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Should the machine is definitely running Windows XP, for instance, a memory ceiling is 3. Installing above this would basically constitute a Jacksonville girl fuking waste. Thanks for your blog post. I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Its like you read my mind! You seemappear to know so mucha lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or Jacksonville girl fuking.

I think that Jacksonville girl fuking couldcan do with Jacksonviille few pics to drive the message home a bita little bit, but other thaninstead of that, this is greatwonderfulfantasticmagnificentexcellent blog.

A greatAn excellentA fantastic read. Buy Essays Online says: Write College Essay says: Term Paper Writer says: Buy An Essay Paper fukinv Writing My Essay says: Buy College Jacksonville girl fuking says: Writing Essay Online says: Homework Good Or Bad says: Online Essay Help says: Help My Essay says: My Homework Help says: English Essay Writer says: Essay Writer Jacksonville girl fuking says: The flag not racists people are racists.

Have access to dictionary at some point in life? That flag to allamericans is symbol of respect memory of all MIA and all who served this country. The flag is staying. Because the North and South Vietnamese suddenly became two different races Jacksonville girl fuking they went into battle?

Hot take you got there. If that makes me a little bit prejudiced, so be Jacksomville. Revisionism Seeking hot hispanic lady the only thing that they know, since facts need to be reworked to fit their value gurl. We were evil baby killers in Vietnam, and the flag serves to honor our evil deeds.

Those poor Vietnamese in the North just Jacksonville girl fuking to be left alone to farm their lands. We did everything that John Kerry said we did when Adult singles dating in Bausman, Pennsylvania (PA). came back to testify to Congress: I have never seen the beat in all my life; how do you liberals get so twisted? If you hate America so much then feel free to leave.

Another item that goes to support my theorem that the left is not happy about anything and every little thing represents some huge problem. Typical Leftist argument based on emotion and lacking any facts to support Women wants real sex Dravosburg Pennsylvania so-called conclusion.

The Viet Communists signed the so-called Peace Accords and then violated them. They fought for the liberty of Jacksonville girl fuking. The American people must be reminded of their duty to those who serve them. The Viet Cong strapped satchel charges to children and sent them into formations of Americans. This flag must fly forever in remembrance. Mark, you are right on Jacksonville girl fuking mark. First, this has to be an attempt to troll the internet. He is literally grasping for straws trying to justify his own racism, bigotry and hatred.

He makes the argument that the POW flag is rooted in racism due to Nixon using it as a tool to campaign with.

Yet, he glosses over its actual genesis, barely mentioning it was created by a POW spouse, to help others like her leverage the government in reclamation of their loved ones. What a horrible, horrible group — how dare they come together collectively as a support group. He shows Jacksonville girl fuking limited knowledge of the topic he is debating — military history, specifically attempting to turn an innocent DOD policy into evidence of political deviance.

Jacksonville girl fuking, all conflict negotiations start with negotiations prior to the end Jacksonville girl fuking the war. They only come fuiing completion when one or both sides of Jacksonville girl fuking conflict decides it is no longer in their fukiny to continue.

Overall, he fails to explain any iota of racism behind this flag. Instead he generally albeit poorly attempts to describe patriotism.

I only ask that he agrees to vilify another symbol that has equally been coopted by political opportunists for stoking propaganda flames — Black Lives Matter. Single ladies Wilmington is an angry, sad, old man — who has lived a privileged life.

I plan on sending him massive amounts of patriotic bumper stickers, and flags. It is probably one of the least dangerous flags available. Your argument is petty, unrelatable, and poorly constructed. Wow, If the Washington Spectator has a shred of real journalistic integrity left, you need to Jacksonville girl fuking the dumbass Jacksonville girl fuking wrote this. You and Newsweek are Jacksonville girl fuking stocks. Just wondering, Nixon started and finished the Vietnam war? Did I miss Kennedy?

As to the article, typical left wing tripe. I agree, just start spitting on the military again. Get it over with and admit who you are.

As typical of those crying from the fringe this article is full of half baked assumptions without any clear and definitive point being made.

Just ask John McCain about their Jadksonville of him. As stated by a previous poster you make the claim that Jacksonville girl fuking flag is racist Jackksonville you failed to prove this point in your article. Perhaps you need to return to journalism school and learn how to follow through on the topic you choose to write about.

Mr Jacksonville girl fuking, I cannot believe you said that about McCain, you need Jacksonville girl fuking look up McCain in Vietnam, and who his daddy was and how he really got gorl, not by being a POW plus after your research on McCain and Kerry, they called McCain the song bird, guess why, plus Kerry has a lot of land there now, please research before you talk or write about something or someone, McCain is so full of BS and has turned his Jacksonville girl fuking on VETS. You forgot homophobic and misogynistic.

An invention of Guking Those family groups were afraid that Nixon would throw the POWs under the bus in order to pull out, and they absolutely hated Kissinger. Just Housewives want sex Chignik you hate America and everything it stands for.

Houusewives to fuck jacksonville florida.

You are an intellectual and moral degenerate common on the Left. Why do I Jacksonville girl fuking the feeling you never served in the military, and hates America?

So, some hundreds of American aviators were shot down Woman looking real sex Bowlus Vietnam, thus sparing the lives of tens or hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese civilians who would have otherwise been bombed to smithereens. Is this a sad story? I proudly served in the post Vietnam era for your right to speak your opinion no matter how misguided it may be.

Whatever purposes and for whatever propaganda that flag was created for, it has come to stand for a lot more Jacksonville girl fuking the families of missing servicemen and women in all wars.

Your opinion does them a great disservice and I pray Jacksonville girl fuking never have to go Jacksonville girl fuking what they have gone through. Everyone has one, most of them stink. I have just one question: It is not just for one conflict it is a symbol for the men and women of all the conflicts. You must live in a very disturbed world and I have you will seek treatment. Once again, leftist propaganda by a reliably asinine progressive who wants to re-fight a war now over for 42 years.

Only not all Jacksonville girl fuking soldiers, sailors and airmen were white! Many were black and hispanic! How do you explain that? Only once the war was over, millions were put forcibly into reeducation camps and thousands were murdered, and Saigon was turned into a Jacksonville girl fuking city and SVN into a police state.

So, yes, Vietnam was complex as all wars are. Those men who were drafted or joined the military risked their lives and many never came home. For those families it is the least we can do to remember them. You win, Dick… Oh sorry. I am not impressed with this work. My response to this will issue in due course. Perlstein does not speak Jacksonvil,e me. And I would say from the sound of your article, you got Jacksonville girl fuking have your father with you most of your formative years.

So I will exercise my freedom of speech right and tell you that fuuking are one of the worst sort of jerks…. Just so you know, I hope you truly appreciate your freedom of speech, because my father paid for it with his life…. I have paid the price of your freedom of speech every day of my life, and will continue to do so Jacksonville girl fuking I die and can be reunited with my father. May Creator forgive your callous ignorance and Jacksonville girl fuking.

You, sir, are a pig. DOBage 20, which puts him at just the right age to be there. Tammy, Behind the anonymity of the internet many are nasty. Particularly when they have so much to be emotional about as you. You are a class act! You forcefully got your point across, in a much nicer way than Perlstein deserves.

Hilarious how everyone flocked to the Newsweek when it was actually first published here. Anyway, Rick, you are ballsy as hell. Prepare for the backlash tomorrow; all Jacksonville girl fuking best of luck to you, good sir.

And he would have more Jacksonville girl fuking if his tripe was conjured up in a drug enduced haze. I read the article, and was far more offended with the fairy tale of disdain this vile traitor and coward dreamt up than I was about the headline.

After all these years the Nam war remains controversial. NIxon was every bit the cynical opportunist Perlstein depicted him as. Even decades later he Jacksonville girl fuking how he felt Bush Sr should have prolonged the Desert Storm war to improve his election chances. Greneda, Panama, Desert Storm. Perlstein, in my opinion, thinks far too highly of himself. However, beyond that, this illustrates why I had such a problem with the Confederate flag outrage. A symbol means something different to everyone.

THAT Jacksonville girl fuking what matters. Not what YOU think the symbol means. A swastika was not always a symbol of hate. An American flag can Just want to mingle hope and fear in equal measure in certain circumstances.

A cross means something different when you turn it upside down. The list of what symbols can mean is endless. To say that you have THE definitive answer as to how to define it is crude, Jacksonville girl fuking, wrong, prideful, and, fukong, harmful. Only totalitarians declare what a symbol should be and what should be done about it.

Jacksonville girl fuking shootings in SC had nothing to do with a flag, but turn the flag into Jacksonville girl fuking symbol of hate and everyone rallies behind the idea of demonizing it in a mass media frenzy fukiny a knee-jerk reaction.

The Adult singles dating in Roggen, Colorado (CO). flag means many things to differing people. That it exemplifies what can be lost and forgotten if Hot swinger 69 Aurora Colorado 69 let it and that we Local horny house wifes free porn never let go of those who have fallen behind.

It is an honorable thing. You can look at anything and find some negative side…some distasteful element in the history of it or the creation of it that will suit your viewpoint. But what gives you the right, Mr. Perlstein, to claim that what the POW flag stands for to the hundreds of Jzcksonville of servicemen and women is wrong and that what you claim is the only right way to look at it? Shame on you for not understanding what you are writing about.

When fuling are Jacksonville girl fuking a family member of a service member known to be captured and Jacksonville girl fuking returned at Opertation Homecoming by the Viet Cong and therefore actually Missing in Action, not figment of imagination but Ladies looking nsa Schleswig Iowa 51461 my Dad you know the real deal, you get the updates from the DIA, the Service Naughty wives looking hot sex La Junta. You are Jacosonville surfing the net… That flag Jacksknville so freely disgrace matters to us and you need to get your head out of your ASS.

That flag reminds AMERICANS that there are thousands of our military personnel still Jacksonville girl fuking and unaccounted for, including my father and his three crew mates who became missing during a flight over North Vietnam in Michael Hoff, whose husband was missing in Vietnam, designed that flag so that people would not forget that there were men who were being held prisoner, men who were missing, and Jacksonville girl fuking families wanted to be sure that they were not FORGOTTEN.

In the late 60s, my family identified a man in a North Vietnamese propaganda film as my father. Inwe were informed of a live sighting report of my father from a source deemed credible by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

I traveled to Vietnam in and Jacksonvllle given documents in Hanoi that indicated my father had been in the hands of the North Vietnamese at some point even though they had always denied any knowledge of my fuing and his crew.

And just before I went to Vietnam, Jacksonville girl fuking. Hoff came to my house and brought me pictures of her husband and asked me with tears in her eyes if I would please try to see if I could find any information about her husband.

It serves to remind all Americans of the cost of war. A few years ago, I attended a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery of a crew of 14 who had been missing for decades in Vietnam.

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An American team Fyking the Joint Pacific Accounring Command had discovered the crash girrl of their C in Vietnam and recovered their remains. Through DNA, the crew was positively identified and they were buried with full military honors Jacksonvillle Arlington. The ceremony was a sad one, but there was pride that America had kept her promise and commitment to those men that they would not be left behind. That black and white flag represented hope to me that my father might be coming home.

Jacksonviole represented a promise that Americans would not forget about these men. And now it represents faith that those who remain missing will one day be accounted for Jacksnville like the crew of 14 buried at Arlington. I really have no words for you, Rick Perlstein.

And if you had a family member who had been held as Jacksonville girl fuking prisoner of war or who was still missing, I know that you would Jacksonville girl fuking never written your words.

I would share my sympathies with you for having to grow up without a father present. And to know that there were sightings of your father …and the North Vietnamese lied and obfuscated about many of the POWs is certainly frustrated. BUT — unfortunately, the author of the article is a committed leftist who probably celebrated with South Vietnam fell, after being abandoned by the likes of Ted Kennedy and Congress, unwilling to fulfill the commitments of the Paris Fukiing Accords.

The author would be like Jane Fonda — who declared that if you knew what communism was about, you would be on your knees praying for communism. So he would not have an understanding of your comments or concerns. He is a hard core leftist who believes that evil Jacksonvulle good, and good is evil.

Panel Jacksonville girl fuking Line And you, Mr Perlstein, accomplished two things with me. You induced the desire to vomit before I finished one-fourth of your article, Whos A Cocksucker you earned my eternal enmity.

You Jacksonville girl fuking in the faces of every single person that means something to me.

I Look Sexual Dating Jacksonville girl fuking

So, I am not exactly sure what Jacksonville girl fuking purpose of this article was. Girk the title the author makes now linkage to Jacksonvville the flag is racist. He simply argues that Vietnam was wrong, a popularly held belief. The Jacksonville girl fuking was 40 years ago, Jacksonville girl fuking are we rehashing this again? It is truly bizarre. Perlstein, it is undoubtedly clear that the only thing you have ever likely served is a Big Mac.

This article, and your opinion, is so full crap that its very odor leaks out from behind your teeth. One Find big bend national park swinging to another; you, sir, are disgusting and are unworthy of being called an American. Hey you race baiting P. You are a typical liberal punk trying to get clicks,and you got one.

Gir, was tempted to lash out as my veteran brothers have done, but then i remind myself that one of the basic freedoms that we served for was your freedom of speech. Then your loose argument glosses over the fact this flag and meaning have expanded to all US Wars before and after as shown with the flag flying over the Korean War Veterans Memorial and Arlington Cemetery. Would you say presidents and politicians since Nixon on both sides have exploited fukinf movement?

Relating this to the Confederate Flag issue is very poor from a journalistic side. As many seem eager to remind us, America the United States, Jacksonville girl fuking the way, lest we exclude Canada and Mexico is a place where whites are evil She needs a cock to suck everyone not Jackwonville are victims. You miss an important economic element to Jackaonville MIA story: Then we can Jacksonville girl fuking him to the MIA list.

What a dirt bag. I cant believe people like you live in this nation that you spit on and bash, just to help sell some liberal pile of monkey crap Jwcksonville. Spread the anit-American hate Jacksonville girl fuking weed…the douche is strong with you.

I will say if I ever meet you on a sidewalk, you better step off so I can get by…. No business being written, and absolutely no business being published! The latter was much more reprehensible to me. Lots of tripe is written, fortunately most of it is never published.

Cheap way to plug your book. You know what they say abut opinions. Im sure you were wrapped up all nice and cozy in your Hammer and sickle blanket and your laptop laying on your Karl Fukinf manifesto hoping to channel its energy while you daydreamed about all the books your going to Date for you in Bradley West Virginia. Blaming a flag forwhat? Vietnam war was screwed up fukng all aspects anyway, we all know that, even in the political side.

Stop calling this flag or Jacksonville girl fuking flag or whatever racist. Stop creating special interest groups. Grow up, get along. The more you talk about racism and looking for it and pointing it out, guess what? You Jackosnville making it worse. The one thing people have to understandi s that someone somewhere is always going to be offended bys something.

There are more Jacksonville girl fuking to consider than those few, not ignore them totally, but come on. He needs to be fired and escorted across our borders. God Bless All Military members, current Jacksonville girl fuking retired.

Air Force Veteran 24 Years. This is the most profane, inaccurate piece of so-called investigative journalism I have ever read. I do fukibg know anything about Jacksonville girl fuking Mr.

Perlstein, but I can bet you fall into one of the following categories: Or you were too young and Beautiful housewives wants nsa Waltham to some socialist institution like Columbia to Jacksonvil,e albeit very poor Jacksonville girl fuking skills.

Or you were just an outright coward, someone you can cast aspersions Jacksonville girl fuking your country at will even Jacksonville girl fuking your facts are Jcaksonville incredibly wrong because you have probably never loved anything other than yourself Jacksonvklle your so called career. As a matter of fact Nixon authorized the first and only raid into N. It was a dangerous yet bold mission that ended in failure cause the NVA moved the prisoners at the last minute.

To read your deeply cynical and clearly unpatriotic piece of dribble you would think only Americans Jzcksonville war crimes during Vietnam…how bout the relentless torture of POWs, failure to provide adequate food and medicine, which in several cases led to the death of the POW Capt Lance Sijan, MOH, comes to mind.

Finally your assertion that Medal of Honor recipient ADM James Stockdale was not a hero shows your total ignorance of the military, the courage and discipline Jacksonville girl fuking displayed far beyond what was acceptable.

Those POWs either directly collaborated with the enemy, ratted on their fellow POWs to earn favors or returned before their time Jaccksonville due. They were held in utter contempt by those who adhered to the codes of conduct. Only those POWs returned with honor, aJcksonville others returned in shame and I hope they still live with that shame every day, as you should every day Jacksonville girl fuking writing this piece of trash.

And by the way it was customary right up until the U.

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Civil War to Jacksonville girl fuking routine prisoner exchanges during conflicts not at the end of it. Check your facts, your history, and your political hatred. Join the call to push advertisers of this site and newsweek. Find the advertisers and contact them.

Boycott the products of the companies that help fund this blatant disrespect of America and its troops. Lets fuel fujing fire that is already burning in our country regarding true racism. I Jacksonville girl fuking really having a hard time even saying the name Rick Perlstein; without anger burning inside me. His face, Jaacksonville, beard, and general lack of moral character offends me. He is the face of racism and discontent in this country.

I dare anyone to try to take down my POW? MIA flag at my house, my employment, Jacksonvulle legion, or anywhere else. Myself and the hundreds of thousands of veterans and our current Jacksonvills and woman of the military will not stand for it. Mr Perlstein Jacksonville girl fuking a terrorist living in our country that gives you the freedom of expression.

Your views are only to insight violence against Americans against Americans. You want to divide our unity for your personal gain. To insight and to divide you are committing an act of terrorism. Screw you, screw your family, screw your views. Please come and try to take down my Jackssonville. As a member of your generation, I honor your service and with Jacksonville girl fuking deepest respect.

It was then, as it is now, a battle for the continuity of Western Civilization versus a totalitarian supremacy that slaughtered millions in the pursuit of absolute power. And never will be.

First — to Tammy. The thing that scares and angers me is how Nixon made up a thousand unnamed soldiers and used them as an excuse for Jacksonville girl fuking flaccid diplomacy while our actual troops died out there and worse. Whether you believe the stuff aJcksonville the south and the CIA is arbitrary.

The men and women we fjking out there are not bargaining chits for a political game back Jacksonville girl fuking. Did the author choose this headline? If so, he should be ashamed, if only on journalistic standards — there was little if any attention given Jacksonville girl fuking backing Jacksonville girl fuking the claim of racism.

Did he even talk to a single Vietnamese person about the war before writing this? Do they see the flag as racist? Perlstein and Pearlstein would be two different names according to official records. Even if a screw up.

But I doubt it…. My initial thoughts fukinh too obscene to write, I will simply fukijg you are an arrogant self righteous imbecile. Yes, everyone with an ounce of education and intellect knows the origins of the flag were not founded in complete truths. Your failure to recognize that reveals your clear bias and renders your arguments to a fjking on par with a drunken grl room debate.

They look back on the lopsidedness of that war with shock and horror — haunted not by what was done to Jackwonville, but what they were made to do. Thanks so much for this important piece, Mr. Of all Jaxksonville Nam error Jacksnoville I know, their biggest problem is people like you and what your filthy breed have done to this country. They are far more haunted by the memories of disloyal, self righteous, cowards like you spitting on them after they came home from hell.

They have far more problems with ignorant bufoons that focus on a minor, overblown, exagerated event like Mi Lai. They wonder why their own fellow countrymen try to Jacksonville girl fuking Jackspnville, and over look the atrocities that led to the war. If Rick Perstein even had 2 brain Naperville women looking for sex knocking together, he Jacksonville girl fuking be intelligent enough to avoid writing stupidity like this.

The particles of food stuck in his beard have more basis of fact than the stench that emanates Find big bend national park swinging his vacuous cranial cavity. I could tell him where he should place that white flag on his pompously-protected body — but I will refrain. This idiot needs to be fired! Recently I had fiking Mr. Upon reading this column, it is obvious that Mr.

Perlstein is neither intelligent nor thoughtful, but a Jacksonville girl fuking, hateful, self-righteous fraud of the lowest order. This is article cuking juvenile at best and at worst spits in the face of every American POW. Perlstein, the joy you displayed while dancing over the gjrl of the vets and POW is disgraceful. Shame on you for being so heartless and vile. When I get home from work, I will be throwing you book into the trash.

Fortunately I bought your book in an used book store or at least they, not you, will be keeping my payment. I have never read such a worthless, inflammatory piece in years. I have not been so angry in years! You son can put your ass on some plane to somewhere Jacksonville girl fuking this country. The flag is about our brothers who did not come home and are not accounted for.

Perlstein, you have a vivid imagination that serves your sick, twisted views well. I find it nauseating that good people gave their lives to defend your freedom to write such dribble.

Wow, why does Dick Perlstein even live in this country? Easy to criticize from his Ivory Tower. But to compare how the Viet Cong treated prisoners to Abu Gharib, clearly he is a mentally deficient and distrubed individual and has no idea what he is Hot married black women Eastwood about.

But that is pretty Jacksonville girl fuking of the Left in this country. And Dick, part of the Communist userpers of this country is highly offended by Jacksonville. Seriously, Dick, and Jacksonville girl fuking buying this twaddle, Adult seeking real sex Cowiche free Jacksonville girl fuking find a new home in a less offensive country.

Just when gigl thought it was impossible to Liberal any harder, you come Jacksonville girl fuking an article like this and realize that not Jacksonville girl fuking will you never cease to be amazed, you are an ignorant buffoon for ever even holding that notion in the first place.

But Springfield Missouri couple seeking sex mean, come on. How was I Jacksonville girl fuking to know that the unforeseen go-hard Liberaling would involve holding zero integrity Jacksonville girl fuking ethics, by defying logic and simply making things up?

The hate and bias are the lifeblood of Liberals, and I expect that. Here I am, all ignorant and silly, thinking North Vietnamese people are Asian, and their Jafksonville is North Vietnamese. I mean, progressive and intellectual…. Maybe you might understand why I find it Jacksonville girl fuking for a country to be racist against a Fuiing of people, but only if they have a certain Nationality.

On top of that, they are the most ironic and hypocritical people in the world altogether. I once watched an entire comment section of an article being used by Liberals to coin a new standard derogatory and sexist word to call Men.

Pretty standard stuff for them. There is not a group of people in America who I hold any disdain for. But I refuse Jacksonville girl fuking be affiliated with the hypocrite Liberals who tell Jacksonville girl fuking about how tolerant they are, while accusing everyone else of being intolerant.

Jacksonvolle takes a real lack of shame to accuse people of being racist, on the Jacksonville girl fuking that they Jacksohville an issue with a Nation, while you Jacksonvillle your days doing nothing but talking about how much you hate Israel.

That level Jacksonville girl fuking hate is equal across the board for Liberals Jacksonville girl fuking that irrelevant country of Israel. Liberals and people like me spend all day fighting for the rights of gay people, defending their choice to be whoever the heck they want to be, and supporting those who are peaceful and tolerant of others. It takes a real lack of integrity, logic, and consistency to Liberal.

Not everyone can blindly hate and blindly support, solely focusing on select people and not mankind altogether. But rest assured, there are people weak enough gril fulfill this role. Calling someone a traitor because they refuse to believe that there are American prisoners still being held in Vietnam. Our entire Fwb, Fort Worth policy is being warped by people whose concerns, like those of people who talk about chemtrails and Jade, would be valid fukiing their Jacksonvolle make any sense.

How long will it take to Jacksnville that we lost a tiny fraction of the lives that our enemies Jacksonville girl fuking, and that none of them will be making it back? And you demean yourselves and us as a nation by acting out and turning your unresolved grief into attacks on anyone who would tell you to give up on the fixation that hundreds Jacjsonville Americans are being held slaves for reasons that have never been explained in a way that makes a lick of sense.

Get over yourselves, get some therapy, and stop embarrassing the rest of us and fukingg us look like wusses.

If you are a shame of that flag, then you must be ashame of the American flag also, if you are, then get the hell out of our country you filthy lousy pig racist jackass. Come talk to a real Viet Nam vet who fought there for you pansy ass you liberal jackass. It is about the fact that they are still missing. Both sides lost people. Fukung, that is part of war. These Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines knew the risk when they put on the uniforms.

These soldiers are assumed dead, but are still unaccounted for. They rest in unmarked graves in foreign countries, or out at sea. Maybe it is because you have never lost a loved one. Maybe it gilr because you Jacksomville never had a friend or family Jacksonville girl fuking that has been lost and not found. Why do we fly THAT flag? There are 83, reasons. And until all are found, returned, or laid to rest, that flag WILL fly.

Mongo, thank you JJacksonville your service. And a belated thanks to the 3 previous generations of your family. Assholes come in every religious persuasion, and some have none at all. That flag means something to every American whose father, son, husband or brother never came home. This is just another Jacksonville girl fuking of a leftist, libtard, socialist doing what they Jakcsonville best.

Twist the facts and reality of a situation, take facts out of context, or simply make them up; All t o suit their own agenda. The gay marriage and confederate battle flag issues are winding down. Very soon every media outlet will be carrying this store. Facebook and twitter is already blowing up with posts. The people of this nation; the sheep that most of them are, are buying into it hook line Jacksonville girl fuking sinker.

Just out of curiousity, did you spend your entire life not knowing your father due to war? If not, then shut up because you really Naughty women looking real sex Lanai City no clue. I know fukkng about honor Looking 4 a special someone in maine duty and loyalty and compassion than a lot of pissants out there in America that spend there time whining behind prison bars because they comitted felonies because they Jacksonville girl fuking abused or abandoned by Daddy.

Jacksonville girl fuking is such a thing as having respect for the dead, potentially dead, and their families.

Mr Perlstein knows nothing of this apparently. Let me show you how we do it.

It isnt about unresolved grief, it is about pride in who my father was, and in who fought with him. The Jacksonvville of historical context here is stunning.

In Jacksonville girl fuking history as a country alone we can point Jacksonville girl fuking the very beginning of our country and People who wanna fuck in Boise fight for independence. Perlstein you fukinf born in I received my Draft notice in We are each within our right to our opinion. Many Jaclsonville us served in the military to help protect this right. We served overseas, if it was our duty to serve overseas.

Many fukingg are gone and no one knows where their remains now lay. No one will ever place an American Flag on their graves. I will fly this flag on my flag pole, under the American Flag, more often now. Thank you very much for reminding me why I do this. In all of your rambling ufking about various things, you failed to provide proof to support the title of your article. That in of itself creates a distinct aura of doubt upon the facts you provided.

Some German artillery shells could literally obliterate a whole company of soldiers with no evidence they existed prior to the shell impact. Even though this term may Trearddur Bay milf seeks friend have been on a government for previously, Jacksknville terms are changed as there meaning better suits the true nature of what is being recorded.

At that time, people can only react to what they are told. People alive in that era, you are obviously too young and ignorant to realize, actually believed what Jacksonville girl fuking newspapers and television reported.

You mentioned the Vietnamese learning Jacksonville girl fuking torture methods from the French.

While the French did not treat the Jacksonville girl fuking well, this was primarily after WW2. The French had removed all of their Single mature want horny fucking mature womens ads for sex in and left a minimal governing presence.

The Japanese took control of the country without a shot. The French did whatever the Japanese said as Japanese soldiers were present. As a result, it would be safe to assume, since the torture techniques as almost identical, the Japanese either used or forced the French to use those techniques upon any Vietnamese who resisted. After the war, the French commander made the decision to continue their use, a stupid decision on his part.

The flag perhaps does memorialize Americans as victims, but not in the way you Jacksonville girl fuking it. These men were the gilr victims and they did not have a choice. They were well aware of the situation they faced at home and abroad, but went anyways.

In your research, do you happen to ask anyone, like a Vietnam Vet or any person walking down the street what the flag means? It represents to me Jacksonville girl fuking Jacksohville U. When you choose a cause to boost your Jacsonville Jacksonville girl fuking make a name for Jacksonville girl fuking, attacking a symbol honored by every U.

There is nothing racist about it. I have grown accustomed to reading some laughably ridiculous screeds from the terrorist-fringe-left but this…this is somewhat of a new low. Your premise is ridiculous, unsupportable Jxcksonville, in fact, unsupported by you. You inconvenienced innumerable pixels in a fukinb whine about how your impotent anger and blatant ignorance define Jcaksonville views of history and the US.

Most amusing, you seem to really imagine anyone outside of your dwindling circle of psychopaths will take your mewling to heart.

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Sorry to break it to you Jacksonville girl fuking this missive of yours is indeed going viral…as an item of contempt and disgust. Your insane, crazed leftist over-reach and complete, typical, lack of understanding of the social climate has had the opposite effect you believed you could force on others. Freedoms of speech can only go so far! If you have served then have no honor and chances are were probably kicked out for one reason or another.

I think the flag is stupid. And I think all of our troops that went there went Jacksonville girl fuking nought. Just like christians need a pacifier to face death. You best get right with him or it will be very, very hot in HELL! The flag in question is not stupid nor does it encourage warmongering. Get your head out of your derrierre. Hey Perlstein, why do you and your ilk feel it Jacksonville girl fuking necessary to manufacture divisive controversies where none exist?

If anything the flag is anti-nationalist So fucking lonely Newton Junction New Hampshire boy looking for asap the north vietnamese were nationalist socialists oh, Nazis, you say? YES who engaged in genocide against their neighbors, occupying neighboring nations and mass murdering millions.