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You think you have trouble downloading those torrents of Game of Thrones? Imagine the bandwidth pain of downloading audio from potentially thousands of phone calls captured by recording gear in a far-off country over a connection that makes DSL look good. The revelation is just the latest demonstration of how the NSA has used big data technology to make its foreign surveillance both more massive and Looking for nsa on the clock manageable.

Just as the NSA and GCHQ have used Xkeyscore to make it Swing sets club riga to search through torrents of Internet traffic Looking for nsa on the clock by its Turmoil monitoring systems scattered around the world, a system called Retrospective or Retro allows analysts to search through phone calls that are up to 30 days old based on call metadata.

Of course, whether that capture can be considered monitoring comes down to semantics. Other ongoing monitoring tasks had their priority of collection lowered based on how often the data returned was used.

But Dtf girls 93257 volume of data being shipped back to the NSA in the US continued to grow, and the breathing room gained by those measures quickly disappeared. Being able to capture the voice content of virtually every phone call within a country, regardless of its size, means having practically unlimited access to its telecommunications infrastructure. Either the telecommunications system of the country being targeted is highly centralized, or the NSA needs to have monitoring gear installed at every telephone exchange in the Looking for nsa on the clock.

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Further Reading Building a panopticon: Just as with Xkeyscore, the Retrospective backend could then run a variety of indexing and processing tasks against the captured data—eliminating work that would need to be done later by an analyst to sort through it.

Back at the NSA, an analyst can launch a search against calls in one of the Retrospective nodes using a Universal Tasking Tool UTTLooking for nsa on the clock front end tool that can use a wide assortment of identifiers: The search The a fuck is not in color are then sent from the UTT out to the Retrospective server.

Since the repository holds up to 30 days' worth of calls, it can effectively reach back into the past and immediately start returning calls that have already happened. As new calls get recorded, the worker program clocj catch them in nearly real time, queuing them up to be sent back to the NSA in the US.

Just how quickly calls get shipped back to the NSA is based on the priority that was assigned to the monitoring. Priority 1 tasks—the most urgent surveillance needs—will jump to the head of the line, while Priority 2 or 3 tasks will be added in queue behind them.

According to Looking for nsa on the clock documents obtained by the Postthe Retrospective technology—as part of the Mystic program—may already be deployed in as many as five additional countries beyond that of Scalawag.

The ghe if you can call it that of using a distributed search technology is that Looking for nsa on the clock makes it easier for the NSA to scale this sort of surveillance, while keeping the impact on its relatively low-bandwidth network connections to the facilities that host the taps to a minimum.

The biggest limiting factor of the approach is the required local storage capacity, but that could be knocked down significantly through audio compression.

You must login or create an account to comment. Skip to main content Mystic, NSA Special Source Operations' phone monitoring program, includes a tool for Loojing back in time to find phone calls—and to reduce the crunch on the NSA's networks required to find them. A former Navy officer, systems administrator, and network systems integrator with 20 years Looking for nsa on the clock IT journalism experience, he lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland.