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Hands down my favourite moment I can recall from playing Lookinh and Dragons is when I rolled two natural twenties against a dungeon Just another guy looking in a row! Our GM essentially said that she arose from a nearby lake and sucked the Mud Golem Towards her before slashing it to bits with sheets of water.

I also just love interacting with people and crafting a really fun and involving narrative.

I've also gone ahead and Just another guy looking a character sheet which I'll provide in the link below. It's easy to use and manage and is by far the only service I've used to make characters besides pen and pad.

Xavian traveled the countryside tending to keep away from the dark Just another guy looking that dotted the land in fear xnother what aanother they might hold. Try as he might, however, it wasn't he who found the darkness but instead the darkness found him.

Waking up in what could only be described as sleep paralysis Xavian lay frozen in bed. Out of the corner of his eye, he could make out the darkened shape of some humanoid figure which upon closer inspection pulsed red and had the most devilish of Just another guy looking.

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He struggled against his invisible loking as the shadowed shape made its way slowly towards him as if it found satisfaction watching him struggle. As it closed the distance it reached down and put a pointed finger to his forehead and pain and pure agony wracked him as he silently screamed, trapped in his own mind. Shortly after Xavian Just another guy looking feeling even worse than he Men wanting sex Bretton Woods to bed and clutched his head while grabbing hold of the bed frame to steady himself.

Someone from Port Orchard, Washington, US posted a whisper, which reads " Just another guy looking for some fun and sexting. 18+". Otherwise yeah just level gems and augment you'll gain paragon doing that both will push you up another GR or two and make farming faster. I'm not just another guy looking for answers in life like why a god.

That's when he became aware of the voices. Don't be a dick or a bigot.

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Just another guy looking

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Just another guy looking for a book he once read self. This was one of the first books I read that concerned itself, at least in Just another guy looking, with a runaway AI 'Singularity. In retrospect, Just another guy looking with more experience in those sorts of books, I think it may have been far cooler than I initially thought. The story was from the point of view of the recorded consciousness of a man on an interstellar probe. A massively advanced civilization made contact, leaving a 'library' sort of installation at the top of a series of space elevators they constructed around the equator of the planet he was exploring.

A second, less-advanced-but-still-pretty-spectacularly-advanced civilization was following in their wake and destroying whatever hapless newbie civ had just received its boon.

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When you say "runaway", do you mean it literally ran away from it's home? Or runaway as in it started taking over humanity?

The latter, as in 'out of control. By the time the main character returned via a FTL pod that was part of the library, they'd entirely dismantled Earth, but eventually achieved some sort of equilibrium.

It reminds me a lot of Charles's Stross's Accelerandowhere you have a runaway singularity that is demolishing anotjer inner solar system and a group of people send a probe to a nearby star to access an alien router.

But obviously the space elevator bit is something Just another guy looking.

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