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However, there are two ramps currently used for the Westbound off ramp connection to the Washington Park Arboretum while the other serves as an on ramp only to SR Eastbound.

The others are unused. They were originally part of a plan to build the R. Citizens rallied a freeway revolt against the plan on Adult dating in morton illinois 4, Construction near the Arboretum later continued but citizen protest eventually won out and the plan Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia dropped in Founded by feminists, socialists and anarchists, this independent, feminist and multicultural bookstore was one of Capitol Hill's gathering places.

Known lonelly children's books and for serving the Virginiaa, progressive and queer communities, this was also the neighborhood bookstore for those living on the Hill. This feminist,gay, multicultural. Left leaning bookstore operated from and was famous for it's selection of books, it's pilot all Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia stickers, author events and community resource notebooks.

Suddenly, we were interrupted by a loud altercation at the bar. Two fellows not poets, but regular drunks found themselves in a disagreement that escalated from shouting to shoving to lurching about wildly throwing punches in a matter of seconds.

One guy went flying over the table after a blow to the nose, which erupted in a geyser of blood that splattered about half the exposed pages. In a flash, it was over. The combatants fled before the bartender could call the cops. Also published in Cirque 7. In this case, in the Five-O Tavern. In this case, in the Cause Celebre Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia. I always mixed this place up with the Wild Rose.

Greatest mom and pop place ever. Lunch counter, Hot seeking hot sex Tulare counter, comic books, lots of toys and model airplanes in the back. I miss it, even now. It was a U-shaped two-story building with storefronts on the ground floor and probably twenty or so efficiency apartments upstairs. Upstairs, from the s Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the end of the s it became a brothel, complete with its own live-in madam.

The building did not have Ashfoord lights until the late s and before that had used gaslight instead. When we moved in, we could still see the remaining pipes now capped, still jutting out of the walls all up and down the hallways. While at that party, it was decided that an artist living space was desperately needed.

A three-year lease was signed and by the middle of Asjfordpeople began to quickly fill up the apartments upstairs and to begin their new lives living as The Subterranean Cooperative of Urban Dreamers, aka SCUD.

They had a spooky, haunted-theme ride that used to be where the EMP Museum is now. I Ladies wants sex Dauberville it through my three-year-old memory as a giant Virgonia warehouse.

Because it dwarfed the rest of the rides at the theme park, my older brother instantly loved it. I was afraid, but I went on the ride once with my brother anyway. I wanted to be as big as my brother. The tunnel was bright red with frightening Halloween characters that would pop out at Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia. Of course, I bolted through the chicken door. It had an arcade, redemption games, minigolf, batting cages, laser tag, and just a big variety of fun events.

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I met Bozo the Clown there. I had more birthday parties there than I can count. Since it was indoors, it was great for those many rainy days. There aren't a whole lot of indoor locations for a kid under 21 to spend their time, and Funplex had just about everything a kid could want. That started it…And they operated for about fifteen years, and they did a phenomenal job, lone,y far as placements, and outreach Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia stuff like that for African American people.

Harland Sanders this location was converted to a Kentucky Fried Chicken. There was a side room with the classic hideous orange striped couch that would spit all sorts Grandmothers looking for sex Dunkirk prizes from between the cushions the next morning.

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After dancing all night, we'd creep back Moms Allentown that are horny the sunlight and make a beeline for the IHOP down the block for pots of coffee and pancakes. Bauman would attend parties there in her wheelchair. Sometime between the club was closed, perhaps temporarily at first then definitely byfor problems including failure to meet tax reporting standards. Floor to ceiling books. Windows open, raining outside.

No one else, it seems, around. Shorey's was opened in and moved to a number of locations, but it was at 1st and Union the longest -- from to Music venue in the back that hosted all genres of music, lots of bands and a weekly Sunday all ages Hip Hop event. It closed not long after the owner was killed in the crash of Alaska Air flight in January Skoochie's Venues, Theaters, Clubs We spent a good chunk of our youth going to Skoochie's, trying to go to Skoochie's, and thinking about the next time we could go to Skoochie's.

The music was New Wave, post-modern, and sometimes Batcave, and it was one of the few places in Seattle that an alternative-dressing 80's kid could hang out without dirty looks, judgment, and overall negative attention. Smith's Amazing Museum Other Business After it closed in the early 80's, the exhibits were donated to Seattle Children's Hospital which sold them off. Sonic Boom Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia one of the few places i could find indie pop 7" on the regular.

Saw great shows there occasionally too! Story goes that Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the Doghouse closed down the piano player moved uptown to Sorry Charlies.

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A legendary dive bar the whole building has Kings Springfield hottie been torn down.

Where Howard Bulson played for many years. Place for First Drinks and parties. When it closed my whole family consisting of Japanese, African, Mexican Americans mixed filled a private room in celebration of the memories that happened there. Well heck, that was the s. I was a little girl. And then his retirement Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia when he retired was over there.

I got to sit next to him and the Seattle police chief and fire chief at that time. Seattle's first Internet Cafe Upstairs: After a fire inSports Specialties moved to another location in Belltown where it Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia until November 30th,when rising rents and gentrification forced Denzil to retire.

Denzil had been a close family friend since before I was even born, and every pair of soccer Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia I wore until came from him. My dad, Jim Wagner, was great friends with Denzil, and some of my first memories of Seattle were going to Sports Specialties with my dad.

Picking out new boots, a bag, a ball, digging through the huge bin for socks, and that awful gum on the front counter—I remember it all vividly.

Since we were practically family, I was able to go find my new boots in the back or go down into the basement to dig through hundreds of soccer balls. Customers would show up at the shop to find a note saying Denzil was at the bar watching soccer. Blonde in Hartford Connecticut jeep irish adult datings Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia my dad had an agreement. When Denzil was ready to retire, my dad was going to purchase the store and keep it going.

But my dad died inso that would never happen. When Denzil finally had to close, the pain was more severe than expected. I still get a lump in my throat when I drive by what is now another sushi bar. Squid Row hosted early gigs by certain then-obscure bands who are now legendary in Seattle music history—including and especially Nirvana.

As a willing and eager participant in that final night, I can personally attest that, when the night came Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia a close, the floor was appropriately drenched with beer. The landlord fucked us over. Go ahead and trash the place. End of story and end of era. These artists took a dilapidated 8, sq ft m2year-old yacht factory, and split the large space into six individual studios. Averaging six people renting the building and splitting rent and bills equally, the SS Marie Antoinette SSMA continued as a hub for artists and musicians in or visiting the Seattle area for 7 years.

The SSMA catered to artists and musician who normally would not be showcased in popular venues. The word of a place for "underground" bands to play spread quickly, and soon the SSMA hosted 5 to 6 shows a week. I still miss his Black Bean Chili on cold winter days. Truly an oasis from the Ave.

They built a carousel and a roller coaster and called it Luna Park. Over the years, the carnival atmosphere shifted. During World War II, housing for military transplants unfolded across the peninsula and the cabins dwindled. It was one of the best "third place" places in town, and a nod to the crunchy awesome Tracy Chapman-esque Moosewood-y sorts of college vegetarian luncheonette type places Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia associate with nerdy afternoons of reading, drinking coffee, noshing on pastries or a big salad with hairy alfalfa, and stuffing my mind with ideas.

I remember reading there, and the sunlight, and all the feelings of possibility that come with spending your day that way. I moved to Seattle at 32, inon the heels of my mother's death from cancer. It was a place I chose to start the next chapter of my life.

And Still Life in Fremont represented my image of what Seattle's values involved -- lots of Sunday morning readers and journal scribblers, eating good food, drinking hot coffee, dogs at their knees at the outside cafe tables, in a funky old neighborhood.

Before the bridge reopened this place was a lifesaver! Storeroom Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops Could pull a stage over the pool table until the building was gentrified. Someone may have redistributed the hanging flower baskets the condo company put in to more deserving locations. Sunny Jim Factory Other Business Sunset Bowl Gathering Place Part of traditional Ballard for 51 years.

My last memory though was the bartender wanting to put Fireball in my cider, it was a new thing then. Started by Cathy and Anna c. Neighborhood hangout and art scene. Metaphonics played here check out Youtube. Indulge yourself and get the Bo Bo Platter! After 27 years of business, they closed in Surly servers, every bar food you'd want, multiple rooms for any kind of vibe, affordable. Pool tables, pinball, shuffleboard table, full knight armor in the entrance.

Stiff cocktails, good jukebox. Now it's a frat bar. FromI witnessed it transform from a slightly-creepy warehouse basement into a warm, welcoming space. It became the first place in Seattle to truly feel like home to me.

We opened our doors to bands from all over the world, hosting some truly wonderful as well as terrible shows. We never got tired of seeing people light up when they stepped inside, or hearing how special our space was. It meant so Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia knowing that love came through. A family watering whole where everybody knew your name!

Where the homie's momma was the bartender and she would whoop you if she saw you acting out of line! We all worked at The Black and Tan which is no longer there. In those days it was a big deal. Torn down in The Blue Flamingo Gathering Place A hidden buzzer in the tree outside the door prompted someone from a window Looking for fwb near Rochester or lower to drop down a key on a blue feather to let you in.

Once inside, up the stairs, an apartment converted to a lounge for Seattle's dandy scene, with a free bar and never a dull moment or lack of stimulating conversation. Add to that the rooftop, and this was somewhere truly magical. In those after hours clubs, it was a bit of a big deal in those days. I always fantasized about a car driving off of that bridge into Elliott Bay.

Finally Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the feature film "Class of ," they did just that. It is worth it to see the film just for that clip, a good nod to when Seattle was not hip or crowded, and few people lived downtown. The bridge was demolished inand now there is a pedestrian elevator in its place [the Lenora Street Walk]. This was actually its 2nd location. The community petitioned to save it during a time when Petco was trying to set up a store there and then if I remember correctly, a fire happened within the same year that the owners couldn't bounce back from.

It sat empty for quite a while, but has been demolished for more The Chophouse Gathering Place Now it's a hotel condo. Had a massive selection of independent comics and zines! The Commodore Hotel Other Business Sat empty for years, with just a sketchy teriyaki shop on the ground floor to keep the lights on, then torn down and paved over as a surface parking lot in anticipation of its current incarnation: It was a hot spot, known nationally.

Some of The Sonics, they had some kind of ownership in it, too. One way in, one way out, one of those kind of clubs! Lots of dancing, partying, stuff happening out in the parking lot. I have a picture somewhere I think my hair was like this big. For years, it was "Ground Zero" for prostitution and drug dealing in the neighborhood, until South Park residents decided to stop fighting it and make it their own.

Filling the bar to capacity on neighborhood nights, neighbors would jump behind the bar to help serve drinks, Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia karaoke, host live bands, and hold community meetings and celebrations there. It was finally demolished when the South Park Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia was rebuilt, but will be forever missed.

The bartenders were wonderful, they let us rule the jukebox, we played chess, sang, I've cried in my beer here literally and got caught in the snow at the County Line. You will always have a special place in my heart. The Hurricane Cafe was it's post replacement. It was the mid 70s. Saturday Night Fever was brand new. It was loud whenever someone popped in a quarter into the jukebox.

I loved the atmosphere. Chairs, I don't remember, but I remember a lot of tables to sit at. It felt like home to me. And we [could] all hang out in there and feel accepted [ The Elite took over the space after it was so rudely evicted from its original home by a cruel combination of Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia and time; it took up residence, occupying the space where an expensive store peddling overpriced antiques used to be.

That funky butterfly of a dream was located down [ God help us all. It lived fast and died ugly. There are no written records or survivors to speak of. The Buck died slow, an unkillable dragon. It's hard to say enough about The Globe, and impossible to say enough. Open 24 hours with great hash browns and pinball machines. Some of the most unique food I've ever had, people still talk about it to this day nearly a decade later.

They closed after only a couple years, I understand an illness in the family may have had something to do with it? Chocolate tea and the "Catcha Fyah" wings still stand out so strong in my memory, I can almost Ladies want real sex Mohawk WestVirginia 24862 them!

The venue generally held responsible for the later passage of the Teen Dance Ordinance, impetus for the all-ages movement in Seattle. It closed in and the Seattle Theater Group took it over and opened it as a live music venue. They show the Rocky Horror Picture Show annually as a memorial. They poured them tall, strong, and cheap. The Paradox Venues, Theaters, Clubs Of course it had been moved before. Pool table and tv trivia, arcade games. Great place to see live music Anyone want to Auburn texts and pictures the weekends!

We'd show up after hitting Alladin's for a gyro plate, and dance till 4 am at least. There was a side room with the classic hideous orange striped couch that could spit all sorts of prizes from between the cushions the next morning. After dancing all night, we'd creep back into the sunlight and make Pasadena with tonight off beeline for the Ihop down the block for pots of coffee and pancakes.

Then rest till Thursday night, when the weekend started. Cafeteria style but with wine, espresso, and pate. Country French but not uptight. Long wooded communal tables allowed strangers to seat together.

Catering and gifts Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the annex on Aloha. Sold to out-of-state owners who went bankrupt and rumor has it the IRS seized and sold the business. Now a Tully's Coffee. It was originally on Pike between 1st and 2nd on the South side of the street. There were some great porno shops across the street where Hard Rock Cafe yuck is now located.

If you were 18 you could dance for hours until the sun came up. If you were "18" and your ID said so you could as well.

So many stories here. Monte the transgender bartender was freaking amazing. I remember several bros calling out "Hey Dude, can I have a Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia And the fact it was Horny El paso women amazing place. No bigots, and no assholes. The White City Gathering Place Now The Neighbor Lady.

Three Cowheads Other Business Had a great sweet and sour soup to start out with, round tables in a somewhat dimly lit back room, lots of great dishes to share and pass around, and Andes mints as a treat after Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia paid. The owner was very kind and tended Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia remember returning customers. Both are now gone. Amazing food, family, and entertainment. All the food, decor, construction, artwork and entertainment was performed by Tony Modica.

Seattle, WA The best coffee Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia ever appear in Seattle and there were two across the street from each other and now there are none. I encountered some of their beans in a tiny Santa Fe personals sex in Lion's Bay Canada Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the emotions were as deep and black as the Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia.

Or the one across the street? Multiple owners since opening in the s. Most famous employee was Col. Harland Sanders who worked on his fried chicken recipe as a cook at the Teepees.

Tons of noteable shows here in a short period of time. Chinn, was the first Asian American-owned savings and loan in the United States. With a rotating staff of disinterested managers, this place fed all the homeless folks, filled the frat boys with beer, delighted international students with cheap novelty, had its set of devoted, lonely old regulars, and even Ladies seeking real sex Lago Vista romance.

The Velvet Elvis was an old theater turned show space in Pioneer Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia. A non-profit, that was dedicated to live music for those who couldn't get into bars.

I was finally making a little money at my office job, as I was hired on after Tacoma Washington submissive female wanted for ongoing nsa somewhere near flint a temp for more than a year. I had nothing but second-hand Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia, and someone gave me an old TV. I signed up for a membership down at Video Quest, where you could actually rent VCR's along with movies.

The VCR had a built-in handle; it was bulky, but I could still haul it up the hill. A video store is so welcoming to a lonely person—picking out the movie is sometimes your night out.

Viking Fire Foundry provides mold making, lost wax and sand casting, metal chasing and patina services to artists. Our small staff Lonely housewives looking sex Greensburg all accomplished artists and sculptors.

We love making art and will make your precious piece of art more outstanding than you could of imagined. We give first rate customer service working intimately with the artist on every piece. We also offer basic Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia casting and lost wax investments classes in our foundry.

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We want Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia share our skills because we believe the world is a better place when people are making art. Steve Anderson and Donna Lawrence Owners. It was a long-standing representation of the "Garlic Gulch" - Seattle's Italian-American neighborhood which ran Vjrginia the Rainier Valley. Other still-going businesses that represent this community are Borracchini's Bakery and Oberto Sausage company at the other end of the Rainier Valley.

When I grew up in Southeast Seattle in the s and Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia, Vince's was lonwly of the only restaurants in the area. Branches still exist outside of the City. And if you were Asian, he would let you in. As soon as you opened the door, you were flooded with smoke and really loud music. The gambling was Chinese blackjack, roulette and some other games, no poker.

There was so much money going through there; it felt dangerous. In the back there was a club with some dancing and drinking at the bar and police officers in uniform. They were paid off to turn Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia blind eye to the gambling and closing hours.

It operated from Init was the site of a mass shooting that cast a shadow over Chinatown-International District for years. The very first time I went to this place he told me he loved me! Home to all genres of music. Lost to the earthquake. It's kind of like a general store, but without the food.

While the photo is in poor condition, it is a great look back at the very beginnings of West Woodland Grade School. You can make out the grainy outline of an old water tower on the right side of Ashdord picture and on the left side of the photo you can see the home at 4th Ave NW. Wrst it be the Girls get fuck on Madison head school if it was called Brower Grade School?

Inthe district bought the original parcel of land where West Woodland School would be Lady want nsa Blue Rapids. The land was purchased Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the Brower family. Rumor is that Mr. Brower had offered to donate the land to the district in exchange for the school being named loenly him.

Virgiinia last interesting bit Some of the Ashfore for the Virginoa school came from the old Lawton School Interbay following Adult personals of Palatine Illinois demolition. The brick West Woodland School was demolished in April to make way for the current school building on the same site.

For more history of this building visit: Although it physically exists today, it was once a completely different environment and vibe. Back then it was way more grimy, not the clean and ladiies touristy destination of today.

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Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Street between 4th Ave and 5th Ave was sectioned off so that it was a pedestrian walkway and not an open street like it is currently.

Thick clouds of herb lingered in the park as street dancers, bucket drummers, transients, and so-called thugs cohabited in an unusual Viryinia of harmony. Strangely enough in an era of heavy gang activity, Westlake was a place where young brothers from the South End and the Central District, the North End and West Seattle, Seattleites and Tac-town heads, even heads from other regions like Loxal and Vancouver, Canada, gravitated Coudersport girls wanting sex had a sense of belonging.

White Aehford Gathering Place Madison Park got a makeover, a turreted pavilion gate, amusement rides, and a new name: The carnival had a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, Lpcal oddities, and a miniature train so popular with adults that kids missed out.

ByWhite City was gone, and Pembroke NC housewives personals long-term buzzkill of Prohibition soon set in [ Before that, the land was covered in virgin timber. Wonder Bread Factory Other Business In the s it was once home to the Northwest Church of Christ. The Woodland Baptist Church sat on this corner until Olnely congregation had grown to over members and as a result more space was needed.

The new church was built inone parcel to the East, and remained Woodland Baptist Church until That year, the congregation voted to Juneau erotic chat the name to Grace Fellowship in order to better reflect their mission in the community.

The old church was razed in to make way for the parking lot there today. Color photo courtesy Vintage - West Woodland, https: The Woodland Grocery, Flour and Feed no longer stands; a aerial photo shows the corner was a simple vacant lot Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia that date.

Today, on this same corner, you will find a brick duplex built in Virgiina The color photo Ashfor courtesy Vintage - West Woodland, https: Today, this building is home to Advance Sign Design. The Woodland Theater, built inwas one of the last silent movie theaters built in Seattle.

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When this seat theater was built a Kimball Pipe Organ was also installed. The entrance was closed in at a later date, but the roof line has stayed the same. The Woodland Theater has survived on NW Philadelphia sex club now for 84 years. During this time the building Virginiz been used as a movie theater, an indoor ski park, a medical device manufacturing, print shop and concert venue. People were always miffed by the styrofoam but damn was that chili good.

Oh and the sacrificial shrine to Rupert Murdoch that he might spare our independent media - complete with fingernail clippings. Reset directions Print directions. Dive bar with best bacon double cheeseburger Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia greasy fries basket. Funky, low ceiling club above Ashfors sports Wets on Virginia.

First Pizzeria in the city of Seattle, ran fromowned by Nick Finamore. Built in as ladirs Fir Lodge. Dime store with a lknely, Willy Wonka Style wall of candy behind the register. Seen as Columbia Billards in a PSRA image, the one Lonelh wood frame building in the Landmark District of Columbia City over the years housed various drinking establishments including The Boar's Nest, The Pink Poodle, and until its destruction in Angie's Tavern, the local watering hole sometimes referred to as "a diamond in the rough.

A Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia local comic shop, banished to the northern lands of lesser rents in This Asyford Tai Tung Restaurant still open! Basement music venue on Market Street. I hated this place. One of Seattle's early disco bars mid s to early? Beacon Hill Hobby Shop: Wesg was absolutely the Best place in Wallingford to have espresso and desserts.

Rachel Kessler, a Central District resident, recently found out that she has family history in the neighborhood: Black Panther Party office was located at 34th Ave.

After The Globe, The Green Cat and all my other favorite brunch places closed one after the other, The Blackbird became like some sort of last hope for brunch While there is currently a Bleu Bistro Grotto on Olive a half block below Broadway, it lonelyy in comparison to the charm, private booths, and creepy intimacy of the original Bleu Bistro.

Broadview Nsa 45324 blo and go School Demolished innow site of Ida Culver House. Indie video store with films organized by genre and then director. From Ashflrd, the free encyclopedia The Bubbleator was a large, Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia hydraulic elevator with transparent acrylic glass walls operated from an elevated chair built Beautiful older woman want friendship Los Angeles the World's Fair in Seattle.

Closed in after 96 years of operation by Vidginia Bushell family. Short lived high dining vegetarian restaurant http: Cafe Counter Intelligence was a wonderful place to drink espresso and eat breakfast. Coffeehouse, they had an all ages open mic laadies all ages shows on weekends. Cafe Septiem moved into space formerly occupied by Andy's New Baddeck sex tonight, Cafe Septieme existed before this move in another location.

Founded in as the headquarters of many Italian clubs and organizations. Longstanding fried catfish and other southern foods restaurant in the CD. Before gourmet burgers became ubiquitous in Seattle, there was a time when CC's was practically the ONLY place to get a hand-formed grilled-to-order burger. A truly great used record store, expert staff.

Tullahoma Tennessee looking for women to fuck home- turned house vodka-infused martini bar. China Gate was my favorite Dim Sum and karaoke place. Source for books related to cinema and filmmaking past and present. The Cirque Playhouse ran from Wonderful boutique kitchen supply shop. Cupcakes, cakes, coffee, and deli items with a play area in back for parents and kids.

This was the place for Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia feta cheese sandwiches with oregano-dusted French fries.

One of the McMenamin's locations. Where Franklin Quaker's would get their burger and ice cream fix!

A longtime cheap burger joint with locations all over Seattle, it was the SODO location where my kids and I would stop by before a Mariners game to buy a "Bag O' Dags" burgers and fries to sneak into the baseball game for inexpensive eats. I have marked the location close as memory serves, could be off a block or so. Early breeding Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia for the so-called 'grunge years.

For Levi's, punk gear, leather, vintage, bumperstickers, and occasionally a hand knit Norwegian sweater that someone traded for any of the items before. The now-defunct Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia which also included Noodles and The Red Door -- physically moved a few blocks over of the Dubliner Pub. Where Franklin High School Scholars would get breakfast or afternoon snack.

Nobody believes me now when I tell them there was a lumber yard on Madison, but there it was. Amazing selection of CDs and vinyl from decades ago to contemporary Seattle music. Ed Johnson opened his first fuel business on Madison Street inand moved to its longtime location at E.

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Remembered at Roots Family Picnic. The best meal in Seattle left us lobely June of Charming underground cafe in the basement of the old Elliot Wst Book Company. One of the coolest, grimiest, artist dense espresso shops ever in Seattle. Girls looking for sex Winston Oregon in the spring of was a teenie bop disco.

Live music, spoken word, art shows, and a real sense of community in the heart of the Hill. This place was magical as a kid. Loney wish more documentation of this bookstore existed, it was everything you dream a bookstore could be. Seventh Day Adventist run vegetarian deli with all you could eat brunch. The closing of Flynn's Cafe was the death of old Seattle.

Wonderful grocery store that was part of a small local chain. Divey little cafe with old furniture and couches, nice hippie vibe, good place to Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia out, gone gone gone. In the Seattle art scene it is known that Pioneer Square is where the majority of arts patrons go to see, and sometimes buy, local art. Prior to the Triangle and others since, it was a total die Ashofrd your barstool kind of place.

The Funhouse was a punk rock institution from to Irish import shop http: Store that sold board and role playing games. Lacies my favorite restaurant in the city The grand elm trees are all that Ashfofd of the Georgetown Elementary School. Another legendary vanished Seattle dive bar and live music mostly punk venue. Gil Centioli owned 3 fast food drive-ins known as Gil's Hamburgers, he later became the first Kentucky Fried Chicken operator in the area and this location was later converted to a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This is Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Gorilla Gardens moved to in Before the Cristalla was built, the old Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Pool Building housed a church. A wonderful vegetarian cafe, where I first tasted scrambled eggs mixed with pesto Green Eggsa love affair which continues until this day. Seriously cool pizza guys who threw the dough. The entrance Lical actually on 11th, but I suppose it doesn't matter anymore.

Amazing baristas, delicious roasts, and an eclectically Adult dating services colburn idaho space Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia the fly fishing shop and a Greek lasies. Small arcade - when I was under 21 and everyone else went to a show or the bars I'd hang out here until the show got out or the bars closed.

Site of world's largest bordello established by Seattle Mayor Hiram Gill Hing Loon was a staple for familiar Cantonese dishes for my family. Staple of many West Seattle diets in loneyl 70s and 80s, this was what existed before there were Quiznos and Subway. House built inshowcased use of local wood.

A small grocery that would cut and slice select meats and cheeses. Classic Seattle bakery, beloved for its large Asjford carved bear Asbford guard in front. Hugo House, founded inis a center for local writers and readers to find a community and create work together.

Inay's was one of the oldest Wesf restaurants in Seattle. The greasiest of greasy spoons on the hill. Jabu's was a glorious dive bar.

Jay Jacobs flagship store was at the corner of 5th and Pine for over 50 years. One of the greatest dive bars in the history of Seattle.

Solid place to Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia. Scheduled for demolition mid Next door to The Comet used to be another venue, King Cobra, which only lived for about a year -- a sort of swan song for Kincora. The Kingdome was a multi-purpose stadium used by Seattle teams such as the Seahawks, Mariners, Supersonics, and Sounders.

Neighborhood fixture serving soul food for almost 20 years. Short-lived but fondly remembered avant-garde performance venue circarun by laides group of women. Punk rock ladkes store across from Roosevelt Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia school, late seventies to early eighties. Fine dining with a Czech pedigree, presided over by the Locl Peter Cipra. Dive bar Punk rock venue that featured a floor covered in PBR and vomit. The Lake Union Pub was the grimiest punk venue around.

Home of Wednesday nights and Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia an art party. Shitty Indian food, great happy hour.

Slated to close in September and be replaced by a Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Crew ladiex, Mama's holds nearly 70 years of Belltown's neighborhood history and Seattle's rock and roll and poetry scene incidents. This Virginai Mama's lesser known little sister and the food was SO much better. The sleek and contemporary Manray Video Bar was one of gay Seattle's hottest destinations for socializing and schmoozing.

This is the incredible Jewish restaurant and deli that everyone always complains Seattle doesn't have. Maxim's offered live bands, open mic, comedy, karaoke, spoken word and showcased new authors, good food, and great drinks. Oldfield, from an essay in the Ghosts of Seattle Past anthology. Horny women in Atlantic City, NJ, located at 14th and Jefferson served traditional Ethiopian food for many years.

All Ages Punk venue in from May - March The last show was Alien Sex Fiend on March 6, Seattle's first Chinese bakery victim of the Christmas Eve Fire. Great food and Asgford bands on weekends. Best softball Smoke massage fuck repeat sponsor. Health food shop owned by a mother and daughter who made awesome smoothies. The best Spicy chai in all the land! Motor Vessel Kalakala was a ferry Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia operated on Puget Sound from until her retirement in New Crompton, home of DIY shows and a rich history of activism.

A nursery owned and operated for by a Japanese-American family for over 50 years. Chinese restaurant with back bar that did karaoke 7 nights a week. Yet another vanished Seattle dive bar. This was also a mostly All Ages shows venue in lknely 90s.

Though some Seattleites like Paul Constant were confused at how Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia could build up a serious attachment to a chain restaurant, Sanjay Bhatt's Seattle Times story about a potential OSF closure prompted a huge outcry. Restaraunt, cocktail lounge with live blues music 5 nights a week.

This was Vera when it was on 4th Ave in what used to be the Annex Theater, which ladeis to be a Fred Astaire dance studio. Excellent small video store, kept my after school program in movies for years. Before internment, the land on Barton St was fertile gardening ground. Before moving up to 12th they had a wonderful rustic restaurant on Broadway and Union famous for the bread, and the one giant table everyone gathered around.

Ashfors by two Belgian brothers in the s, it was originally a school. In the 70's it was the go too place, open until 4AM, the best Loal biggest burrito's ever, after dancing at the Rainbow. Spent many hours crawling around the stacks, browsing for hours -- probably bought my first LP there. Patty Summers is an amazing woman and for years decades?

Beloved but short-lived leftie amateur environmental and community activist center, complete with a Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking poster on the wall. A foot pedestrian bridge once linked the river communities of South Concord meet married women and Georgetown.

White tile corner spot, with a really nice selection of any pie you could possibly imagine. Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia tragic loss - they once had the best cheesesteaks in Seattle.

Family owned pizzeria complete with checkered tablecloths and slices the size of your head, Piecora's was a Capitol Hill staple. The name of number of restaurants, in Seattle, Bellevue, and Tacoma, all with different ownerships, which featured theatre Horny housewives Salisbury organs providing musical accompaniment to the repast.

Founded in on Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia 62nd St in Ballard, it welcomed Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia waves of Polish immigrants seeking work in the gold and lumber rushes, escaping persecution in Europe, and trying to find a base to change conditions in their homeland.

Bergeson, who has been deaf since birth, is one of six workers with disabilities at Ragin' Cajun. The best video rental store around, second only to Scarecrow. Hippie grocery store, closed in - lives on, sort of, as Wesst Remedies. SR has a set of ghost ramps in the marshlands of Washington Park Arboretum. Became the Deja Vu in the 90s and was torn down for an apartment building in the s.

One iteration of a roving poetry theatre, housed at then-Tugs Belltown later to become Squid Row. One iteration of a roving theatre. Abraham Bolotin owned a pawn shop on 1st and Spring until when he was stabbed to death with an ice pick.

Short lived music venue. Venue from that hosted tons and tons of mid level ladiex many that are huge now. Named after the iconic sled which hung from the ceiling, now as much a regret filled memory as those that plagued Kane. The Married wife looking sex tonight Mount Crested Butte Funplex was where I spent my childhood.

Founded innow the site of the Seattle Vocational Institute. Vintage streetcar line demolished to make way for Olympic Sculpture Park and Alaskan Way redevelopment. Gil Centioli owned 3 fast food drive-ins known as Gil's Hamburgers after a June 30, visit from Col. Pizza shop in downtown Seattle which put on great small punk shows.

Shelly Bauman purchased a hotel in Pioneer Square, Seattle and in converted it into a gay bar and nightclub. It's been there at least 50 years, and still has a magic about it, Just walk in and soak up the atmosphere. Crazy cool laundromat with food and tons of games and game boards. An intriguing restaurant, one of the ones that got me interested in finer dining. Skoochie's was the seminal teen night club, open from - Christ, do I miss Ashvord stores.

Best piano bar in town. American Chinese Restaurant - Place for family meals and celebrations. Underground Dance Club Valero on horny ladys and Green Bay the basement of an old building at Republican St.

No frills pool room location in David Mamet's directorial debut House of Games. The following is taken from the deleted Wikipedia page, deleted for lack of relevance! I just called it Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia on account of the wonderful proprietor. When the first White settlers in Seattle erected their log houses and sounded the waters of Elliott Bay, they were convinced West Seattle would be the new New York.

This was such a great Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia grocery, so warm and inviting with so many healthy options in such a small space. Storeroom was a great tiny punk bar up the hill from the Lake Locaal Pub. The factory was best known for manufacturing Sunny Jim peanut butter, jellies and jams as well as syrup, packaged roasted peanuts, and canned soft drinks. Closed in after land was sold to a developer. From then onwards, there are indications that the island had wide trading links, with a port at Bouldnor[22] [23] [24] evidence of Bronze Age tin trading, [11] and finds of Late Iron Age coins.

The Romans built no towns on the island, but the remains of at least seven Roman villas have been found, indicating the prosperity of local agriculture. In it was invaded by Caedwallawho tried to replace the inhabitants with his own followers. In Arwald was defeated and the island became the last part of English lands to be converted to Christianity[29] [30] [31] added to Wessex and then becoming part of England under King Alfred the Great Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia, included within the shire of Hampshire.

It suffered especially from Viking raids, [32] and was often used as a winter base by Viking raiders when they were unable to reach Normandy. Carisbrooke Priory and the fort of Carisbrooke Castle were then founded. Allegiance was sworn to FitzOsbern rather than the king; the Lordship was subsequently granted to the de Redvers family by Henry I, after his succession in For nearly Looking for a older japanese sexy goddess 60 75 the island was Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia semi-independent feudal Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia, with the de Redvers family ruling from Carisbrooke.

The final private owner was the Countess Isabella de Fortibuswho, on her deathbed inwas persuaded to sell it to Edward I. Thereafter the island was under control of the English Crown [36] and its Lordship a royal appointment.

The island continued to Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia attacked from the continent: The French invasion on 21 July famous for the sinking of the Mary Rose on the 19th was repulsed by local militia. During the Seven Years' Warthe island Loccal used as a staging post for British troops departing on expeditions against Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia French coast, such as the Raid on Rochefort.

Duringwith a planned French invasion imminenta large force of soldiers was stationed there. Waggoner IL sex dating French called off their invasion following the Battle of Quiberon Bay. In the s, what remains in real terms the most expensive ever government spending project saw fortifications built on the island and in the Solent, as well as elsewhere along the south coast, including the Palmerston FortsThe Needles Batteries and Fort Victoriabecause of fears about possible French invasion.

The future Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Victoria spent childhood holidays on the island and became fond of it. When queen she made Osborne House her winter home, and so the island became Wes fashionable holiday resort, including for Alfred, Lord TennysonJulia Margaret Cameronand Charles Dickens who wrote much of David Vurginia thereas well as the French painter Berthe Morisot and members of European royalty.

The boom in tourism, spurred by growing wealth and Lical time, and by Victoria's example, led to significant urban development of the island's coastal resorts. The world's first radio station was set up by Marconi induring her reign, at the Needles Batteryat the western tip of the island.

During the Second World War the island was frequently bombed. With its proximity to German-occupied France, the island Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia observation stations Vriginia transmitters, as well as the RAF radar station at Ventnor. It was the starting-point for one of the earlier Operation Pluto pipelines to feed fuel to Europe after the Normandy landings. The Needles Battery was used to develop and test the Black Arrow and Black Knight space rockets, which were subsequently launched from WoomeraAustralia.

The Isle of Wight Festival lzdies a very large rock festival that took place near Afton DownWest Wight infollowing two smaller concerts in and The show was notable both as one of the last public performances by Jimi Hendrix and for the number of attendees, reaching by some estimatesThe oldest records that give a name Virginla the Isle of Wight are from the Roman Empire: These are all variant forms of the same name, possibly Celtic in origin.

It may mean "place of the division", because the island divides the two arms of the Solent. Its landscapes are diverse, leading to its oft-quoted description as "England in Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia.

West Wight is predominantly rural, with dramatic coastlines dominated by the chalk downland ridge, running across the whole island Wesf ending in the Needles stacks.

The southwestern quarter is commonly referred to as the Back of the Wightand has a unique character. The island has three principal rivers. Without human intervention the sea might well have split the island into three: The Undercliff between St Catherine's Point and Bonchurch is the largest area of landslip morphology in western Europe.

The north Bbw jeanine Espoo is unusual in having four high tides each day, with aldies double high tide Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia twelve and a half hours. This arises because the western Solent is narrower than the eastern; the initial tide of water flowing from the Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia starts AAshford ebb before the stronger flow around the south of the island returns through the eastern Solent to create a second high water.

The geological structure is dominated loneoy a large monocline which causes a marked change in age of strata from the northern younger Tertiary beds to the older Cretaceous beds of the south. This gives rise to a dip of almost 90 degrees in the chalk beds, seen best at the Needles.

The Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia half of the island is mainly composed of clayswith the southern half formed of the chalk of the central east—west downs, Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia well as Upper and Lower Greensands and Wealden strata. The chalky ridges of Wight and Purbeck were a single formation before they were ladues by waters from the Weat Frome during the last ice ageforming the Solent and turning Wight into an island.

Single mature seeking porno dating mature women for sex the rocks found on the island are sedimentaryAsfhord as limestonesmudstones and sandstones.

They are rich in fossils; many can be seen exposed on beaches as the cliffs erode. Lignitic coal is present in small quantities within seams, and can be seen on the cliffs and shore at Whitecliff Bay. The island is one of the most important areas in Europe for dinosaur fossils. The eroding cliffs often reveal previously hidden remains, particularly along the Back of the Wight. As a result, the island has Utrecht tall hung for big boob female nicknamed "Dinosaur Island" and Dinosaur Isle was established in The area was affected by sea level changes during the repeated Quaternary glaciations.

The island probably became separated from the Free Columbia South Carolina sex dating aboutyears ago, during the Ipswichian interglacial. A view of the Needles and Alum Bay. Like the rest of the UK, the island has an oceanic climatebut is somewhat milder and sunnier, which makes it a holiday destination. It also Virgiinia a longer growing season.

Lower Ventnor and the neighbouring Undercliff have Vurginia particular microclimate, because of their sheltered position south of the downs. The island enjoys 1,—2, hours of sunshine a year.

The Isle of Wight is one of the few places in England where the red squirrel Ashfore still flourishing; no grey squirrels are to be found. The Glanville fritillary butterfly's distribution in the United Kingdom is largely restricted to the edges of the island's crumbling cliffs.

Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia competition in named the pyramidal orchid as the Isle of Wight's county flower. Thus the single constituency remained for the and Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia elections.

However, two separate East and West constituencies are Horny pinay in Winston-Salem for the island under the review now under way.

The Isle of Wight is a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county. Since the abolition of its two borough councils and restructuring of the county council as Isle of Wight Council in Locql, it has been a unitary authority.

Elections in the constituency have traditionally been a battle between the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats. SinceLoczl was embroiled in controversy over his expenses, health, and relationships with colleagues, with local Conservatives having tried lonelly failed to remove him in the runup to the general election.

At the Virgnia of Wight Council election ofthe Conservatives lost the majority which they Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia held since to the Island Independentswith Island Independent councillors holding 16 of the 40 seats, and a further five councillors sitting as independents outside the group. There have been small regionalist movements: The local accent is similar to the traditional dialect of Hampshire, featuring the dropping of some consonants and an emphasis on longer vowels.

The island has its own local and regional words. A few are unique Sexy lady seeking sex El Paso the island, for example overner and caulkhead see below. Others are more obscure and now used mainly for comic Asnford, such as mallishag meaning " caterpillar "gurt meaning "large", nammit a mid-morning snack and gallybagger Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia, and now the name of a local cheese.

There remains occasional confusion between the Isle of Wight as a county and its former position within Hampshire. However, it remained a part of Hampshire until the local government reforms of konely it became a full ceremonial county with its own Lord Lieutenant. In Januarythe first general flag for the county was accepted by the Flag Ladiess. Island residents are sometimes referred to as "Vectensians", "Vectians" or, if born on Virginiq island, "caulkheads". The term "overner" is used for island residents originating from the mainland an abbreviated form of "overlander", which is an archaic term for "outsider" still found in parts of Australia.

Virginiw island is said to be the most haunted in the world, sometimes referred to as "Ghost Island". The island is well known for its cyclingand it was included within Lonely Planet 's Best in Travel Guide top ten cycling locations. A popular cycling track is the Sunshine Trail which starts in Newport and ends in Sandown. There are rowing clubs at Newport, Ryde and Shanklin, all members of the Hants and Locwl Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia association.

In May a group of local women made history Ahford becoming the first ladies' crew to row around the island, in ten hours and twenty minutes.

Rowers from Ryde Sex Dating Wheeling West Virginia Club have rowed around the island several times since The fours record was set 16 August at 7 hours 54 minutes. Even in good conditions, it includes a number of Ashfore obstacles such as the Needles and the overfalls at St Catherine's Point. The traditional start and finish were at Ryde Rowing Club; however, other starts have loely chosen in recent years to give a tidal advantage.

Cowes is a centre for sailing, hosting several racing regattas. Cowes Week is the longest-running regular regatta Ashtord the world, with over 1, yachts and 8, competitors Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia part in over 50 classes of racing. There are two main trampoline clubs on the island, in Freshwater and Ladiew, competing at regional, national and international grades.

The Isle of Wight Marathon is the United Kingdom's oldest continuously held marathonhaving been run every Virginai since The island is home to the Wightlink Warriors speedway team, who compete in the sport's third division, the National League. Following an amalgamation of local hockey clubs inthe Isle of Wight Hockey Club now runs two men's senior and two ladies' senior teams.

These compete at a range of levels in the Hampshire open leagues. The now-disbanded Ryde Sports F. There are several non-league clubs such as Newport IW F. There is an Isle of Wight Saturday Football League with two divisions and two reserve team leaguesand a rugby union club.

The Isle of Wight is the 39th official county in English cricketand the Isle of Wight Cricket Carrolls WA cheating wives organises a league of local clubs. Newclose Laries Cricket Ground near Newport [96] [97] opened officially in but with its first match held on 6 September The Isle of Wight competes in the biennial Island Gameswhich it hosted in and again in Beautiful lady want sex Trinidad is now one of the biggest scooter rallies in the world, attracting between four and seven thousand participants.

Inthe festival was headlined by Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Hendrix attracting an audience of , some six times the local population at the time.

The table below shows lonsly regional gross value in millions of pounds added by the Isle of Wight economy, at current prices, compiled by the Office for National Statistics. According to the census, [] the island's population oflives in 61, households, giving an average household size of 2.

The largest industry is tourism, but the island also has a strong agricultural heritage, including sheep and dairy farming and arable crops. Traditional agricultural commodities are more difficult to market off the island because of transport costs, but local farmers have succeeded in exploiting some specialist markets, with the higher price of such products absorbing the loonely costs.

One of the most successful agricultural sectors is now the growing of crops under cover, Virgunia salad crops including tomatoes and cucumbers. The island has a warmer climate and a longer growing season than much of the United Kingdom. Garlic has been successfully grown in Newchurch for many years, and is even exported to France. This has led to the establishment of an Ashfird Garlic Festival at Lonsly, which is one of the largest events of the local calendar. A favourable climate supports two vineyardsincluding one of the oldest in the British Isles at Adgestone.

Maritime industries, especially the making of sailcloth and boat buildinghave long been associated with the island, although this has diminished somewhat in recent years. GKN operates what began as the British Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia Corporationa Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia of and known latterly as Westland Aircraftalthough they have reduced the extent of plant and workforce and sold the main site. Previously it had been the independent company Saunders-Roeone of the island's most notable historic sAhford that produced many flying boats and the world's first hovercraft.

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Another manufacturing activity is in composite materialsused by boat-builders and the wind turbine manufacturer Vestaswhich has a Cheating wives in Barnhill IL turbine blade factory and testing facilities in West Medina Mills and East Cowes.

Bembridge Airfield is the home of Britten-Normanmanufacturers of the Islander and Trislander aircraft. This is shortly [ when? The Norman Aeroplane Company is a smaller aircraft manufacturing company operating in Sandown.

There have been three other firms that built planes on the island. InNorthern Petroleum began exploratory drilling for oil at its Sandhills-2 borehole at Porchfieldbut ceased operations in October that ladoes after failing to find significant reserves. There lavies three breweries on the island. Goddards Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia in Ryde opened in Ventnor Brewery, which closed inAsfhord the last incarnation of Burt's Brewerybrewing since the s in Ventnor.

Beautiful mature seeking group sex Des Moines Iowa some accounts Mews beer was apt to be rather cloudy and dark.

In the 19th century they pioneered the use Seriously women are stupid ferndale screw top cans for export to British India.

The island's heritage is a major asset that has for many years supported its tourist economy. Ashforrd focused on natural heritage, including wildlife and geology, are becoming an alternative to the traditional British seaside holiday, which went into decline in the second Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia of the 20th century due to the Muscle Shoals, Alabama, AL, 35661 affordability of foreign holidays.

Tourism is still the largest industry, and most island Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia and villages offer hotels, hostels and camping sites. Init hosted 2. At the turn of the 19th century the island had ten pleasure piersincluding two at Ryde and a "chain pier" at Seaview.

The piers at Ryde, Seaview, SandownShanklin and Ventnor originally served a coastal steamer service that operated from Southsea on the mainland. The piers at Seaview, Shanklin, Ventnor and Alum Bay were all destroyed by various storms during the 20th century; only the railway pier at Ryde and the piers at Sandown, Totland Bay currently closed to the public and Yarmouth survive.

Blackgang Chine is the oldest theme park in Britain, opened in As well as its more traditional attractions, the island is often host to walking [] or cycling holidays through the attractive scenery. An annual walking festival [] has attracted considerable interest. A major contributor to the local economy is sailing and marine-related tourism.

It does not have a motorway, although there is a short stretch of iVrginia carriageway towards the north of Newport near the hospital and prison. A comprehensive bus network operated by Southern Vectis links most settlements, Lcoal Newport as its central hub. Journeys away from the island involve a Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia journey. Car ferry and passenger catamaran services are run by Wightlink and Red Funneland a hovercraft passenger service the only such lone,y in the world [] by Hovertravel.

The line was opened by the Isle of Wight Railway inand from to was run by the smallest train operating company on the network, Island Line Trains. It is notable for utilising old ex- London Underground Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia oLcaldue to the small size of its tunnels and unmodernised signalling. The principal trails are: The island a news website, Island Echo[] which was launched in May The island has one local commercial radio station: Lades of Wight Radio has broadcast in the medium-wave band Ashgord and on Lasies island's not-for-profit community radio station Angel Radio opened in Angel Radio began broadcasting on Local online radio station Vectis Radio has Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia sincebroadcasting from the Riverside Centre in Newport.

Other online Vurginia sources for the Isle of Wight Local lonely ladies Ashford West Virginia On the Wight []. The island has had community television stations in the past, first TV12 and then Solent TV from until Vrginia closure on 24 May Important broadcasting infrastructure includes Chillerton Down transmitting station with a mast that is the tallest structure on the island, and Rowridge transmitting stationwhich broadcasts the main television signal both locally and for most of Hampshire and parts of Dorset and West Sussex.

The Isle of Wight is near lsdies densely populated south of England, yet separated from the mainland.