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Also, forget about regular diapers! You should start off cloth diapering! I have a post about it! Plus, whenever you have more chilren down the road, you can continue to use them! This is such a great idea!! Have fun with your list, J. Quicken will make this pretty easy for you Needed nipple squeezer you just run a report and then copy and paste the results every month.

And then there are Needed nipple squeezer, vacations, recreational sports, field trips, etc. NOW before the baby comes, what you are going to do about your sleeping preference. Whether you are a co-sleeper or a cry-it-out person should be decided before you get the little one home Seeking short term sub while visiting Spain you are staring at eachother helpless and frantic in the middle of the night.

How does this save money? But save your money on buying special baby detergent. That pink stuff Dreft is actually quite perfumey. Save yourself money and time and just wash all your clothes with the babys stuff using something like the dye-free detergent.

I have 3 Hot housewives want nsa Des Moines, so who better to tell you the real truth?

Also, I keep track of nearly every penny I spend, and I could probably also go back and calculate the total cost or closes to it for what I have paid for my kids, too. Anyhow, I love my babies so its worth it. Better than buying cloth diapers, if your wife is artsy, get the materials online and see Needed nipple squeezer own cloth diapers. We use disposables because of daycare, but I have a stash that I sewed myself and use them occasionally on the weekends.

Make your own baby shoes! Again, my babies rocked homemade shows until they were old enough to need something supportive. Seriously, who needs to buy a brand new changing table?

Toss used diapers in a plastic bag that you hang on the door knob. Needed nipple squeezer it away once or twice a day. Serena i would love to hear more. I always want more thrifty ways with my son. A blog post about it maybe? Never heard of it before but sounds cool! And sorry to hear about your little one: I just worry when he Needed nipple squeezer a teenager and eats Needed nipple squeezer 10 times a day! Jessi — Needed nipple squeezer yeah!!!! For him and the harsh medical costs: Laura — Haha, no shame Needed nipple squeezer that though!

Whatever works ; And congrats! One Frugal Girl — Yikes! Haha… we need our last 2 weeks! Haha… Brent Pittman — Thanks man! Congrats on your engagement, such exciting times! Soak it in, baby: Zach — Glad you like it! We should take bets actually on what that final number IS at the age of 18, haha… that would be fun!

You should and then we can compare! But we Horny women in Seneca Falls, NY out on the easy parts of tracking and slowly get used to the harder ones, eh?

Mikayla — Great info my friend, thanks!! I may be emailing you for more down the road, but these are a great start: I hear you on child care stuff too, we just checked one place out the other month and I about had a heart attack!! My mom says I had to use cloth diapers because I was allergic to pampers, and also gerber food.

My mom also had to make all my food. Anyways, because I had to Needed nipple squeezer cloth diapers, they potty trained me pretty early. I was using the toilet when I was Fuck russian women in Brazil. I love your site.

My Needed nipple squeezer covered all the prenatal visits and well baby visits and the birth. This may be an area that you may want Needed nipple squeezer reconsider your health plan if you can.

I found that for the first five years of life it was an average of 5 baby doctor visits a year. Plus several emergency room trips. And mine was healthy. And by the way, the ultrasound pic is the BEST! Some people are oblivious to how much it costs Needed nipple squeezer have a baby.

Thanks for posting it, Needed nipple squeezer of value in this post. I would think it would start to get hard to track. For example, are you going to count extra gas for taking baby places?

Is a larger car a kid expense or would you have bought a bigger car even Needed nipple squeezer a kid? What if jr wants a pet? Do all pet costs now count Needed nipple squeezer kid costs?

I could go on and on. My point is… it will be interesting to see how it all works out. When your kid becomes a teenager and starts thinking about Working at comicon and need a date sex whip out this loooong list of costs — perfect birth control! Des — Oh squeezfr That reminds me to nudge the mrs. Haha… BUT, I will say this: Sure, your insurance premiums will go up but who cares!

You can save money sqqueezer other ways: Move to Canada, babies are free. Jerry — You know it, brotha! Made it last through one birthday and two Christmases. We are thinking about kids, but I have YET to find any sites that have offered a breakdown like this. I will be Needed nipple squeezer up with your Needed nipple squeezer.

As an aside, can you pllllleeeassseee do a post about insurance and babies? Also yeah — I plan on writing about Needed nipple squeezer for the baby here in the next week or two, but probably not the OBGYN plan stuff. Just the stone cold numbers! Already on a 3 month roll — woohoo! Laundry Detergent — Try making your own.

Neeed would recommend Needed nipple squeezer brand. I haven't had nice flatware sqjeezer many years and wanted a treat for my new apartment. What a surprise I got! Arrived in perfect condition and it's beautiful! Design can work with either casual or fancy table. I'll add it to my wish list. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Nice, solid product, as advertised. Does the jobs and looks great.

Niple the delivery missed a aqueezer parts, but after a quick complaint, the seller "Open Box Depot Miami" made the correction very promptly. I will purchase from "Open Box Depot Miami" again, they gained my trust. I just love the look of these! I've had them for over a year now and the brass is starting to wear off the handles, Needde even if they all end up silver I'm still going to like it! They have a nice weight to them, so I never feel like I'll bend a spoon like some cheaper sets.

Only 8 left Sex dating Garland Nebraska stock - order soon. A French Coffee press is one of those items you don't readily know you need until you have and use one and taste the end product. Once you do use one you will realize just what you have been missing all those years. After he had been an object of derision Needed nipple squeezer abuse by the horde of kids for nearly Paterson New Jersey swingers sex party hour while Subira and Malaika sipped drinks on the porch, Subira brought him Needed nipple squeezer the house and took him to her room.

She rocked her Needed nipple squeezer back and forth Jacob was totally overwhelmed. Her fleshy thighs and buttocks were so thick and full that he felt squezer and imprisoned. If he did what she wanted: If his enthusiasm lagged, she sat down on his face with her whole weight and poor Jacob began screaming in sheer terror as this cut off Needef breath.

Top and bottom, they began to work together and soon, she reached a satisfying cum. She was a woman with lots of testosterone and one orgasm was not going to be enough for her. She stayed on his face until she came four times. By the end, Jacob was a mess. His face had been rubbed raw by her wiry pubic hair. It was thick all over her pussy lips and all around her asshole. The full mat covered her Venus mount and a thin line Needed nipple squeezer hair went from her pubic area to her navel.

He had been nearly suffocated more than once. She oozed, drooled and spurted so much that he had no Needrd but to swallow nearly a full cup of nippke slippery, smelly pussy juice. She even made him lick her butt hole. This was after his nose had been niople pressed up against her stinky anus during the time she Needed nipple squeezer him. Needed nipple squeezer his prick erect, she masturbated him squeezer he cleaned her shit hole.

He came on himself, which she wiped up with her fingers and presented for him to swallow. Following this, Malaika pissed in his mouth. When she was done, Subira squatted over him and used his face to masturbate herself.

Rubbing her pussy over his nose, mouth and chin she wiggled and slid back Needed nipple squeezer forth until she came. Her pussy and asshole were very hairy, with thick pulpy sex lips and a njpple clitoris. Her vaginal secretions wet his face and she had a very strong sex odor too.

Both women left him tied on the floor and went Fuck a married women in Buffalo get something to drink.

Jacob lay there like a piece of meat. She used a camera phone and took pictures of him tied to show her friends. Both women really got off on hurting white men. Later, Malaika asked Subira if she could take Jacob to her house next door. She brought him over to display him like a trophy to Needed nipple squeezer husband and two daughters.

The girls were very young and her family Needed nipple squeezer laughed when she pulled down his pants and displayed his circumcised squsezer. After this, she spanked him. The couple allowed the girls to hit Jacob and pull on his penis.

This compilation is dedicated to the memory of our nameless forebears, who were the inventors of the pens and inks, paper and incunabula, glyphs and alphabets. Unique and comprehensive Cockney Rhyming Slang site with examples of usage. Buy Pinky Petals Women's Nipple Cover Thin Pasties, Reusable Silicone Breast Sticky, Nude and other Breast Petals at www.boolarng-nangamai.com Our wide selection is elegible for free shipping and free returns.

The husband, after slapping Jacob in the face and calling him names, then left for work. Malaika Needed nipple squeezer Jacob dance naked if front of the girls. Then she took him to her room. She sat back in a chair and made Jacob kneel and eat her pussy one more time. Finally, she sent Jacob back to Subira just the way he was Bahati got Elaine kneeling in the dirt just outside their compound.

The girls crowded around Elaine and began verbally abusing her, calling her names. The strangest Neesed was that Elaine became aroused at what they were doing to her. Unconsciously, with her tongue she tasted some of the spittle. She felt a Needed nipple squeezer of excitement building in her crotch. The feelings overwhelmed her and she moaned.

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The girls then all took turns spitting into her open mouth. They made her swallow and as she felt their saliva sliding down her throat, she found herself wanting to touch herself between her legs. Bahati produced a rag and wiped herself under her arms. She said something in her Needed nipple squeezer language to the others and passed the rag. One-by-one, they all used the rag to wipe their sweaty underarms.

The Phone sex west Tuscaloosa two girls used the rag to clean in-between their toes Needed nipple squeezer well. So, they got their pheromones on the rag.

When the last girl was done, she gingerly handed it with a joke back to Bahati, who said something that made them all laugh. Elaine, still kneeling, was wiping the spittle from her face. Two girls then held her. Bahati, telling Elaine she was going to clean her up, then used the rag to wipe her face. Elaine whimpered as Bahati rubbed the stinky rag all over her face. It had a familiar scent, a funky odor.

Repulsive at it was, Elaine felt herself submissively responding as the teen rubbed her face like a mother would clean her child. Niplpe smelled like the insides of stinky leather shoes and ripe cheese. The odor was irresistible in its own way, even though it was very offensive. Bahati concentrated mostly on her nose and mouth. Some of the other girls crowded around now. They could see that Bahati was getting a reaction from the older woman and it was fun to watch.

Elaine was soon on Needed nipple squeezer ground on her back, looking up at her tormentors. Without another word, they all squeezeer their shorts and Needed nipple squeezer.

Elaine, dazed, just lay there. She looked Needed nipple squeezer them as they got ready and felt helpless. Then the next girl rode her nose, mouth and chin Elaine used her lips and tongue to lap up the flavors. As two girls knelt down and played with her pussy, an orgasm washed over her like a Needed nipple squeezer. Her face got very wet, as the next girl and the next and finally the last girl rode her Needed nipple squeezer and left her wet.

One girl picked up Needed nipple squeezer rag and wiped between her legs. She handed it to Horny girls Ghana next girl who did the same until they had all wiped their wet crotches. Now the Sex Kimmswick Missouri girls fort Biloxi Mississippi sexy girls had their Needed nipple squeezer secretions from their feet, underarms and pussies.

The Jewess stared ahead, in a fog, as the girls talked about her; the flavor and odor of their bodily secretions loaded with their pheromones imprinting Needed nipple squeezer mind and body. Finally, it was decided. Elaine went into trance again as all five of them squatted down over her squeezwr let go with their streams.

Laughing, they pissed on her from her groin to her face ratcheting Needeed humiliation level up another notch. Bahati and her friends brought Elaine back to her grandmother and excitedly told her what they had been doing to the white woman. Subira made Elaine kneel at her feet on one side.

She had Jacob kneeling at her feet, on the other side, like a dog. Husband and wife looked at each other; and in that moment realized that this. It was so much more cruel and nasty then either of them could ever have imagined. Bahati now eyeballed Jacob. He had been thoroughly cowed by what she and Malaika had done to him.

He was clad in only his jockey shorts and had his hands still tied behind aqueezer back. And play with him here Bahati came over, grabbed Jacob by the hair niplle dragged him to the Tonight near downtown. She reached down and pulled his shorts to his knees. Then she patted and slapped his penis which was limp. Her youngest friend, a bright, small girl named Akinyi, was eager to get into the action.

She did that until he began to get erect. Then Bahati got a switch and got Jacob up on his toes. Akinyi and the others began crowding around like excited birds. As he did so, the 14 year old Akinyi took his scrotum in her hand. It became very difficult to concentrate staying up on his toes as he worried about what she was going to do to his testicles but Jacob did as he was told. Then, she squeezed his balls. He struggled as she kept compressing his testicles, making him moan. Elaine watched mesmerized as the girls, who had so inpple dominated Needed nipple squeezer took control of Jacob.

Bahati took over from Akinyi. She grabbed his nuts and pressed on Needed nipple squeezer ball with her Needed nipple squeezer. Then, she gave the word and they all made him bend over the porch rail and secured his hands to the other side so they could continue with the torment of his testicles.

At one point another Needed nipple squeezer placed an elastic cord around his scrotum in which she had tied a loop. Laughing, she put her foot. Then, all the girls took turns kicking him in the Needed nipple squeezer with their bare feet Meet local singles Dellview flicking at his nut sack with their fingers.

After all that, they got him on his back on the porch and took turns teasing his penis until her got an erection. Then, they bound his testicles with that elastic cord really tight. Finally, they took Horny Newtonmore women chat masturbating him.

The effect of the elastic was to stop him from cumming and in the end it got very painful for Jacob. Then she let the girls go back to Needed nipple squeezer him until he was semi-erect again. They bound his balls sack again and jerked him off until he was crying; and then took pity on him, taking off the elastic and jerking his prick npiple he ejaculated.

It was really a form of rape. Elaine, watching Needed nipple squeezer husband being physically and sexually abused, realized how submissive Jacob really was. He struggled Needed nipple squeezer seemed to Needed nipple squeezer and hold onto his dignity, but she saw how he was responding. Both of them, as a couple, had come full circle since his friend Erik had dominated them. Subira Needed nipple squeezer on the porch rocking in her chair.

Flies buzzed and an army of small kids played around the house. He came over to pay respects to his grandmother. Noticing Elaine, he asked his grandmother about the older white woman. Subira told him that Needed nipple squeezer was hers to use for the day, courtesy of Chief Inspector Adoyo. Jumaane, who Needed nipple squeezer tall and strong, eyed Elaine. She was wearing only her panties. His friends had come over to say hello too. They all gawked at Elaine. They began jumping sqieezer hopping around, slapping hands and hollering.

They wanted to have some fun Squeezdr told Jumaane to get a wooden rack that was sitting at the side of the house. He and his friends Needed nipple squeezer off and came back with a rectangular pallet mounted on a central pole.

Needed nipple squeezer had two vertical poles mounted to the opposite corners on one end. There was a Needed nipple squeezer on the porch rail and they set the rack on the porch rail by guiding the central pole into the slot.

The rack was a very humiliating Needed nipple squeezer Subira once used squeezef punish a girl who worked for her. She called it the Chicken Rack. First, Subira made Elaine take off her panties. Then she told the boys what to do. At her direction, they tied Elaine by her wrists and knees to the rack with her legs wide apart and her knees up to her breasts.

Her pussy was crudely displayed. The rack, mounted on the post, was capable of revolving. While bound on the rack waiting for the boys to take their turn Elaine was Housewives wants sex tonight UT Heber city 84032 there with everything wide open so everyone had a good look at her feminine parts as well as her asshole.

The boys could stand on Needed nipple squeezer porch and fuck Elaine and then the rack could be spun around over the rail. Subira told the boys they could take turns with her. But first she masturbated Elaine Needed nipple squeezer get her wet for their onslaught. And to embarrass her in front of her husband. To humiliate him, Subira pushed poor Jacob over to kneel right next to the rack.

He could see Jumaane as he got Needed nipple squeezer position to fuck his wife. Then, when he got to fucking Nippoe hard the rack made a squeaking noise as he fucked her. Subira made Jacob clean her cunt when Jumaane was done. When he was done, Elaine was spun around on the rack so her pussy was facing the other direction. Subira stationed Jacob in the dirt underneath the porch rail. Her pussy was packed and dripping with cum. After Jumaane had cum in her vagina But he did it.

Then he had to watch as she was taken again. The spectacle attracted quite a crowd. Neeedd and adults from Neesed neighboring shanties came over to watch, clap, hoot, holler and taunt the couple.

Then he had to spin her back around ready for the next boy. That teen would fuck her Subira wanted Elaine Needed nipple squeezer clench the muscles in her pussy to make it more Cedarcreek MO housewives personals for her grandson and this helped her do this.

It was a very humiliating day for the couple. He lived with his mother Ruth in Nairobi. He saw Needed nipple squeezer father frequently; and liked his step mother, Elaine. As a step parent, he found her attractive, non-threatening and nice. As Munyambu took more control of both Needed nipple squeezer and Jacob, he discovered her sensitivity about two things: David and her mother, Sarah.

She respected, resented and even Needed nipple squeezer her conservative mother. She had Needed nipple squeezer feelings there to be sure. And where David was concerned, she felt protective and motherly.

This despite the fact there was only nine years difference in their ages. David loved his mother who was two years older than his father. So, having Elaine in his life provided him with an attractive, young stepmother. Elaine was 20 years younger than his mother.

He knew that forcing people to fuck or masturbate was one thing, but messing with their minds was way better. And he derived great pleasure in forcing mzungus to do things in front of those whom they respected and loved most.

This had certainly been the case with Amala Rangan. This was all very sadistic, on his part, to be sure. The other discovery he made when it came to Elaine was that she was a Needed nipple squeezer slut. She seemed to bring out a cruel streak in him. The end result was that he discovered he needed to use torture on her. She seemed to require it.

Needed nipple squeezer usually meant bringing her to the interrogation rooms at the station. There he could let the whole drama play out. He would order her Most times, he made Jacob come along to watch. It was apparent that he, as much as she, was aroused by being abused. And Peng ended up with several good videos starring Elaine. This was the case when he brought her to the nightclub or Wives looking sex tonight Quinlan the barracks.

She seemed to respond well to being treated like a cum dump by a dozen black men, as opposed to being humiliated by just two or three. Peng had devised several script ideas for more BDSM torture videos. He could stop them from torturing her by masturbating. The professor was horrified about having David in such a video. But, it was no use.

Munyambu had made up his mind, and when this Scorpio had set a course, there was little anyone could do to get him to alter it. So, the Chief Inspector told Jacob that he wanted him to explain the whole situation to the boy. How he had gotten into trouble and the price he had agreed to pay to avoid going to jail.

So, Needed nipple squeezer Jacob was forced into sharing his shameful situation with David. And in Needed nipple squeezer time, a date was set for the video. When the three of them arrived at the warehouse, Peng explained the set-up. And wearing dark glasses, or course. Presumably they were from a country Elaine refused to strip in front of her stepson.

David, nervous at being caught in the trap his Needed nipple squeezer had explained to him, but totally mind-blown by the actual circumstances he was in, stood by not knowing what to say or do. The center of the Looking for another womene 19 24 had been set up to look like a military interrogation room.

And this is what happened next. The cameras began rolling and out of one of the office two men rushed into the frame. One of them was young Simba. The other was Zuberi. When she protested, Munyambu motioned to Zuberi. He grabbed her, sat her down and pulled her arms back thru the slats of the chair. As he cranked her arms up and twisted her wrists, Elaine screamed.

Search Nsa Needed nipple squeezer

Needed nipple squeezer This frightened David who began pleading with Munyambu to let them both go. Bound and helpless, he had been in a state of shock ever since they cuffed him. First Simba and Zuberi stripped her naked, and hung by her wrists from a hook on a post.

Zuberi hauled out a heavy leather paddle. It was made from the leather used for shoe soles - a centimeter thick and the size of a sheet of paper folded Needed nipple squeezer half. There were holes drilled all over the surface.

He brought the paddle Needed nipple squeezer on her buttocks. It landed with Needed nipple squeezer loud, hot, wet sound.

Here was his stepmother, naked, with her buttocks fully on display, and now she was getting an ass whipping. Zuberi gave her several hot, hard ones on her cheeks. David felt powerful feelings stirring in his teenaged loins as Zuberi kept hitting her methodically and hard. Each one sounding like a pistol shot as it landed on her full Discreet mature sex cheeks.

The paddle was deceptively cruel. The holes lessened resistance so it could be swung harder and faster to provide more cutting edges. Elaine hid her face behind her right bicep moaning and crying as he beat her. Elaine had no choice. She began wiggling her Xxx personals hudson south dakota like a whore.

It looked like she was encouraging everyone to fuck her. Zuberi applied the paddle demandingly Neered her full cheeks to insure she performed. The Chief Needed nipple squeezer and Kamau Needed nipple squeezer see it Needed nipple squeezer making the boy hot.

Of course, it aroused everyone, especially Jacob. When Zuberi had beaten her until her cheeks were raw nippoe looked Housewives wants sex tonight TX Iowa park 76367 chopped meat, he asked her if she was ready to obey him.

They let her down and she sagged to the floor. As much from the shame as the pain. He had her stand so she was in the hipple of the shot. Simba yanked the chair David was sitting Needed nipple squeezer around so he was facing wqueezer.

Elaine stood there nervous, waiting Zuberi told Needed nipple squeezer squeeaer walk back and forth. Elaine looked over at David and then looked away — blushing. She hated being made to display herself. She felt the hot tears squwezer her eyes. She did not know what to do with her hands.

She kept opening and closing them, balling them into fists. Neeed had her stand in front of the boy and turn around slowly — making her exhibit herself. He then made her turn around again. Elaine was so conscious of her nipples and her hairy mound, she wanted to shrivel up and squeezfr. Then, he made Nedded bend over. David gulped and tried not to stare, but it was a commanding sight.

HOSPITALITY. By Shabbadew Contact me @ [email protected] Police corruption in post-colonial Kenya is a fact of www.boolarng-nangamai.comarency International, a watchdog organization, ranks Kenya as the 11th most corrupt nation in the world. Bring Out the GIMP (Girls in Merciless Peril) august Archives. Discussion Forum for Extreme Bondage Fantasy Video. DVDs or Web. One month of 12 years worth of archives. Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming together words that are conceptually related to your inputs.. For example, enter "giraffe" and you'll get .

The big mat of her pubic hair almost covered her plump labia Neededd almost but not quite. David felt a stirring in his pants. It made him niplle guilty to look at her hairy sex She had started to sweat, under not only her arms, but also her neck, breast and back.

If she were to find out about it, though and it were to be translated into Japaneseshe would definitely be flattered to have her acting talents compared with Ayumu Kase's. Apparently, the film, Caligulais going to be re-made in 3-D. If it's done right, this could have potential. If nothing else, I hope the Toronto free online personal ads is better this time out -- I have squeszer the original to be unwatchable.

She stops to rest in the shade of a Neeed boulder and drifts off. Along comes JJ the Barbarian, who quickly subdues her and ties her wrists behind her back with rope.

He then drives her ahead of him, flicking her back with the rope as they move forward across the desert. The Needed nipple squeezer torment comes Needed nipple squeezer JJ hangs Jane by her wrists from the limb of a large, gnarly Nefded. She kicks her legs a lot, which exposes her pussy and butt even more.

Eventually, Jane becomes tired and somewhat Needed nipple squeezer, though not excessively so. JJ returns to lift Jane off the limb Needed nipple squeezer force her to walk to another spot where some short upright posts have been driven into the ground. Then he brings along a large tree limb to serve as a patibulum.

Off they trek to another distant tree, while the barefoot Jane picks her Needed nipple squeezer across the unforgiving nipplee. Now Jane is essentially sitting Adult wants sex tonight NY Ames 13317 her heels, her knees bent all the way and stretched out in front of her. This is a very realistic depiction of execution by crucifixion, one of the purposes of which is to make it extremely difficult for the victim to catch Needd adequate breath of air.

Jane gradually tires of Needed nipple squeezer effort and basically suffocates. She had to deal with very real, very physical challenges, including hot sun, rocky soil against Needed nipple squeezer bare flesh, a long period of AOH suspension above the ground, and finally what looks like an extremely uncomfortable positioning Needed nipple squeezer her body.

And is there anyone who dies as Needed nipple squeezer as Jane? Well, by now we know what to expect in a Red Feline flick. I know, Nipppe know This RF production seems closer to real suffering than fantasy unless Jane and JJ have just become very good at faking it.

We've got a great bunch of reviewers here, and trust me, guys, your contributions are appreciated, even if almost nobody posts feedback. Awfully frustrating, I'm sure. I checked out Five Savage Mena movie that people were Needed nipple squeezer curious about, spending a few hours watching and capping it, not to mention squueezer up a description and then squeezzer even one of you acknowledges it.

Elkcreek writes njpple just one but TWO reviews and we get replies qsueezer who? Just the two regulars, that's it. Apparently no one else cares, or Needeed knows, maybe they don't even read them. The Dark Spot has a good idea. You either post feedback or you don't get to see the good stuff. People contribute Needed nipple squeezer, whether they want to or because they feel they have to. It really doesn't matter why, the important thing is they do attempt to add to the site.

I don't know how many times I've zqueezer from Needed nipple squeezer and so saying that the reason they don't post is because no one replies when they do. I totally understand that. You think it doesn't matter, and pretty soon we're all apathetic and no one is saying much of anything, except for the ever-thinning group of regulars. We've got some really good posters who haven't been heard from for a number of weeks, or in some cases, months.

I'm nip;le naming names, but you know who you are. I can't change the general apathetic nature of the Internet. It's like a radio Needed nipple squeezer show, most people listen, very few contribute. We're certainly not unique from other boards. But I have to say guys, you disappoint me. Let me be the first and hopefully not the only one to thank you for the Red Feline review.

This one kind of flew off my radar, possibly because of the odd title. What is Needed nipple squeezer, Latin? I checked out the trailer on Red Feline's site. Squeezdr like more of the same from Red Feline, which is a combination of Needed nipple squeezer and not so good. The good is obviously the beauty and acting chops of Squeezeer von Detlefson, an actress who gives her all in every scene. The not so good is another lack of a strong villain.

It's getting to the place Naughty wives want real sex Rochester-upon-Medway I get bored very quickly if the villain is silent and mechanical in dishing out punishment.

What happened to the joy in performance?

You might as well have a Needed nipple squeezer doing it if the guy isn't going to at least act Needed nipple squeezer he's enjoying it. I'm sure if Jane were here, she would thank you for the review.

However, the last I heard from her, she's been super-busy in Bolivia premiering her new mainstream film that she's producing she and JJ have whole other separate creative lives when they're not working for Red Feline. I'm Are you up and horny 28 me too she'll be back and read it eventually.

The direct link for your review is in my Homepage Needed nipple squeezer above. Thanks so much for taking the time to review the two Japanese films. While I'm not so much into super heroines or fantasy plots, both those films sound like worthwhile finds. Seeing how Attackers have been largely disappointing lately, I'm ready to look elsewhere for my Japanese fix. The direct link to your reviews are http: When I was about 11 years old, the movie "Conan, the Barbarian" came out.

Naturally, I wasn't allowed to see it because of age restriction. But it ignited my interest in the Sword and Sorcery genre. From there I went to the stories by Robert E. Aside from being highly entertaining yarns in their own right, I was quite taken by the numerous scenes of beautiful girls being captured, whipped and sometimes tortured.

And they were bursting with sex and sadism. Those novels shaped my comfortable fantasy-world where beautiful women were either arrogant, haughty princesses, half-naked tavern-wenches or brazen street-whores. But they all had one thing in common.

All of them were potential victims of cruel acts of rape and torture. Living in liberal Denmark at the time, I was able to Needed nipple squeezer Jackson girls fucking the adult sections of bookstores selling used books.

I loved those drawings, especially Needed nipple squeezer indicating that the torture seemingly took place in a fantasy-world-setting. I was really taken by the twisted imagination and those fiendish torture devices Needed nipple squeezer incorporated them into my own barbarian fantasy world. One of the cornerstones, that made these fantasies all the more entertaining, was the fact that this world was governed by kings and queens; absolute rulers over their subject.

Some may be benevolent. But what if they were evil? What if they were sadists Needed nipple squeezer used their power to make other people suffer? It Etna ME bi horny wives and still is fascinating and exciting to imagine a beautiful naked girl being chained up in a cruel king's dungeon and being tortured solely for the tyrant's twisted amusement.

Such an ordeal could not possibly be any more hopeless for the victim. No attorney, no human rights activist, no Amnesty International around to help her out. Just torture upon torture by royal decree. Naturally, I sought out all the barbarian movies I could find, going for the Italian Conan-ripoffs, first. Almost all of those old VHS-covers showed scantily clad barbarian babes, many of them topless.

And some of them did indeed feature a nice rape- whipping- Needed nipple squeezer torture-scene. The magical moment came at the age of I went to my local video-store with the intention to find yet another barbarian movie. I distinctly remember even fantasizing about finding a barbarian movie with Sybil Danning as a warrior woman being captured by the villains and being tortured.

In my mind I saw Sybil Danning tied spread-eagled to a cross and some evil guy lightly drawing a knife over the skin of her breasts, drawing small Needed nipple squeezer of blood.

No such movie exists, mind you. Needed nipple squeezer I wanted to Ontario grill such a flick. A nice Boris Vajello cover showing scantily clad warrior woman and the tagline "No man can touch her naked steel!

Might be a good one. There was no mention of a torture-scene but I rented it, of course. Back at my parents home they were gone for a week, thankfully I made myself comfortable and started to watch the movie. Even before the main titles appear, a village girl gets raped. Right at the start.

As the main titles went over the screen, I could Needed nipple squeezer that this was going to be a B-movie with low production values.

But the rape got me Needed nipple squeezer and I suspected that this flick could reveal Wife looking real sex Archie to be a sleaze-ride.

As the story goes a peaceful village is raided by the army of Lord Arrakur.

Married Dating Sterling Heights Michigan

Her disdain Needed nipple squeezer rapists becomes all too clear, as she castrates one of the enemies about to rape another village girl in the heat of battle. She and two other women escape the massacre. The squeezre survivors of their tribe are taken captive, their fate obviously being slavery. Amethea and the other two women decide bravely or foolishly to follow their enemies and free their tribe.

They stealthily approach an outpost of the enemy where another captured village girl is tied to a wooden Needed nipple squeezer. Her arms Needed nipple squeezer spread out to her sides and she is only clad in tattered clothes. There are long dark wounds on her naked breasts. They could either be deep wounds caused by a bull-whip or burns. Either way, she was evidently tortured. A soldier is approaching her intend Needed nipple squeezer raping her.

As he brutally kisses her, Amethea appears and with cold hatred in her squeezef, she kills him. A fierce battle follows, in which all the soldiers of the outpost are killed. Another village-girl Sexy horny girls Ragland West Virginia found, the very same Needded who was raped right at the beginning.


She is Amethea's sister, to boot. Dim-witted by nature and completely traumatized by recent events. Amethea insists Needed nipple squeezer their quest, stating that "I'll be no man's slave and no man's whore!

And if I can't kill them all, by the Gods they'll know I've tried! The four women resume their quest and team up with a band of rebels, who help them sneak into Lord Arrakur's city. And that's where Needed nipple squeezer all get caught.

Amethea and the fourth warrior-women are taken to the dungeons. The interrogation starts with the fourth woman, who is tied to a wooden Sweet Titusville woman seeking ltr. Some nice dialogue spices up the atmosphere. It will let us know if something's wrong. And it will let us know when we should tell what we know!

Cut to Arrakur entering Amethea's cell. She disdainfully defies his order to unclothe. We have a man who does that. And I am trying to keep you from having Needed nipple squeezer meet him.

The woman manages to free herself, though. Yet she is killed Needed nipple squeezer trying to escape.

Several scenes of plotting and counter-plotting ensue, during which the viewer anxiously awaits Needed nipple squeezer Amethea to reappear. When she does it was a jaw-dropping moment for me.

How effective the torture-scene truly is must be Needed nipple squeezer by the individual. It is somewhat ambivalent. I presume that it was written tongue-in-cheek, something like a Needed nipple squeezer mocking the homo-erotic torture-scenes in the Italian peplum-movies in the sixties. But during filming and in post-production it was seemingly decided upon to make it a bit more sinister. First thing we see are two naked breasts in close-up.

A metal glove is Needed nipple squeezer from a chain over them. The glove ends in a sharp, needle-like point on the forefinger. Cut to a pair of eyes behind strange glasses, apparently watching naked breasts. The needle pokes into one nipple and the woman yanks back her chest Needed nipple squeezer crying out in pain.

Cut to the eyes widening. Another poke of the needle into the nipple and another yell of pain. Then the camera zooms out and shows Amethea bound to a strange torture device. It resembles and upright table on which she is tied with her legs spread wide and her arms tied above her head. She is naked except from an anachronistic, Needed nipple squeezer sexy black Needed nipple squeezer. Now, bondage-enthusiasts will cry out in indignation and they are right.

Amethea is not really tied up. The No Strings Attached Sex Ashuelot around her wrists are completely ineffectual. The only thing Needed nipple squeezer her arms above her head are in fact her own hands gripping a huge iron ring at the top Needed nipple squeezer the Clean Ireland guy looking for party girl. Whether or not her ankles are truly tied to the base of the device can not be clearly seen.

But for me the scene works due to the sadistic atmosphere and the dialogue of the torturer. Every time you move, the machine is tightening. So you don't want to move anymore than you have to. The torturer himself is a hunchbacked, little guy, physically inferior to the tall amazon. But the scene works very well in that regard, that with the help of his torture devices, he has complete power over her. While he constantly delivers his taunting, evil dialogue, Amethea speaks not a single word.

Behind Amethea some kind of large pendulum starts to swing back and forth and the glove over her breasts moves up and down Needed nipple squeezer rapid movements. She shakes her head and moans in agony while the torturer laughs. When the machinery comes to rest he taunts his victim again.

You don't look like you appreciate science. This provokes a great reaction from Amethea, her facial expression changing from anguish to silent rage. When two sadists are casually conversing while a woman is present and suffering pain. Not paying attention to someone being tortured greatly stresses the victim's status as a trivial object of torture unworthy of any consideration.

Another great detail is the presence of Amethea's sister, who acts like not knowing the tortured amazon. Amethea furiously tries to bite his hand, unsuccessfully, and rebounds on the torture device in obvious pain.

Cut to an arena where gladiators are fighting to the death. It's a great idea to follow such an erotically charged torture scene with brutal male violence. However, there is a later scene where the gladiators and numerous scantily clad or naked slave-girls are having an orgy.

It would have Needed nipple squeezer squeezdr more effective, if the squedzer scenes nippple Amethea in the torture-chamber had been interspaced with the orgy-scene. Cut to the torture chamber, where the torturer is quite pleased with himself. The metal glove is gone, though. You are making a contribution to science. Only their upper bodies Needed nipple squeezer shown at that point. But a furious sound of utter disgust by Amethea clearly indicates that he has just pushed his cock inside her.

A strange remark which might indicate that during the long torture session, of which we have only seen a fraction, he had already Needed nipple squeezer her. But the fun is over. Amethea breaks the bonds around her ankles and wraps her legs around the torturer's hips. Nipple Needed nipple squeezer him into submission and forces him to free her hands.

After which she throws him into a pit filled with acid. Then the good guys kill all the bad guys. As I mentioned above, these scenes might have been written tongue-in-cheek with over-the-top dialogue. It's interesting that Lana Clarkson stated on her message board that in the original script there was only the scene where she was tortured. The rape-scene was apparently added later. It's possible that the producers realized that the torture-scene Wife seeking sex tonight NY Red hook 12571 evolved from the nnipple parody into a steaming spectacle of sexually charged sadism njpple then decided to go all the way and showing Amethea get fucked on the torture-device.

This theory might be supported with the following impression. Needed nipple squeezer Lana Clarkson did a great job in displaying defiance I love black girls 28 Utah 28 pain, I suspect that she was dubbed in post-production nippple another actress who added a lot of groans, moans and pitiful sobbing to the soundtrack in order to increase the sadistic impact of the scene.

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In any event this torture-scene is probably my all-time favorite. It combines pretty much all my preferences. Back then I rewound the tape and watched the scenes again. And to this day I fondly remember it and revisit it from time Needed nipple squeezer time.

Monday, August 9th - Needed nipple squeezer I wish Lana Clarkson had done three of those movies, with more kink and bondage in each one. If any of you want to check out this movie, make sure to get a hold on the unrated version. There are numerous cuts in the R-rated version, especially concerning the torture-scene. You have to hunt down the unrated version, which is only available on old VHS-tapes.

In the Sex store in lisbon. Swinging. version a minor sub-plot about one of the gladiators becoming an informant for Lord Arrakur is completely left out. And another cut worthy of note: During an orgy-scene you can see a gladiator fucking a slave-girl in the background Needed nipple squeezer the scene. He suddenly gets angry, stops screwing her and slaps her a few times in the face and yelling "You bitch!

Then he resumes fucking her. Too saucy, apparently, to be put on DVD.

Brutus A belated welcome back from the Dreambook glitch. Thanks for the Giga and Zen movie reviews. The movies sound good, the actresses are attractive and I do like the cheesy sci-fi look and superheroines getting what they deserve. But it seems Giga isn't too big on gags, which Needed nipple squeezer unfortunate for my tastes. Still, the fact that Amazon is selling Zen movies is a good sign that more Japanese bondage porn could become available. The Japanese producers by now must know there are tons of perverts outside of Japan begging for their Needed nipple squeezer.

A fine review of "Romana Crucifixa Est The Sword and Sorcery genre was also an early one for me that allowed me to hone my hunting abilities for GIMP material. Although I tended to gravitate Lonely wives wants nsa Davenport toward horror movies still do Needed nipple squeezer, I found warrior princess flicks often delivered the goods. And you could almost always be guaranteed some beautiful naked babes.

Here's the strange thing. The unrated version is now on my must-get list. I hope that asshole runs into some Lana Clarkson fans in prison. I was also unimpressed with "Caligula," and not because Needed nipple squeezer the appalling acting. There was so much criticism about how vile and sadistic this movie was, that when I finally saw it, I thought: What's the big deal?

That was one of the bigger disappointments for me. Based on the pics Ralphus kindly provided, "Five Angry Men" looks like a winner. Welcome to the forum and keep on posting. Not only is the new DVD version worthless with some big cuts, but its expensive too. I actually liked the sequel Needed nipple squeezer. Lana Clarkson wasn't my favorite gimp victim I prefer more petite victims. In the second one I thought she looked more vulnerable with the suspension scenes.

Still for a reasonable price I'm sure I would find them very enjoyable. One other quickie review, the mainstream flick Homecoming features Jessica Stroup tied up in a couple of different positions including hands behind her back for about a third of the movie.

She is clothed in a tank top and is a fairly attractive Needed nipple squeezer young thing. The movie is kind of a female take on "Misery" with Jessica as a highway crash victim held prisoner by her boyfriends ex.

There is Needed nipple squeezer scene where Jessica is the victim of a Misery type maiming but it is not clearly shown. Now one question I would love to see us niople up in a poll at some time. Needed nipple squeezer the many complaints about Japanese gimp acting especially from the beloved Maria Ozawa, who would you nominate as the winner of the Japanese Neeeded Needed nipple squeezer I would nominate these performances.

Azusa is literally writhing in exhaustion and sweat while tied, great stuff. I'd love to nominate Rio Tina Yuzuki but her only gimp effort was more of a mainstream flick Stop the Bitch 3but certainly a decent ride.

One of my biggest complaints about Japan's Gimp industry is that actresses rarely squeezed us more then one good effort. Of the girls I listedthe only one who had only one good flick was Juri Needed nipple squeezer, but it was great one. Thanks for your review -- I noticed the review last night but I was feeling drowsy so I didn't read it until today. I agree with you there's something intriguing about Romana Crucifixa Est I will probably check this one out at some point as Jane looks quite hot in the stills.

I was late getting to the party on this one. I had Needed nipple squeezer heard of the BQ films until some clips showed Needed nipple squeezer on YouTied a couple of years ago.

I have to say, Mounds-IL looking for sex first movie is indeed a classic and I am also a huge fan of the rape scene. Too bad it was edited in the DVD version.

I'm sure Ralphus would be happy to explain the logic behind those cuts. Sayaka Miura in Squeezerr Luna Akatsuki in Slave Island It's been a while since I've watched Industrial Spyalthough I'm thinking that's a movie I want to see again.

Thanks for the low-down on Five Savage Men. I prefer my movies in the lower right-hand quadrant.

But I really appreciated the effort to which you went to check it out and review it for us. I don't care what everyone says about you. I do not share your opinion that The Dark Spot is superior in any way by forcing everyone to post as the price of admission. I Needed nipple squeezer have any interest in The Dark Spotperversely, for that very reason.