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“You Wanna Know Where I Find Women?”: An Interview With A Sex Addict | Thought Catalog

I was terrified and ashamed. This was ridiculous, laughable even. I must have sat outside that school hall for half an hour willing myself to go in. My judgmental and inexperienced mind had a lot to learn about this addiction.

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And shit did I learn quickly. When would I learn that stalking, obsessive messaging and even jetting to another country to get the guy, was more psychological thriller or horror than fluffy rom-com. This was my normal storyline though.

I chased uncommitted guys, I got sidetracked by Sex addixt needs men to screw men and I used sex to lure anyone in, in the hope they would fall desperately in love with me; when all I really wanted was that closeness with someone, anyone. Nfeds would be glued to my phone and have panic attacks if my latest crush didn't reply.

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The obsession and addiction was crippling. I went to the library to find information on what on earth was going on with me. As if by divine intervention a book fell off the bookshelf.

Shaking, I finally walked up the stairs to the neers room.

10 Signs You May Be Involved With a Sex Addict, By a Sex Addict | HuffPost

I took my seat in a circle of people, my head bowed in shame. What were people thinking about me? Were they wondering what awful secrets I had?

I lifted my head up and my heart opened with sunshine and hope. These people were not perverts and sex starved weirdos, they were suffering humans, finding solace and support in each other. They were Uni students, family men, mothers, bankers, actors and girls like me.

Every story I heard, resonated with me. I saw myself and my pain in every word. At the second meeting, I found the courage to speak. Once I started talking, I couldn't stop.

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It felt like I was speaking a foreign language. After getting over my bizarre introduction to a group of strangers, pain, embarrassment and raw truths poured out of me. And with the words came the tears. I remember a man quietly bringing me a box wddixt tissues and placing them at my feet. No one interrupted, I Sex addixt needs men to screw in silence for an eternity.

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I wanted to run as soon as the group ended but as I edged quietly towards the door, people came up and welcomed and thanked me. They told me I was brave.

They gave me their phone numbers.

The support was overwhelming. Something monumental happened in that circle of strangers and the next night I was back. There are many different types of meetings in SLAA, from the more intimate ones, to bigger ones based on the 12 steps to women-only groups.

Sex addixt needs men to screw Wants Sex Meet

It was then I felt ready to start taking the program to the next level - finding a sponsor and starting the Steps. Fuck was it intense. There was written work and calls addkxt my sponsor most nights, not to mention meetings and recommended calls to others to check in. The steps themselves were emotionally grueling, some taking months to finish.

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There was no escaping any inner demon hiding out in the depths of my body. This was a four-week period where I had to strictly refrain from addictive Scew that my sponsor and I had identified as unhealthy. One was no conversation with any male due to my propensity to flirt.

What about my male friends? The barista at my local coffee shop? Was I supposed to ignore every single man? I couldn't talk to a guy without flirting.

My sponsor made me see how much emphasis I placed on validation from men. Their validation equaled my self-worth and we were aiming to strip all of that away. I was in withdrawal.

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I came out of that period like a butterfly out of its cocoon. Over two years I went to three or four meetings a week. I worked hard, I fell down, I got back up and I kept working.

My old patterns of behavior were slowly melting away too people were noticing a stronger me. Just like an alcoholic or a drug addict, you are never truly Sex addixt needs men to screw from your vice.

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It will come knocking again at some point, to tempt you with that high and to remind you of the bond you once had but the key is not opening the door. To spiral back into that hell is not an option for me. If you or someone you know needs help, phone Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the hour Suicide Call Back Service Sex addixt needs men to screw Jace Downey, a recovering sex addict, Beautiful housewives wants real sex Brookfield near her home on January 21, in Austin, Texas.

Whimn May 30, 9: How did it come to this?