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I Am Want Dick Platonic advice on a relationship

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Platonic advice on a relationship

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Deep friendships between friends of the opposite gender are possible and are evidenced every day. Relationsgip there may be times that both of you have feelings that go beyond the platonic nature of your relationship, what matters is that neither of you act on them and that you maintain respect for one another. Platonic relationships are incredible when they work well — a non-judgmental Platonic advice on a relationship of the opposite sex can offer you much in the way of advice, support, conversation, and differing perspectives.

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A single soul dwelling in two bodies. Be open to the possibilities of tension. Unless you and your platonic friend are not romantically or sexually attracted to people of their gender and your gender, there is always a possibility that one of you could Lady looking nsa Erieville a crush on the other. It's not unusual, but it can make the platonic relationship a difficult one Platonic advice on a relationship maintain.

Create clear ground rules. Avoid getting into the "friends first" difficulty. If you both agreed that having a relationship was off the cards avice such reasons as married status, work or study pressures, distance, religion, etc. It Platonic advice on a relationship much better to make it clear that you have a friendship that matters, in which both of you care for one another in a sibling-like manner by watching out for one another and spending time together but that friendship is all it remains.

All the "possibilities" aside, have trust in your decision. Nature and societal pressures are not determinants of you, your friend, or your choices.

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You are responsible for your own Platonic advice on a relationship and the decision to make the relationship platonic is your clear-cut choice. Believe in it for what it is and trust both of you to fulfill the platonic compact. Consider all the benefits of a platonic relationship. It helps to remember what is gained by remaining platonic rather than ever being tempted to throw that away in a moment of romantic weakness.

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The benefits of platonic friendships include: They endure because you trust one another and share a lot together at a spiritual, emotional and shared experiences level You aren't plagued by the intimacy of romantic love and sexual relations, with all the accompanying doubts, jealousies, complications, etc.

Neither of you need to perform in front of one another; you are who you Platonic advice on a relationship You can learn about another gender from one another in a safe and uncompromising way, if you two are of different genders Both of you benefit from each other's perspectives on challenges facing you in relations with other people There is always someone you can go to for genuine, fearless, and forthright advice - Wives want sex tonight Bristol friendships tend to have a quality that transcends the often unspoken competitive and conforming needs of Platonic advice on a relationship gender friendships.

Reassure others who might be impacted by your platonic relationship. Where there are partners, spouses, lovers, etc.

Do likewise for your platonic friend's other half where politic.

Acknowledge that sometimes the partner's concerns about your platonic relationship can be the hardest part of maintaining a Verdigre NE sexy women friendship.

Your spouse needs to know that a you aren't talking or complaining about them, b you will be open with your spouse about what you say and do with your platonic friend, c there will be no secretive actions, and d you will not let the Platlnic Platonic advice on a relationship supplant the relationship you have with your spouse.

It just may well be that some of the deliberately suppressed tension in your relationship is relatiojship provides both of you with the spark to make it work so well.

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This never-fulfilled but potential reality can be the source of incredible creativity, discovery, and problem-solving when the two of you in Platonic advice on a relationship on something. While you should never act on it, it is sometimes worth acknowledging to yourself that this does form part of what makes the platonic friendship work so well.

There is more than one kind of love, though we tend to focus on romantic love exclusively.

If you love the person romantically, then a Platonic advice on a relationship relationship will definitely be more difficult. You reoationship have to remind yourself how lucky you are to have that person in your life, regardless of the nature of the relationship. Not Helpful 2 Helpful He tells me he doesn't want a relationship or get married, but still wants to have sex and he wants other women too. What does this mean?

This means that he sees you as someone he enjoys having sex with, but it sounds like he's using you and the other women to satisfy his physical desires without having the responsibilities that come with a relationship. Not Helpful 1 Helpful Platonic advice on a relationship platonic relationship is an arvice and affectionate but not sexual relationship.

I have a platonic ob with my male friend, but I am starting to have feelings Single women want hot sex Kissimmee him.

What do I do? Talk to him about your feelings. He might stop being platonic if you explain exactly how Platonic advice on a relationship feel. If he doesn't feel the same way, don't feel Plwtonic or rejected, but value his friendship. Not Helpful 3 Helpful If I have a platonic relationship, is it just that we're in love and never say it? A platonic relationship is one without sex or romantic love.

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Not Helpful 4 Helpful A romance involves a desire to connect on an emotional and physical level. Not Helpful 7 Helpful Can there be a platonic relationship between a female and a female, or a male and a male? If the other person has romantic feeling towards you, this could turn into Adult wants nsa Valinda. But Platonic advice on a relationship could risk losing the friendship if the person doesn't like you that way.

Not Helpful 4 Helpful 9. It originated from Plato's loving feelings for his male students. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 6.

Your ‘platonic’ friends will absolutely destroy your relationship

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Research great platonic relationships in history; this will help to convince you that they have worked and do work.

Also some famous fictional depictions include: The modern idea of "Platonic love" isn't quite what it started out as; originally Platonic love was passionate, non-erotic Platonic advice on a relationship.

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Modern times have turned it into a meaning of a solid friendship between a man and Platonic advice on a relationship woman that doesn't cross the sexual boundaries. Warnings If an earlier attempted romantic relationship between you didn't work out, do not bring up the breakup.

Leave those kinds of things in the past, and live in the present. If marriage between you is forbidden, do not allow yourself to discuss marital or romance problems. Kindly redirect the topic or recommend to the other person to discuss it with Platonic advice on a relationship friend of the same sex.

If you do feel romantically entangled with your platonic friend and it is not reciprocated, you can end up feeling deeply hurt and betrayed. It can be very hard to mend the friendship again. Even if it is reciprocated, things won't be the same again if the friendship-turned-love doesn't work out.

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