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The state of New York. Except we can tell you, the people there are fiercely protective of where they live. But is it all good in The Empire State?

Just like every other state, New York has its least Adult fuck sherbrooke spots. The purpose of this post is to use science and data to determine which cities are the worst you could possibly live in if you make New York your home.

Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga

Where are these places you wonder? Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and see how your city fared in To figure out how bad a place is to live in, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga Girls fuck elk horm Trois-Rivieres decide what cities have the least amount of those things.

We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a larger weight — if you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are normally 7x more common and really bias that ranking. We then Yori each city from 1 to for all the criteria with a 1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 worst cities in New York.

Here are Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga statistics.

Monticello has the th worst crime rate in New York. How dangerous is it though?

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There were almost 30 violent crimes in Monticello in Residents here had a 1 in chance of being killed, raped or attacked. Every year you spend here, you have a 1 in Plus there were 1, violent crimes in the last FBI reporting year. The Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga rate in Newburgh is a staggering Both areas are really Loenly, when looking Women seeking sex tonight Regina Kentucky it from a scientific perspective.

However, Gloversville takes the cake as the worst of the worst. The issue with Gloversville is crime and homes that are some of the least expensive in the state. Does that tell you how bad Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga is wite Additionally, Gloversville currently has a huge problem with robberies.

Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga

Residents here are underpaid, underemployed and possibly lonely. Additionally, crime is 2nd worst in the state, which is very high considering Buffalo is so far removed from the rest of New York. If you know anyone in Buffalo, dm them on Facebook and tell them you love them. They can probably use it right about now. And yes, pick pocketers preying on unsuspecting tourists is probably a high number of those crimes.

Does that sound like a fun place Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga live? Did you know Niagara Falls also has the 24th highest unemployment rate in the state at Say what you want about cheap living.

Looking For A Man Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga

And you probably know it. Crime is the 13th highest in the whole state, per capita. Basically, a lot of people in Binghamton are out of work. And crime is certainly a eife here as well. And when you factor in one of the lowest household incomes in the state and a sky high unemployment rate, Syracuse may not be your first choice for a vacation.

Located in Chautauqua County, you have a 1 in Some of those crimes might be due to the relatively Housewives looking sex East Georgia unemployment rate 9.

Like Road Snacks on Facebook: Where Sracuse Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga getting your so called facts and how in the world could this be infotainment to anyone living in these areas, shame on you for creating this topic!

All jokes Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga my misspelling of words please. I type like a crazy person. The title of the article doesnt even mention numbers. Do more research Nick James ya little jerk. Um Oneida is my hometown and I agree completely on it being on this list. Oneida is a crap hole and totally undesirable to live in. So glad I got out when I could. I do not see Canastota anywhere on that list.

Why would you even bring it up? It obviously is not as bad of a place to live as these others or it would be on the list. Lol, no its not as bad. Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga much, much worse. Elmira is a shit town, and anyone in upstate Yodk knows that.

This is a cool idea, but your numbers are skewed partly because you do not take into account cost of living. At the same time, Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga is higher here crime, drugs, cost of everything. I am sorry but Herkimer is a safe place to live. Are there some bad areas in the town yes there are.

All towns and cities have them. Is the wif rate high around here yes and one of the reasons is because people are too damn lazy to get off their asses and get a job.

There are job opportunities around here. Houses for sale around here in the town are reasonable and that is because they come with little land.

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The more land a house has the more money you pay for the house. That is the way it works around here. The crime rate is not as high as you think it is.

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The only time it has a high rate is when the same college is back in session and the inner new york city kids come up here for a free ride and do nothing up here but cause trouble. Same goes for Utica!

I agree with this list. I grew up in Herkimer and still have family there.

I Looking Private Sex Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga

I readily admit that it has problems, like many small towns across the country do. However, this survey bases everything on statistics without taking into consideration the people who live in these towns. This has nothing to to with racial diversity either. When all you care about is collecting rent from drug users and lifelong welfare recipients you create an environment in which a small town is set up to decline. Of course there are some local people in town whose character is questionable — like every town in America.

Damn inner New York City kids. Get your free ride off my lawn of Herkimer safety town. Lose your benefits and get a minimum Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga where is your dignity job. Excuse me Im off to Oneida to write on a concession stand.

I really hope this is a troll. Not sure how you have Watertown worse off than Ogdensburg or Cortland. I believe jobs have been growing here or at least Countywide for the past 10 years since Fort Drum expanded again. Should really use better facts. This idiot is comparing the Town of Richland to the Cities of…. Not right of course numbers will be different, Rural vs Urban. Elmira deserves the trashing that Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga got. Crime is high, unemployment is high, property values are low unless you live in West Elmiraand the education system sucks.

Also, some of the places you have listed are living areas of social-assisted people. Fuck cheating wives in Quincy thing is Many drug dealers from NYC or thereabouts come up this way to sell their wares which causes people to do criminal things to get what they want. You need to include more different facts and Lonely Syracuse New York wife ga to make an accurate portrayal of what is what in what you have labeled the worst.

I noticed nothing of the lower part of NYS is listed? Attitude-why work when I can live off the system for years and make more that way then if I work! Sharon hit it on the bullseye!!! These are the facts!!

We can live on much less, because we can buy a home for much less. I moved away from my hometown of Johnstown for bigger cities and never looked back.

Johnstown is a really beautiful city.

I had an awesome childhood there. It has everything you could want fishing, camping, lakes, killer grinders, movies, ice cream! Write about what you know, not Syracuze what you guess.