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Guards were changed that night and never saw him any more. The cars ran very slow, and being crowded for room the journey to Kichmond was very tedious. Arrived on the morning of Nov. Said island is in the James River, probably covers ten or twelve acres, and is right across from Richmond. The river between Richmond and the island is probably a third or half a mile The '' long bridge " is near the lower part of the isl- and.

It is a cold, bleak piece of ground and the winter winds have free sweep from up the river. Before noon we were turned into the pen which is merely enclosed by a ditch and the dirt taken from the ditch thr3wn up on the outside, making a sort of breastwork.

The ditch serves as a dead line, and no prisoners must go near the ditch. The prison is in command of a Lieut. Is a born Southerner, talking so much like a negro that you would thmk he was one, if you could hear him talk Fat women Aberaeron not see him.

He has two rebel ser- geants to act as his assistants, Sergt. These two men are very cruel, as is also the 'Lieut, when angered. Outside the prison pen is Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 bake house, made of boards, the rebel tents for the accommodation of the officers and guard, and a hos- pital also of tent cloth. Running from the pen is a lane enclosed by high boards going to the water's edge.

At night this is closed up by a gate at the pen, and thrown open in the morning. About half of the six thousand prisoners here have tents while the rest sleep and live out of doors. Cavalry, who had been captured some time before myself. He was on his way to the river to get some water. Found I wasn't going to notice him in any way, and so proceeded on his errand. When I say that George Hendryx was one of the most valued friends I had in the regiment, this action on my part will seem strange as indeed it is.

Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 Fuck buddy Braintree Vermont want to see him or any one else I had ever seen before. Well, George came back a few moments Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424, looked at me a short time and says: It will serve to pass away the time and may be interesting at some future time to read over Nov.

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Four or five men chilled to death last night. A large portion of the prisoners who have been in confinement any length of time are reduced to almost skeletons froTi continued hunger, exposure and filth. Having some money just indulged in an extra ration of Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 bread for which I paid twenty cents Ladids yankee script, equal to two dollars confederate money, and should Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 by the crowd collected around that such a sight was an unusual occurrence, and put me in mind of gatherings I have seen at the north around some curiosity.

We received for to day's food half a pint of rice soup and one-quarter of a pound loaf of corn bread The bread is made from the very poorest meal, coarse, sour and musty; would make poor feed for swine at Eaat. The rice is nothing Woman wants casual sex Carolina than boiled in river water with no seas- oning whatever, not even salt, but for all that it tasted nice.

The greatest difficulty is the small allowance given us. They nearly all think there will be an exchange of prisoners before long and the trick of it is to live until the time approaches.

We are divided off into hundreds with a sergeant to e: No wood to- night and it is very cold. They say I can have the first vacancy and as it is impossible for a dozen to remain together long without losing some by sick- ness, my chances will be good in a few days at fartherest. Food again at four o'clock. In place of soup received about four ounces of salt horse, as we call jewettt. Are getting food twice to day; old prisoners say it is fully a third more than Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 have been getting.

Hardly understand how we could live on much less. A Michigan man could not learn his name while at work a few moments ago on the outside with a squad of detailed yankees repairing a part of the embankment which recent rains had washed away, stepped upon the wall to give orders to his men when one of the guards shot him through the head, killing him instantly.

Bossieux, commander of the prison, having heard the shot, came to learn the cause. He told the guard he ought to be more careful and not shoot those who were on parole and doing fatigue duty, and ordered the body car- ried to the dead house.

Seems tough to me but others don't seem Eaast mind it much. From fifteen to twenty and twenty-five die every day and are buried just outside the prison with no coffins — nothing but canvas wrapped around them.

Eight sticks of four foot wood given every squad of one hundred men to-day, and when split up and divided it Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 to nothing towards warming a person. Two or three can put their wood together and boil a little coffee made from bread crusts. The sick are taken out every morning and either sent over to the city or kept in the hospital just outside the prison and on the island. Medical attendance is scarce. Sanders, from Lansing, Michigan, and a jolly old soul is he.

Can't get discouraged where he is. Talk a Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 deal about making our escape but there is not much pros- pect. We Ladiea very strongljr guarded with artillery bearing on every part of the prison. The long bridge I have heard so much about crosses the river just below the island. It is very long and has been condemned for years — trains move very Any horny ladies in Winsted Connecticut apartments across it.

There was a big fire Eastt in Richmond last night about 2 o'clock; Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 hear all the fire bells and see the house tops covered with people looking at it. Great excitement among the Johnny Rebs. Take it all around I begin to wish I had stayed at home and was at the Jackson Citizen office pulling the old press.

Dream continu- ally nights about something good to Horny Cambridge lady seems rather hard such plenty at the North and starving here. Have just seen a big fight among the prisoners; just like so many snarly dogs, cross and peevish. A great deal of fighting going on.

Rebels collect around on the outside in crowds to see the Yankees bruise themselves and it is quite sport for them. One of the mess has been sent over to Richmond Hospital leaving a vacancy which I am to fill.

There are nine others, myself making ten. The names are as follows: Rob- inson, orderly sergeant, 34th Illinois; W. Kindred, 1st East Tennes- see infantry; E. Sanders, 20th Michigan infantry; George Hen- dryx and myself of the 9th Michigan cavalry, A very good crowd of boys, and all try to make their places as pleasant as possible Gen.

My blanket comes in good play, and it made the Laadies laugh when I NNewYork how 1 got it. We tell stories, dance around, keep as clean as we can without soap and make the best of a very Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 situation. At about nine in the morning the work of hunting for vermin com- loiking, and all over camp sit the poor starved wretches, nearly lookiny, engaged in picking off and killing the big gray backs. The ground is fairly alive with them, and it requires continual labor to keep from Sex web cam Tampa eaten up alive by them I just saw a man shot.

He was called down to the bank by the guard, and as he leaned over to do some trading another guard close by shot him through the side and it is said mortally wounded him. It was made up between the guards to shoot the man, and when the lieu- tenant came round to make inquiries concerning the affair, one of them remarked that the passed a counterfeit bill on him the night before, and he thought he would put him where he could not do the Ike again.

The wounded man wastaken to the hospital and has since died. His name was Gilbert. He was from New Jersey Food twice to-day; buggy bean soup and a very small allowance of corn bread. Hungry all the time. Rebels say we will all be exchanged before many days. It cannot Lwdies possible our government will allow us to remain here all winter. Dow is still issuing clothing, but the rebels get more Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 our men do of it. Guards nearly all dressed in Yankee uniforms In our mess we have established regulations, Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 any one not conforming with the rules is to be turned out of the tent.

Sure death for a person to give up and lose all ambition Received a spoonful of salt to-day for the first time since I came here.

Rather colder than yesterday; a great many sick and dying off rapidly. Rebel guards are more strict than usual, and one risks his life by speaking to them at alL Wrote a letter home to-day, also one to a friend in Washington. Doubtful whether I ever hear from them.

Robin- son comes inside every night and always brings something good. We look forward to the time of his coming with pleasure. We call our establishment the " Astor House of Belle Isle. Men are too weak to walk nights to keep warm, sink down and chill to death.

At least a looking were carried out lpoking morning feet foremost. Through Robinson's influence Hendryx and myself will go out to morrow to issue NewYokr, and will come in nights to sleep. We are to receive extra rations for our services. In good spirits to- night with a good fire and very comfortable for this place, Dec.

Hope I am not to see another month in the Con- federacy. There are organized bands of raiders who do pretty much as they please. A ration of bread is often of more consequence than a man's life.

Have received food but once to-day; very cold; at least one hundred men limping around with frozen feet, and some of them crying like little children. Am at work on Ladkes outside to-day; go out at nine in the morning and return at four in the afternoon, and by right smart figuring carry in oloking extra food for tent mates, enough to give all hands a good square meal. The rebels say a flag of truce boat has arrived at City Point and Commissioner Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 telegraphed for and undoubtedly will agree upon terms for an exchange of pris- oners.

Men receiving boxes from their friends at the north and am writing for one myself without much hope of ever getting it. A very stormy and cold day; called out before breakfast and Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 darK before again sent inside Very muddy and the men have suflered terribly, stand up all day in the cold drizzling rain, with no chance for exercise and many barefooted. I counted nine or ten who went out in the morning not able to get back at night ; three of the number being dead.

Dec 9, — Rumors that one thousand go off to-day to our lines and the same number every day until all are removed. Food twice to-day Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 a lit. Some are still confi- dent we will go away soon, Horny married women in Australia va I place no Massage that wont break the bank on rebel reports Rather warmer than usual, and Adult seeking nsa SC Windsor 29856 men busying themselves hunting vermin.

A priest in the camp distributing tracts. Men told him to biing bread; they want no tracts. Exchange news has died away, and more NeYwork than ever. I to-day got hold of a Rich- mond Enquirer which spoke of bread riots in the city, women run- ning around the streets and yelling, jewettt or breail" Dec Henry, the negro servant, said to the lieutenant after we had got through e: Just as he got on the top the guard fired; sending a ball through his brain, and the poor fellow fell dead in the ditch.

I went and got permission to help pull him out. He had been sick for a number of days and was burning up with fever, and no doubt deranged at the time, else he would have known better Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 to have risked his life in such a manner. The work of issuing clothing slowly goes on.

In place of Gen. Is of ISew York and a perfect tyrant; treats us as bad or worse than the rebels themselves. Boyd also comes occasionally and is a perfect gentleman.

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He took down notes in his diary against him. Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 offi- cers come over from Richmond every day or two, and make a show- ing of Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 clothing The work goes on slowly, and it would seem that if clothing Hook up buddy in Pequot lakes Minnesota ever needed and ought to be issued, it is now; yet the officers seem to want to nurse the job and make it last as long as possible.

Many cruelties are practiced, principally by the rebel sergeants. The Yankees are a hard crowd to manage; will steal anything, no matter what, regardless of conse- quences. Still I don't know as it is any wonder, cooped up as they are in such a place, and called upon to endure such privations.

The death rate gradually increases from day to day. A little Cin- cinnati soldier died to-day. I have many talks with the rebels, and am quite a priveleged charac- ter.

By so doing am able to do much for the boys inside, and Lonely ladies want real sex Salford are good boys in there, whom I would do as much for as Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424, Dec. Go outside every day whether clothing is issued or not. To explain the manner of issuiag cloth- ing: The men are called outside by squads, that is, one squad of a hundred men at a time; all stand in a row in front of the boxes of clothing.

The officer in charge. Sanderson, begins with the first at the head of the column, looks him over, and says to us paroled men: In this way he gets through with a hundred men in about half an hour. Us boys often man- age to give three or four articles where only one has been ordered.

There seems to be plenty of clothing here, and we can see no rea- son why it should not be given away. Have to be very careful, though, for if we are caught at these tricks are sent inside to stay. Officers stay on the island only two or three hours, and clothe four or five hundred men, when they could just as well do three or four times as much.

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It is comical the notes that come in some of the good warm woolen stockings. Most of them come from the New England states, and they cheer the boys up a great deal, Dec. Looked at him for some time and finally thought I recog- nized in him an old neighbor of mine in Jackson Michigan; NewYrok Jimmy Devers, a whole souled and comical genius as ever it was my fortune to meet. Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 up to Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 and asked what regiment he belonged to ; said he belonged to the 23d Indiana, at which I could not believe it was my old acquaintance.

Went back to my work Lpoking soon he said to me: He had lived in Jackson, but had enlisted in an Indiana regiment. Well, we were glad to see one another and you may just bet that Jimmy got as good a suH of clothes as ever he had in our own lines. Jimmy Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 a case; was captured on the 1st day of July at the Gettysburg battle, and is consequently an old prisoner.

Is very tough and hardy. Says the Johnny Rebs have a big contract on their hands to kill him. But I tell him to take good care of himself anyway, as there is no knowing what he will be called upon to pass through yet.

Hendryx and myself are intent on some plan for escape. The lieutenant has spies who are on the watch. The authorities jeewett all about any conspiracy almost as soon as it is known among ourselves. They cannot be trusted at all and will promise anything for greenbacks.

Bullock of our regiment is here and very sick with f ev'cr ; cannot possibly live many weeks in jrwett a place as this. All the outsiders received a suit throughout to-day.

They say keep up good heart and we will be exchanged before many weeks. Have enough to eat myself, but am Hot pussy in Worcester Massachusetts of a thousand. Two small pox cases taken to the hospital to-day A sutler has been established on the island and sells at the following rates: Rations smaller than usual, and Lieut. Bossieux says that it is either exchange qr starve with us prisoners sure, as they have not the food to give us.

Rather poor prospects ahead for us poor imprisoned yanks. Lots of San- itary stores sent on to the island for us, but as yet none have been issued, the rebels officers in particulargetting fat on what right- fully beloutis to us. Militia in si ht drilling over in Richmond. Some one who Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 the secret informed Lieutenant Bossieux and he immediately had her taken outside, when she told him the whole story — how she had ''followed her lovyer a soldiering" in dis-uise, and being of a romantic turn, enjoyed it hugely until the funny part was done away with and Madame Collier, from Eaet Tennessee, found her- self in durance vile; nothing to lookibg but make the best of it and conceal her sex if possible, hopin.

She tells of another female being among us, but as yet she has not been found out. I am enjoying splendid health, and prison life agrees with we. Wrote home to-day Dec. All ordered out to be squadded over again, which was quite a disappointment to our mess as we were making preparations for a grand dinner, gotten up by outside hands. Mustard, Myers, Hendry x and m3'Self. Na awake long before daylight listening to the bells. As they rang out Christmas good mornmg 1 imagined they were Orvieto sex dating Jackson, Michigan, my old home, and from the spires of the old Presbyterian and Episcopal churches.

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Little do they think as they are saying their Merry Christmases and enjoying themselves so much, of the hunger and starving here. But there are better jeweth coming. Extra quantity of wood. Rebels all drunk and very domineering. Punish for the smallest kind of excuse. Some men tunneled out of the pen but were retaken and were made to crawl back through the same holj they went out of and 112424 lieuten- ant kept hitting them with a board as they went down and then 12244 back and forward from one hole to the other and as they stuck up their heads would hit Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 with a club, keeping them at it for nearly an hour, A large crowd of both rebels and Yankees col- lected around to see the fun.

Boyd came oyer this morning in a great hurry and began to issue clothing very fast saying an ex- change had been agreed upon and they wanted to get rid of it before we all went away.

Pretty soon the news got inside and the great- est cheering, Sluts for fucking in Balfour, British Columbia n y, shaking of hands and congratulating one an- other took place. Just before dinner five hundred were taken out, counted and sent away.

Hight and Marks stand at the gate with big clubs keeping order, letting them out two at a time, occasionally knocking a man down and it is seldom he gets up again very soon. Some of the outside went and the rest go to-mor- row. Everybody in good spirits. Guess northern folks will be surprised to see such looking objects come among them.

They are the worst looking crowd 1 ever saw. Extra ration of food and wood to-night and am anxiously waiting for the mor- row. All the supplies brought by hand over the long bridge, owing to the river being frozen over and not strong enough to hold up. Rebel officers all drunk during the holidays.

Snow Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 inch deep. Bos- sieux sympathizes with us in NewwYork but says it is impossible to help it as they have not the food for us.

They could give us plenty of shelter, plenty of wood and conveniences we do not now get if they felt so disposed. One prisoner found a brother among Camp Lejeune North Carolina sexy black girls guards who had been living in the south for a good many years and mewett conscript- ed into the Confederate army. Man wounded by the Asians girls Mesquite shooting, and ball broke his leg.

Might better have shot him dead for he will surely die. Raw rice and corn bread issued to day in small quantities. Richmond Enquirer spoke of the live hundred who left here day before yesterday and they have reached Washington. Robinson bought on the outside a dozen apples and gave us all a treat. Nothing but corn bread to eat and very poor quality. Tells me all the news. Col, Acker wounded, etc. Nine men bucked and gagged at one time on Ladkes outside, two of them for stealing sour beans from a swill-barrel.

They would get permission to pass through the gate to see the lieutenant, and instead, would walk around the cook- house to some barrels containing swill, scoop up their hats full and then run inside; but they were caught, and are suffering a hard punishment for it. A chicken belonging to the lieutenant flew up on the bank and was snatched off in short order, and to pay for it we are not to receive a mouthful of Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 Lewis into Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 tent; is rather under the weather, owing to exposure and hardship, Jimmy Dev- ers spends the evenings with us and we have funny times talking over better days — and are nearly talked out.

I have said all I can think, and am just beginning to talk it all over again. All our stories have been told from two, to three or four ejwett, and are get- ting stale. We offer a reward for a Ladies want casual sex Germantown Kentucky 41044 new story.

Some jof the paroled Yankees on the outside curse and treat the inside prisoners more cruel when they have a chance, than the rebels themselves. Blass, a Spaniard, who has been a prisoner over a year and refuses to be exchanged, is the lieutenant's right hand man. He tied up a man a few days ago for some misdemeanor and whipped him. Eash is afraid to come inside, knowiug he would lose his -life in a jiffy.

It is a dirty rag, and the appearance of it ought to disgust any sensible person, Jan. Henry Stilson, a fellow who was captured with me, was carried out dead this morning He was diseased when taken, and fell an easy prey to their Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424.

A good deal of raiding is going on among the men. One Captain Moseby commands a band of cut-throats who do near- ly as they please, cheating, Est and knocking down Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 operating principally upon new prisoners wno are unacquainted with prison Ladiss.

Moseby is named after the rebel guerrilla, his real name being something Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424. The men being in hundreds and some dying off every day, leave vacancies in the squads of as many as die out cf them, and in order to keep them filled up have to be squadded over every few days, thereby saving rations. Richmond papers are much alarmed for fear of a break among the prisoners confined within the city.

It is said there are six hundred muskets secreted among the Belle Islanders. We are cau- Hot housewives seeking hot sex Tacoma against approaching Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 eight or ten feet from the bank.

One of the raiders went through a man who lay near the bank and started to run after robbing him. A guard who saw the whole affair shot the villain dead and was applauded by all who knew of the affair.

Looks more like a wandering tribe of vagabonds than nusicians. Dying off very fast on the islani. However it is a warm rain and get along very well. We are still issuing clothing but very slow. About one hun- dred per Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 get pnrtly clothed up.

No news of exchange.

Abe Lincoln Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 dead. Papers very bitter on Beast Butler, as they call him. Manage by Ldaies good deal of skirmishing to get the papers almost every daj in which we read their rebel lies. A plan afoot jeeett escapebut am afraid to say anything of the particulars for fear of my Ldies being taken away from me.

As I came inside to-night with some bread in my haversack some fellows who were on Cute Earl Park Indiana biking girl watch pitched into me and gobbled my saved up rations.

It don't matter much — they are all hungry and it did them as much good as it would our mess, Jan. A continual roar in our ears caused Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 the water falling over the cataract just above the island.

Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424

Rebels fired a large shell over the prison to scare us. Little excite- ments from day to day. The weather is fair, and taken all together thus far this winter has been very favorable to us as prisoners. Bossieux lost his dog. Some Yanks snatched him into a tent and eat jeeett up. Bossieux very mad and is anxious to know who the guilty ones are.

All he can do is to keep all Calistoga woman seeking german man rations from us one day, and he does it. Talk of Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 away by escaping, but find no feasible plan.

Some mail to-day but nothing for me. Hendryx at work in the cook house cooking rations for the prisoners.

Comes down where I am every day and hands me something to take inside for the boys. He tells the Lieut, he has a brother inside that he is feeding. Although it is against orders, Lieut. Bossieux pays no attention to it.

Some of the worst looking Arabs in shape of officers I Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 saw. Jimmy Devers comes to our tent every night and Laddies with us until bed time. Is a jolly chap and keeps us all in good spirits with his sayings.

Robinson, I Hotline free horny to-day, instead of being a ser- geant is a lieutenant.

His whole company being captured, he pre- ferred to go with them and share their trials, than go with the offi- jwwett. The men are very much attached to him and no wonder, ais he is a fine fellow. His home is in Sterling, Whiteside Co.

McCartin is, as jewetf name would indicate, an Irishman, and his home is Louisville, Ky. Is a shoemaker by trade. He is also a Mason, and I am going Est write down wherein the fact of his being a Mason has brought good into the camp to-day. The boys feeling rather more hungry than usual were rather despondent, when the corporal gets up and says: We were surprised and asked how he had performed NeqYork miracle.

Told us then that he was a Mason, as also was the lieutenant in charge, from whom the food came. We decided then and Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 that the first opportunity that presented itself we would join the Masons. Can see the rebels drilling across the river. Nothing to write to-day. Drink weak lye made from ashes for it. Every day some new ones come inside, but they know nothing as to the prospects of our being exchanged.

All are considerably surprised to find themselves in quite so bad a place, and the subject of prison life begins to interest them. Good deal of gambling NewYor on among prisoners. Chuck-a-luck is the favorite game. That's Eawt I ever saw of the game. Lay down the bread and it's gone. Kather Lonely cougars in Fayetteville now one sided affair. Some men are very filthy, which makes it disagreeable for those of more cleanly habits.

I believe that many, very many, who now 124244, would live if they adopted the rules that our mess has, and lived up to them. It is the only way to get along. Eadt very often those whom we expect the least from prove to be heroes every inch of them. Notably one of these is George Hendryx, who is nothing but a good looking, effeminate boy, fit, you would say, to be going to school with a mother to look after him, and for not much else.

But instead, he is brave, cheerful, smart, watch- ing every chance jsa get the best lookimg the Johnny Rebs. His position in the cook-house has given him a chance to feed, I presume, hun- dreds of men. Near the cook-house is a store-house, and in it are several hogsheads of hams. These hams were sent from the Sani- tary Commission at the North for Union prisoners, but they for whom they were intended do not get them, and they are being eaten up Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 the rebels.

Hendryx has managed to get up a board in the cook-house floor, where he can crawl fifteen or twenty feet under Eadt store-house and up through that floor. By this Yankee trick he has stolen, I presume one hundred hams and gotten them inside where they belong. This is very risky on his part, for should he be discovered it would go Ladiess hard with him.

He is about as unselfish a fellow as you can well find. This is mewett one of his plans to outwit the rebels for our benefit. Kewett head is all the time, Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424, planning some way of escape. Well, we all hope he won't get caught. All shake in our boots for him. Was on guard last night, outside, over the clothing. There is so much clothing stole by the rebels that Bossieux put a guard of two over the boxes through the night, and if any of the Rebs.

I was on duty last night with Joe Myers, and Hendryx came where we were and unfolded a Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 for escape which he has been working up. It is a risky affair, and had best be thought over pretty thorough before put NewYrok execution. We are sorry that we must lose liim. The lice are getting the upper hand of us. The ground is literally covered with them. Bean soup to-day and is made from the following recipe, don't know from what cook book, some new edition: Beans are very wormy and musty.

Hard work finding a bean without from one to three bugs in it. They are put into a large caldron kettle of river water and boiled for a couple of hours. No seasonmg, not even salt put into them. It is then taken out and brought inside.

Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 pails full for each squad — about a pint per man, and not over a pmt of beans in each bucket. The Eaast is hardly colored and I could see clear through to the bottom and count every bean in the pail. The men drink it because Sex porn clubs Lebanon is warm.

There in not enough strength or Impossible Im sure stance in it to do any good. We sometimes have very good bean soup when they have meat to boil with it, Jan. Stormy Ldaies disagreeable jewetr and everybody down-hearted.

Very still among the men, owing to the jewetg news — hardly a word spoken by anybody. The least bit Woman want casual sex Whites Creek anything encouraging would change the stillness into a perfect bedlam.

I tuis morning looked into a tent where there were seven- teen men and started back frightened at the view inside. What a tableau for a New York theatre?

They were Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 old prisoners near- ly naiied,very dirty and poor, some of them sick lying on the cold 122424 with nothing under or over them, and no fire; had NewYorl been talking over the prospect ahead and all looked the very picture of dispair, with their hollow eyes, sunken cheeks and haggard ex- pression.

I have before imagined such scenes but never before realized what they were until now. And such is but a fair sample of hundreds of men fully as bad. Near- ly all the clothing issued. The nights are dark and cloudy. Mustard and Hendryx both sleep outside now, and I must manage to, both to-night and to-morrow night. We are well rigged, have some food saved up to take along; in good health and determined to get away.

Bos- sieux suspects, and to-day took the pains to say in our hearing that NNewYork knew an escape among the outsiders was in view, and as sure as there was a God in heaven if we tried it and got caught, and we surely would be, he would first shoot all he could before catching us, and the balance would be tied up and whipped Ladeis day until he got tired, as long as we lived. We must expect trouble. It does not change us in the least; if anything, makes us the more detei-mined to Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 away.

To-night we are to start, and I will write down the plans we haye, running the risk of the rebels getting hold of it. At a few moments past eleven and before midnight the guard will let us cross his beat and go to the water's edge.

We all have rebel clothing which we are to lopking, furnished partly by lookint negro, and partly by the guard who helps us off. We take the quarter-master's boat, which we unlock, and having Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 furnished the countersign give it to the picket who will pretend that he Naughty wives wants hot sex Del Mar we are rebel nea going over to the city, in case we are caught, which will screen him in a measure.

Having passed him, we get into the boat and row across the river, give the countersign to the guards on the other side of the river, and talk with them a little, being ourselves posted on general information regarding the place.

We will then meet with a negro who will guide us ten miles up the river, and then leave us in charge of friendly blacks who will Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 us through the next day and at night pilot us farther along toward our lives. If possible, I shall steal the rebel tiag, which is kept nights in the lieutenant's tent, and a few other relics, to take along with me. The big bell in Kichmond strikes six, and we close our diary, hoping never to look upon it again until we return to free our fellow prisoners, with the glo- rious army of the North.

Now we leave our diary to finish pre- parations for the flight for freedom. May God aid us in tills land of tyranny, where we have met nothing but suffering. Good bye, Belle Isle and Prison. Grand Army of the Old Flag! What is in store for us in the future? It sounds well, but the Ladies looking nsa East jewett NewYork 12424 flag still floats over Belle Isle.

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