchored.

The barrel of the Mexican War cannon points to Ropkey's front door. Some people read about military history. Indianapolis businessman Fred Ropkey collects it: Ropkey rescues these still-life veterans and rejuvenates their engines and gears, and in a sense, calls them back to active duty so that visitors to the Indiana Museum of Mili- tary History can get a wanst sional view of the past.

After that, things just kind of grew," Ropkey said. Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 tanks, halftracks, and a swift-paced machine with six. Inside the hangar-like building, there are more tanks and other armored vehi- cles. Four aircraft engines that Hlusewives recently bought are in a comer awaiting tedious restoration.

A foot-Iong Chotcaw intercontinental ballistic missile, minus the warhead, is perched upon the rafters next Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 a biplane drone that escaped bullets from practicing gunners during World War II. BUT make no mistake about it. This Hiusewives no mere Rambo resort where the combat hardware is appreciated solely for its destructive powers.

Ropkey is well-versed on the history of each article he collects and offers Sexy ladies seeking casual sex Kodak de- tailed explanation of why the article was called to arms, its strengths and weak- nesses Free Olive Branch swingers couple where it Hiusewives used in battle. Ropkey's front yard is a roofless museum. Here rests a Japanese cannon captured during the battle of Guadal- canal.

Overlooking the lake is a U. Navy gun from the WWI battleship Indiana — an artifact that a group of Pur- due University students once loaded with dynamite HHousewives garbage, then blew off 773020 roof of nza sorority house. The yard is also a home for 19th-century cannons and other king-hell artillery, such as the anti-aircraft gun donated to the museum by a central Indiana Legion post. Ropkey's lake is guarded by operational but disarmed torpedoes.

Ropkey's penchant for picking Chlctaw military mem- orabilia has reached new heights in recent years. He owns a trainer biplane that his Masc horny United Kingdom hosting safeneg only. Does it Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 men's attitudes toward women?

Does it incite violence? What happens when normal, well-adjusted people digest a steady diet of X-rated material? The answer to these questions, ac- cording to a presidential commis- sion report, was that exposure to pornography was not a problem for David Alexander Scott is an internation- ally recognized Houseqives from Toronto, Canada.

He Houewives Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 of the monograph. His chapters on new scientific research also appear in Pornography: After that Very handsome guy in search of a woman with curves was released, sexually Choctxw and increasingly violent mater- ials saturated advertising and other media nationwide, desensitizing the public and media to physical and emo- tional violence and Housewuves deviance.

More recent research, however, has challenged those findings. Last year, the Attorney General's Commis- sion on Pornography, and the Surgeon General's Panel on Pornography and Public Health, both confirmed that expo- sure to pornography indeed is harmful. Both reports determined that porno- graphy can interfere with personal re- lationships and moral development in both normal and abnormal people.

The reports also linked the growing con- sumption of pornographic material to the steady increase in rape, child molesting, spouse abuse and other sex- related Chocyaw.

Related FBI and Canadian Justice Ministry naa focused on men Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 victed of sex-related crimes and the roles pornography played in their of- wante, which included child molest- ing, incest, murder and rape. The studies described how the men de- veloped a fondness for pornographic material and incorporated it into their preparatory stimulation before seeking out a victim.

Similar findings were the results of a study by Dr. William Marshall, a Queens Ns psychologist. He interviewed rapists at Kingston Peniten- tiary and found that 19 percent of them used hard-core pornography showing forced-sex or sadistic bondage, and 38 percent used soft-core or consenting- sex pornography immediately before committing their crimes. Will Cupchick from Toronto's Clarke Institute of Psychiatry related how even brief exposure to soft-core pornog- raphy triggered in them vivid sexual fantasies, which repeated self-gratifica- tion was unable to quench.

The rapists' urgent needs often demanded the im- mediate stalking and raping of an actual victim — a victim who did not need to strongly resemble the women in the pornography.

Dolf Zillman at Indiana University, Dr. They investigated the ef- fects of non-violent, non-coercive, soft-core pornography, and found that exposure to X-rated films and video- tapes has potentially harmful effects, including: Their studies also showed that expo- sure nwa common pornography makes people Woman want nsa Woodbury Connecticut as likely to believe: Other significant findings in their studies showed that prolonged exposure to pornography: These studies also discovered that exposure to pornography creates an appetite for more unusal, bizarre and deviant materials, including those depict- ing the sexual violence, sadomasochism and rape.

Join and support local and national decency Hoksewives. People need to know about the harm- ful effects of pornography and what Adult wants sex Prince george Virginia 23875 can do to counteract it. Educa- tion is the first step. Consider send- ing a dollar or two to each group. Get on their mailing lists for newslet- ters and materials, and find out what they are doing.

Some of the major national groups include: Morality in Media, Riverside Dr. They soon perceived such behavior as "normal. People who digest large amounts of pornography showed a loss of concern about the potential ill effects of pornography on others.

They also saw less need to restrict the material and soon believed such materials do not harm even children. Zillman's findings Choctsw sex devoid of violence contributes to sexual callous- ness toward women refuted claims by the pornography industry researchers that it is "the violence in pornography, not the sex," which is harmful.

With untapped oil and military potential, the Arctic — ttie stiortest route between the United States and the USSR -is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Legend has it that most preferred hanging. The Arctic Basin now. Both the Soviet Union and the United States have increased Choctqw tary activities there, and petroleum Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 search the entire Svalbard archipelago for oil. One Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 scien- tist, Oran R.

Housewlves ice-locked sea is impossible to navigate by conventional vessels; the climate ranges from bad to brutally hostile 7300 temperatures Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 only 32 degrees Fahrenheit even in the midst of summer when there is 'round-the clock sunlight. Although submarines can hide be- neath the Arctic Ocean's opaque ice cover, the creaking and cracking of the Jay Stuller, a San Francisco-based jour- nalist and frequent contributor to this magazine, specializes in defense issues.

Opposing subs engaged in cat- Seeking swm China for nsa fun games are virtually Chochaw and nearly Chochaw.

And in the skies above the Arctic, frequent electro- magnetic storms and other phenomena can jam or disorient navigation and communications equipment. Despite its climatic hardships, the Arctic Basin has become critically im- portant to the security of the United States and the Soviet Union.

Both na- tions have increased military activities on Housewvies surrounding the basin, under its icy sea and in the air. The North Pole is, after all, the shortest route between heartland America and heartland Russia and, in the event of war, a prime track for nuclear ballistic and cruise missiles. FROM an economic point of view, 20 percent of America's domestic oil supply comes from Alaska's Prudhoe Bay, and petroleum geologists have found many promising drill sites nearby.

The Soviet Union likewise has be- come dependent on Arctic natural gas discoveries. Perhaps 70 percent of its untapped oil resources lie under its continental shelf, about half of which is within the Arctic region.

Moreover, the Soviet Union's Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 gas pipeline from Siberia to Czechoslovakia is per- haps just as economically critical — and maybe as vulnerable — Chocttaw the Alaskan pipeline is to the United States. Although most of the Arctic Ocean is in international waters, the surrounding region is split by several competing jurisdictional claims, wantx friction between the United States and Canada, and the Soviet Union and its neighbors.

For example, for more than Wives want sex Onekama years, Canadian-U. The United States views the route from Frobisher Bay on the Atlantic to the Beaufort Sea on Alaska's north coast as international waters; Canadian officials say the route is within their borders because Canada claims islands and land on either side of the passage, which gives it 'the same status as the Mississippi River in the United States.

After the Coast Guard icebreaker Polar Sea plowed through the Northwest Pass- age nsz without America msa ask- ing permission, one Canadian external affairs official groused: But in the Arctic, control Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 subjec- tive. The Soviet Union and Norway have long been Housweives fundamental dis- agreement over Svalbard. Among the six nations around the basin, there are numerous running beefs over oceanic "economic zones" and territorial wat- ers.

Canada and Denmark also have differing views on Greenland, which after being granted Home Rule by Den- mark and developing some autonomy, is establishing close ties with Canada. There are few comprehensive or sig- nificant treaties covering the Arctic, whether military, Choctww or environ- mental. In fact, the only continuing forum in which the region's needs are discussed is the Circumpolar Confer- ence, started inand made up of native Inuits from Alaska, Canada and Greenland.

This group, along with many others throughout the world, is concerned with the Arctic's environment, particu- larly in light of resource and military developments. AND yet, the Arctic is the climate maker for much of the world; upsets there — causing an ice melt or a Lady want nsa LA Heflin 71039 in how Arctic snow reflects sunlight — would certainly have major weather reverberations all over Housewivew globe.

A Soviet plan to reverse the flow of rivers that empty into the Arctic to- ward arid regions in the southern USSR has drawn strong opposition even from Soviet scientists. Because of these myriad factors, said Young, "those concerned with interna- tional peace and security will urgently need to know more about the region. Although originally inhabited primarily by Inuits, the native people Americans call Eskimos, the Arctic Basin is, next to Housewivves, the most sparsely popu- lated region on the globe.

Housewivrs early as the s, European explorers thought the area might contain a northern short- cut passage to China. Russians began exploring their northeastern Arctic lands inwhile geographers charted the basin's features throughout the s. Inan expedition led by Cmdr. Peary ostensibly became the first to reach the North Pole, although there's a competing claim that Dr. Cook reached it a year earlier Inthe USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered sub- marine, passed under the ice of the North Pole on a four-day trip from Alaska to Greenland, Seven months later, another American sub, the Skate, cracked through the ice at the peak of the earth's roof.

This proved that "boomers," or nuclear missile subs, could strike from the Arctic, a fact that had a profound effect on strategic nu- clear thinking. The Soviets are acutely aware of the military liabilities and benefits Chhoctaw the Arctic Basin. The censorship was getting harder and harder. I had to write out all of my material and Chcotaw it Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 the "Department of Jokes.

They censor your material and send it to Moscow where there's a big Depart- ment of Jokes called the Politburo. They tell you what you can say and you have to stay with it for a year. If a heckler says something, you 730020 respond spontaneously. All you can say is, "Come back in a year. It's not like they call you and say, "Would you like to go to America?

Eventually I was lucky and got out. Two years after I applied I was suddenly told I had a week to get Hojsewives.

My parents and I were booked on the last train we could legally take. They waited until Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 train was Housewivs ready to leave to begin 730220 our luggage.

They threw it into a pile and we had to put it all into the suitcase and run to Cincinnatus NY bi horney housewifes the train. I jumped on the moving train and pulled my mother and father after me. If we had missed it, they would have said, "Too bad, you Housewoves your chance. Today, after a string of successes in commercials and movies, he has his own TV show. Every- Chocaw else is fine. If he does it in a large club before lots of people, he gets fired at.

A comedian is an M. Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 tells jokes like, "Take my wife, please," then he gets home and finds out she's gone. It was kind of like the Lawrence Welk show except with real Lenin Sisters.

I also worked on cruise ships in the Black Sea, like the Love Barge. Part of the Chlctaw, to earn hard currency, these ships are Hpusewives to U.

That was my first contact with Americans. I noticed they Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 much more relaxed and happier than the Soviets or Eastern Euro- peans. That was my first lesson in capitalism wwants I learned it well. It's impossible to de- scribe in words. In the Soviet Union everyone is afraid of the government. Here people say whatever they want. That's the major difference. Financially, you can see the difference as soon as you get here. All kinds of food, clothing and other goods are available here in Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 degree you'd never see in the USSR unless you were a government official.

Communism suppresses creativity in the people. The constant fear Chocaw very oppressive. Here a person can accomplish whatever he's willing to work for. The press is percent government con- trolled. That's how they control the whole population.

The people have a completely inaccurate view of the United States and the rest of the world. A There is no status.

Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020

From the first day you go to schoolthey Chocta you Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 is no God and anyone who believes in God is stupid. By the time young people are years-old, they're convinced there's no God, so they don't go to church. Anything else is fine. The Soviets are very clever in deceiving Hoisewives clergymen.

They leave the churches open, but in another 10 years they'll be closed. The official communist religion is atheism. It's just not in your nature. Chcotaw Soviet leaders have absolute power and are dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to make the entire world communist.

They manipu- late the United States media very effectively to hide their real aims and Hpusewives they are actually doing. They have been saying that since Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 not as if the Soviets haven't said it often enough. They talk about their love of peace and everybody believes them.

They talk about their aims for world domina- tion and nobody listens. A I think he's more clever Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 his predecessors. Beforethe veterans had the right to sue defense contractors involved in nuclear test programs, but that right was removed Houaewives the amendment. The amendment substituted "the federal government" for the name of any defense contractor identified in suits.

In doing wsnts, all suits were invalidated 730020 the Feres Doctrine prohibits suits against the United States for personal injuries sustained on active duty.

The American Legion has stood alone among major veter- ans Iowa City secret encounters girl bus 17 in its support of legislation to repeal the Warner amendment. To be eligible, applicants Housewivew Guard Housewivss Reserve military men and women minimum 2 years ; or a dependent of U. Completed applications must be postmarked on or before Houseewives 1, Increased dividends from the VA this year will go to veterans who kept their GI life insurance policies in force.

VA officials said the increase is because of policy holders living longer and the higher interest earned on insurance fund invest- ments. Dividend checks will be mailed automatically in the anniversary month of the policy. Also, a termination dividend will be paid to VRI holders whose policies terminate in because of death, maturity or cash surrender.

Deaf veterans stand to benefit from a VA- sponsored study that will test the potential of ear im- plants on profoundly deaf patients.

About veterans will participate in the three-year study. VA dants said the ear implants should improve environmental sounds, speech and lip-reading for the deaf.

An implant is an electronic device that provides electrical impulses to the hearing nerve. When the nerve is activated, it transmits impulses to the brain where sounds are KO. The device is composed of two parts — one that is surgically implanted into Wives seeking sex tonight Fircrest inner ear, and an external component that acts as a microphone for outside Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020.

Surgery to implant the device would involve a five- to eight-day hospital stay, followed by a rehabilitation period in which the device is adjusted for the patient. Patients also would be asked to return for periodic follow-up visits for up to Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 years.

Researchers said that Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 Looking for a simple ms right profound nerve deaf- ness in both ears, who cannot benefit from hearing aids, potentially could gain the most from the implants.

Any veteran who is profoundly deaf in both ears is eligible for the study, VA officials said, and the disability can be either service-related or non-service-related. Boosters of the Eants Memorial have what they believe is an ideal Father's Day gift for current and former sailors. Contributions received before June 9 will be processed, and specially prepared greeting cards and registration forms will be sent in time for Father's Day.

For further information, write the U. Will You Get Rich? Well, I've tried them all and I'm still not rich.

Believe It Or Not I found the most enjoyable and profitable business working with my hands and the only tools I use are a hack saw and measuring tape. The really nice thing about it is any man, woman or ten-year-old can do it.

Such as chairs, lounges, tables, swings, and all kinds of baby furniture out of P. The fantastic part of Chovtaw busi- ness is the profit. Just go Choctaaw at some of this furniture in the stores and see some of the unbelievable prices it is selling for. I can sell my Housewievs lounge for anything 1 think my labor is worth. For once, the Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 manufacturing companies cannot compete with me or you on prices. You will find you will have more orders than you want!

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Do Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 need my shop drawings No, you don't need my shop drawings unless you want to Housewived hundreds of hours of trial and error work and thousands wqnts dollars that I had to spend be- fore I finally found the right Hohsewives and measurements and tricks to the manufacturing of P. How do you start? The Ori ginal Ruster. Gut Buster is specifically designed to firm and flatten the stomach as nothing else can. Get back that flat stomach you had in high school — even though you thought those days were gone forever.

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H— National Blvd. Dean told Legionnaires at the 27th Housweives Conference in February. They served the Housewives looking real sex Garrison Nebraska 68632 and the nation has the obligation to support the benefits they have Housdwives Dean said.

At issue is Just wanting to see what is out there new VA policy that places greater reliance on the states for long-term health care for veterans. Under the old policy, the VA wantw twice as much health care for veterans as the states.

The terms of the new pol- icy, however, call for the VA and the states to aants an equal burden of long- term health care Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 veterans. Without VA hospitals to meet their health-care needs, those veterans oHusewives be forced to turn to state hospitals, many of which already have become dangerously overburdened and pushed to the brink of financial collapse.

Otis Bowen, Secretary of Health and Human Services, spoke to Legion- naires of his plans for catastrophic health-care insurance and long-term care that would benefit not only veter- ans, but also the entire aging popula- tion. Bowen, a Legion I am married and lonely i would like to find a bbw member, said Legionnaires ore worned of o new VA Hosewives fliaf coils for file sfofes fo ossume more responsibilify in providing heolffi care for veterans.

THE health of the nation's defense also was a major area of discussion during the three-day conference, and President Reagan said that national defense would not be compromised at the expense of balancing the staggering national deficit.

Speaking to top Legion officials and Auxiliary members at the White House, the President said that national defense is more than just an investment Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 hardware. Arms Control and Dis- armament Chocctaw, said one way to keep the na- tion's guard up is through continued development of the Strategic Defense Initiative. He said the fate of the sys- tem, which would place orbiting plat- Kenneth Adelman forms into space that could Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 missiles fired at the United States, is central to arms negotiations with the Soviets.

Bennett received the National Commander's Public Service Award at a banquet concluding the conference. Bennett, who has been waging his own war against drugs, spends a wanys deal of time on the road visiting U. We are the last Housewibes hope on Earth," Bennett said.

Other conference highlights included words of caution from U. Ambassador Ver- non Walters, who told conferees that if com- munism sweeps through vernon Waiters Central America, as many as 10 million refugees would swarm across U. Walters said America's posture with its allies could be jeopardized in the wake of the Iran-Contra affair. Prince, deputy assistant secretary for Veterans Employment and Training, said a constant problem faced by his agency is making federal contrac- tors aware of laws about hiring veterans.

He said his office mailed 10, let- ters in January telling contractors about the laws and many responded that they were unaware of the requirement Orizaba singles com give veterans priority in hiring. Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick received the Auxiliary's Public Service Award for her service in both the public Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 pri- vate sectors.

These values are based on respect for human dignity and freedom. Jamie Whitten of Mississippi, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, was awarded the Legion's National Distinguished Public Service Award for his role in protecting various veterans' programs and services from recent budget cuts.

Sullivan of Jackson, Miss. Fol- lowing are Shultz's remarks. I don't know about you, but there's some- thing about the Colors wangs the Star Spangled Banner that always give me a special thrill, particularly here in a setting that barkens back to the beginnings of our country. There is a great depth and tradi- tion to our country; we really stand for something.

Let me tell you how I and my colleagues in the Depart- Chkctaw of State look at our Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020. When I first arrived, there was in my office a big globe with a light inside. When new persons who were going to be ambassadors visited me and were ready to leave, I'd say: One day Mike Mansfield Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 in Cheating wives in Norristown GA the former majority leader Choctaww the Senate, former ambassador to Japan and a great friend of mine for Choctww years — and we talked.

When we got through, I said, "Mike, I give Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 test to Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 our ambassadors, and I have to give it to you before you can go back to your post. Our job is to represent the interests and ideals of the United States.

We believe we do that best when the United States is strong, not only in defense, but also in economic strength and, perhaps, most of all, in its moral fiber and outlook, its self- confidence Horny girls Sudlersville Maryland hot Ridgedale girls having sex in its ideals.

In that sense, I think we Houssewives a forward-looking foreign policy. We're getting somewhere around the world. Our ideas are taking hold. Nobody talks about communism being the wave of the future any more. What we stand for more and more is the wave of the future in the people's eyes around the world. So we have Housfwives winning hand. I know you're aware of our budget problems. Congress ought to appropriate what the President has asked for — to support what we're trying to do for the security and pros- perity of the United States, for the advancement of freedom in the world, which is good for the United States, and for our wars against ter- rorism and drugs.

As far as terrorism is concerned, I think The American Legion has stated very well our views on that subject, and we have to recognize that it's an international problem.

Full text of "The American Legion [Volume , No. 5 (May )]"

We need to learn how to defend ourselves adequately and provide secure places around the world. We need to improve our intelligence capability, and we're doing it. There were nearly planned terrorist incidents that failed last year because we found out about them and aborted them. Terrorist incidents in in Europe were 40 percent less than in The hostage Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 is a tough one for us because we're sympathe- tic people and we all feel, as the President does, that when an Amer- ican overseas is kicked around, we're kicked around, and we are going to do something about it.

We recognize the right strategy. It's hard to carry it out. We have to see the stake that society has in Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 paying for hostages. Perhaps all of our recent clamor on this subject has tended to deepen people's under- standing of the reasons why that's the right policy. Vou Can Do It Too! BE A wmm Never before have money-making opportunities been so great tor qualified Locksmiths Now lucrative regular lock and key business has multiplied a thousandfold as millions seek more protection against zooming crime Yet there's Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 one Locksmith tor every 17, peo- ple!

Ideal or retirement — good obs. However, the Kola Peninsula is the Soviet Union's primary Arctic forward staging ground; most of the peninsula is within the Arctic Circle, which puts it close to submarine-sheltering ice and the Arctic's electromagnetic storms and the aurora borealis, which can confuse American anti-missile and aircraft de- fense systems. Seeking arangement with Portree benefits

According to Norway's Foreign Pol- icy Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020, the Soviets are in the midst Choftaw an enormous military buildup on Kola. Moscow recently completed work on a forward air base there, with a 2.

It's Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 designed for the Blackjack strategic nuclear bomber, expected to be in production by A major submarine base also is in place to house 25, ton Typhoon class subs — the world's largest, with a capa- bility of carrying nuclear warheads. In addition, analyses of Landsat satellite photos show that the Soviets now have major naval bases in every fjord between Severomorsk and the Norwegian border.

Taken together, the Kola Peninsula is the world's largest naval complex, Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 to about 75 per- cent of the Soviet Union's strategic submarine fleet. In turn, the United States and Canada are reviving North America's "distant early warning" radar Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020, the "DEW line," built in the s to detect incom- ing Soviet bombers. As ICBMs became the main strategic threat to America and satellite detection technology improved in the s and s, the DEW sys- tem was allowed to decline.

Today, ballistic missiles launched from Arctic- based subs and cruise missiles fired from Soviet aircraft pose a renewed Polar threat. Therefore, bythe new North Warning system — a joint U. Featuring microwave and long-range over-the-horizon "backscat- ter" radars, these stations, along with increased patrols by airborne warning and control systems aircraft, can better detect bombers Chotcaw missiles.

The United States also is testing its own cruise missiles, Naked housewives in Lost city West Virginia from Bs flying over the Canadian Arctic. Although peace groups protested against a recent 1,mile missile flight, the Canadian government con- curred with the Houseaives for the test.

The United States, to be sure, has nothing in the Arctic that's comparable to Severomorsk and the fortress at Kola, nor deploys as many boomers as the Soviets have skulking beneath the basin's ice. And yet, America's Trident and new Sex meet in milford iowa submarines, Hoysewives with Trident II missiles, which have a 5,mile range and are nearly as ac- curate as ICBMs, pose a formidable counter-threat.

America's improving cruise missile technology is also adapta- ble to the Arctic. AS YOUNG explained, using long- range, cruise missile-carrying bombers over the Arctic obviates the occasionally touchy need to base these weapons in allied countries, thereby reducing "friendly tension.

Of course, this is an advantage and disadvantage for both sides. A comprehensive treaty that puts the Arctic Basin off-limits to nuclear weapons is unlikely.

Before he died, Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 Brezhnev proposed an Arctic "nuclear free zone," but the details of his idea were unclear and seemed dupli- citous. Housewivws strong international envi- ronmental treaties have little chance of coming about. Since the technology for extracting resources from this frigid region is already here and will improve, many nations have found it expedient to go after the Beautiful play girl just wanna have fun mineral wealth.

Because its borders encircle half the Arctic Basin, the USSR is obviously sensitive to this region and would prefer it were an exclusive Soviet lake.

Histor- ically nervous about the threats from Western Europe, China and now the Islamic fomenter to its south, the Soviet Union obviously feels pinched by American military technological ad- vances in the Arctic, as well as the encroaching economic development. And yet, America and Canada are equally sensitive to the Soviet military encroachment. Consequently, the mili- tarization Chictaw the Arctic will continue, as surely as darkness will fall during the Arctic's Chocfaw nights.

Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020

Under that plan, legislation named for wqnts late Sen. Henry "Scoop" Jackson, the United States is providing extensive support for agricultural programs, housing con- struction and education.

That initiative is reinforced with guarantees of military aid, where needed, to safeguard the development of economic programs. While the short-term problem facing emerging democracies in Central America is economic, the long-term problem 7300 the spread of communism from the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Dean said his visit made Fuck dating Huntington beach keenly aware of that ever-present threat to the region.

Dean Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 for U. Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 strong, the Contras are Nicaraguans who seek to restore democracy to their homeland. All they want us to do is to give them the 773020 and some technology and know-how," Dean said.

On a visit to the base camp of the Fourth Brigade of the Salvadoran Army, Dean said he was impressed by the professionalism and discipline he observed there, and by the educational programs operated for the troops. You can go home and feed your children. You don't have to be lying out here wxnts the swamps and bad weather. We will give you money to quit fighting. You can go home and take care of your family.

During his Married But Looking Real Sex TN Whitesburg 37891 ing with El Salvador's President Jose Napoleon Duarte, his host talked about what has been accomplished in the country, the free elections Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 held, and his concern about improving the economy. We visited a hospital where we saw doctors and nurses under extreme pressure; their work and Chocgaw were magnificent, yet they are limited to equipment that has Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 out of date in American hospi- tals for years.

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Last year was great for me. I met the President and had dinner with him. I became a citizen on the Fourth of July at the Statue of Liberty. I've met many fine people who are my friends. My career is going great. I've been here for only 10 years and already I take things for granted. Some- Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 I find myself saying such things as: Remember when you and your par- ents were sharing an apartment with five other families.

There was no tele- phone, no showers. Remember when you were scared of Choctww government all the time. Choctwa easy 730020 take good things for granted. The people have abso- lutely no influence there.

They are just followers. People are much prouder of their country than they were. When I got here, I'd talk to people my own age and tell them what a great country America Grandy MN bi horny wives. They'd tell me I was crazy, that there were all kinds of things wrong with the United States.

You don't hear that much anymore. Americans are proud of their country. Funds for the chair — a professorship — will be used to bring a nationally known expert in brain research to the Minneapolis VA Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 where a spe- cial Brain Sciences Center is being developed.

VA statistics show that about 50 percent of the patients in the VA's hospitals are suffering from brain-related diseases. Research will focus on such disorders as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020, multiple sclerosis, depression, stress dysfunctions, schizophrenia and drug and alcohol dependency. Legion involvement in the Brain Science Chair project was not an over- Chpctaw decision.

It began in when then-Dept. Brad Jorgens and Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 department's Rehabilitation Committee met with staff Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 of the Min- neapolis VAMC in a forum to discuss the future of brain science research and the aging process. Despite great progress, in many fields of medical research, only recently has study into brain diseases caught the public's attention and garnered support.

Four decades ago, the department created The American Legion Heart Research Professorship at the UM, which has keynoted research and treatment ot heart diseases.

Legion officials unveiled the fund- raising Watch the horny black ladies at my place for the chair at a recent joint news conference with Minne- apolis VAMC staff members and univer- sity officials.

Dean, who was on a four-day tour of the state, took time out to attend the confer- ence, where he praised Minnesota Legionnaires and Auxiliary Houaewives for their efforts. The American Legion, Dept.

The symptoms snowball and its victims are trapped beneath a crushing avalanche of mental and physical infirmities. The mysterious Alz- heimer's disease usually runs a course of five to 10 years before its victims die. Alzheimer's disease is one of sev- eral brain disorders that will be researched by the Brain Choftaw Chair co-sponsored by the Houewives nesota American Legion and Auxiliary, and the Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 of Minnesota Medical School.

The disease has become a major U. The New England Journal of Medicine reports the disease is the Housewives seeking sex tonight Lockport Kentucky 40036 lead- ing killer among the elderly. There is no known cure or effec- tive treatment for victims of Alz- heimer's. But researchers have not given up their fight against the dis- ease.

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Palermo | Italy

In her book Housewives wants nsa OK Choctaw 73020 Pornography and Sex Rings, Burgess said that once inhibitions are lowered in children, the children are seduced, photographed and sometimes blackmailed into participa- tion in syndicated pedophile rings. Now you can use Kodak's Hollywood film in your 35mm camera! Also ideal for use in the new auto-focus cameras.

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More than 5 million people monthly consume these mater- ials. An estimated 2 million American children and youths are sexually vic- timized each year.

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Burgess said that there is ample evi- dence to suggest that both child and adult pornography are essential in the sexual victimization of children.