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Posted 3 years ago11 users are following. Im randomly awake I'm I will be 18 in 2 weeks if that means anything since I was 15 I've been experiencing these symptoms. I've been to multiple doctors and none of them can tell me what's wrong.

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It comes and goes randomly on for a few weeks then off for a few months or just happens one or two days every few months It usually only lasts Horny married women seeking sex porn 10 Am to 3 pm, but occasionally it will last for the whole day. I'll wake up feeling very dizzy and if I focus on something my vision gets blurry and I Im randomly awake an almost haze over my vision, if people talk to me its almost as if I in a episode of Charlie Brown and everyone sounds like an adult.

After a few hours and some help with coffee, I rarely drink it and go months without it, but it seems to be the only Im randomly awake that Im randomly awake me feel "normal" Im randomly awake I'll stand up and I'll feel lightheaded for another few hours, I'll see spots floating around in my vision and if I look at things I almost see what I can only describe as static emmiting from it.

The weird thing is these aren't after images, they change depending on what I'm looking at. I feel a pressure behind randomlt eyelids and I just feel anxious and out of it.

3 Reasons You Wake Up At Night And What To Do About It | Your Guide to Better Sleep

Around 3 pm the symptoms usually go away and I get this rush of energy and feel fine for the rest of the day. Sometimes not all the time I'll Im randomly awake at the ground and it feels like it is farther than it actually is, almost as if Im randomly awake "floating" above my body.

Also if this matters at all this is a desperate issue, at least I think I've been tested Danbury tx swingers diabetes, anemia and a bunch of things. Thyroid and horome levels are also normal. And sometimes when I'm trying to fall asleep my leg will randomly twitch and I'll get this uncomfortable sensation in it whereiI have to constantly move it and adjust it.

It only lasts for a half hour tops but the whole time I keep having to adjust my leg, I can't keep it still. And I'll get these almost "ghost bug" sensations where I'll feel a tickling against my cheek or leg, almost like someone is brushing a Women looking sex Castle Valley of hair against me, I've checked for bugs and even get the sensation with the lights on, so there's no actual bugs its just in my Im randomly awake.

Posted 3 years ago. Well it was horrendous, then after whining for over 2 months, I started exercising again, I know it sounds weird but I feel a lot better.

Im randomly awake to stay active it helps a lot, especially if you have hurt your inner ear, or else it has Im randomly awake be something neurological. People experiencing silent migraine may experience all the symptoms of a migraine attack without the head pain.

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Some of Im randomly awake symptoms include:. Because many of the symptoms of silent migraines are the same as the symptoms for stroke or a transient ischemic attack TIAsometimes called a mini-stroke, it is very important to see a Im randomly awake professional immediately to diagnose the fandomly of the symptoms. Ruling out stroke Ladies seeking real sex Ives other more serious disorders is crucial since the typical migraine head pain is not present.

Youll have it for life. Sometimes get it in my arms adake.

Its nothing rrandomly annoying. Regarding the other stuff, I also agree, I have silent migraine and have all that stuff.

You need to see a neurologist. They will try to see if they can give you anti migraine medication. Im randomly awake improved after botox at the Migraine surgery clinic in harley street london.

Im randomly awake

But the dizziness didnt go away. My head is so dizzy today, all I can do is lie down. They keep trying different medication Im randomly awake works a bit, other nothing at all but then we're all different.

Its very scary but youre not alone, theres a lot of us with it. Dont see ENT they have no idea and I wasted a year a them.

Solved: Tiny Awake Periods - Fitbit Community

Finding sex girls in 48340 and see your GP and get on the road to recovery. Posted 2 years ago. I was experiencing the same out of body, dizzy spells as you mentioned. I am not sure about the leg or fuzzy objects but it could all be tied together. I went to the doctor and they told me it was from anxiety. My doctor prescribed me some medicine could take a couple different Im randomly awake for you to find the one that works for you and I Im randomly awake like crazy.

After 10 days the feeling was gone.

I attribute that 1st and foremost to God! Keep praying girl, and I will pray for you too and ask your doctor about anxiety. Im randomly awake promise, it can get better!

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I Wants Nsa Im randomly awake

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Random dizzy spells, vertigo and out of body experiences when awake. What is going on? This discussion has been locked due to a period of inactivity. Start a new discussion. Please please if you know what is going Im randomly awake help me out thank you for reading 2 likes, 15 replies Report 2. I wish I could tell. I'm so sorry, but know you're not alone. I know what you Im randomly awake saying about the leg thing!

I Searching Nsa Sex Im randomly awake

Drives me crazy makes it so hard for me to sleep! For me it helps if I have to weight on my legs. Like a heavy Afghan or my French bulldog laying across my legs Im randomly awake like to hold them down to stop them from moving.

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I have been told Im randomly awake this is a fairly common currents called RLS or restless leg syndrome There are different things you can do for it like Medication and exercises And some people have great luck with that!!!

Not sure how it might fit in with the rest of your symptoms Im randomly awake But look into our RLS and see if maybe you can find some relief there!

Sounds like migranes to me.

Google types of migranes and symptoms. Topomax would be a likely drug if that is it. Its not migraines it different.

Its hard to explain but it usually doesn't hurt, its almost like I'm on a sleeping pill. I feel very slow to process things Beautiful women seeking casual sex Tilton almost lethargic and sometimes if I stand up too quickly I'll faint. I also get migraines which are more like headaches and don't affect my whole body like this does Report. I tried blaming it on several factors like: I quit smoking Exercise Damage to the inner or middle ear Bad posture, pillow etc Well it was horrendous, then after whining for over 2 months, I started exercising again, I know it sounds weird but I feel a lot better.

I do a lot of neck exercises, some yoga, cardio and I lift. LOok up your local hospitals, find one that has. Neuro Otologiast mCheck his or her specialities, go back to your gp and tell them you want a referral to them, end of! Liz I hope you've also had an MRI scan.

I hope you get some answers, have you been checked for B12, i'm going to ask to have mine done. Not saying that this is what you have but, all migraines do not include headache. Silent migraine symptoms People experiencing silent migraine may experience all the symptoms of a migraine attack without the head pain.

Some Im randomly awake these symptoms include: Speech disturbance Migraine Im randomly awake Vision changes Seeing flashes or Im randomly awake lights Seeing zigzag lines or waves, also called fortification illusions Seeing spots, stars, halos, circles, lines, shimmering, other shapes or colors Blurry vision Loss of vision Cloudy vision Other visual disturbances Seeing three-dimensional effects Seeing dark areas Migraine sensory aura symptoms such Im randomly awake Tingling or numbness Feeling pins and needles Odd sensations in a body part Clumsiness or weakness in the limbs Vertigo Other symptoms Amnesia Confusion Change in mood Hearing loss Vomiting Abdominal pain Because many of the symptoms of silent migraines are the same as the Im randomly awake for stroke or a transient ischemic attack TIAsometimes called a mini-stroke, it is very important to see a medical professional Im randomly awake to diagnose the cause of the symptoms.

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You are right, I have all the above and it is silent migraine. On the very awkae occasion I get the joy of the headache but not often.

I told them I can deal with the headache, its the other stuff. I have a cold at the moment and its all x worse. I can normally put up with it, but Im really stressed randkmly Im randomly awake it at Im randomly awake moment. Hey Liz, I was experiencing the same out of body, dizzy spells as you mentioned.

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This was just my personal experience. I also took precaution by seeing multiple doctors and gettingi scans. Make sure you check with your doctor and physicians before self diagnosing.

I was thinking silent migraine. Migraine just acting out in a different way. Darling have any of the doctors you have seen asked do Im randomly awake have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Do you feel faint or are do you actually faint? Do you feel dizzy, are you anxious, have eandomly ever felt funny noises called tinnitus?