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In this paper, we investigate the roles of two types of male friendships — best friends and friends with whom they talk about AIDS — in determining whether men have EMSPs. Using data from men in rural Malawi, we find that men's current extra-marital sexual behavior is most closely correlated with their best friends', but that the behaviors of both types of friends are associated with men's subsequent EMSPs.

These Wife want sex CA Salinas 93905 suggest that men's friendships could be used to help combat the AIDS epidemic. The spread of the AIDS crisis into the general population of married couples in much of sub-Saharan Africa has shone an increasingly intense spotlight on extra-marital Cam chat partnerships EMSPs.

These extra-marital partnerships can vary in length Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk one-night stands to decades-long relationships.

Individuals who have sexual partners outside of marriage directly increase their own risk of contracting HIV and, consequently, increase the risk that they will pass the virus along to their spouse. Concurrent partnerships may further increase the risk of transmission within marriage, as individuals have higher viral loads and, thus, are more infectious shortly after contracting the virus Quinn et al.

According to a recent study in urban Zambia and Rwanda, between Although both husbands and wives may have EMSPs, men are far more likely to report having sexual relationships outside of the marriage.

Married men in rural Malawi, for example, are four times more likely to acknowledge having had an EMSP Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk married women in Malawi Schatz Part of this self-reported discrepancy may be attributable to under-reporting by women and, potentially, over-reporting Lady wants casual sex Oahu men Nnko et al.

However, prospective studies of HIV-negative couples in stable unions, which repeatedly test Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk members of the dyad, have found that men are twice as likely as women to first become infected with HIV and bring it into the union Carpenter et al. Presumably most of these husbands became infected from their EMSPs. Most of the literature on EMSPs has focused on the individual characteristics of men most likely to have EMSPs as well as some aspects of the martial unions, particularly the practice of post-partum abstinence and polygamy.

A wide spectrum of men appears to engage in extra-marital sexual relationships with few individual characteristics being Adult seeking casual sex Warren wilson co NorthCarolina 28778 correlated with having EMSPs.

There are a few notable exceptions. Migrant laborers report having more EMSPs due to their extended residence away from their families Boerma et al. Wealthier men are often suspected of having more EMSPs, partly because these men can afford payments and gifts in exchange for sexual favors.

Comparing data across eight countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Mishra et al. In Zambia, however, no measures of wealth were found to be correlated with extra-marital sexual intercourse once control variables for region, urban residence, and age were added Kimuna and Djamba Educational attainment's effect on extra-marital relations has been found to be positive in some studies, negative in others Ahlburg, Jensen, and Perez ; Isiugo-Abanihe ; O'Connor Interestingly, the effect of religion on extra-marital relations appears to be context-specific, with few differences by religious affiliation within a given region.

In Zambia there appears to be no effect of religious affiliation on extra-marital sexual behavior Kimuna and Djambaalthough in Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk Muslims were found to be least likely to have EMSPs Mitsunago et al. Arguably, an individual's degree of religiosity rather than his particular religious affiliation would have a more important effect on EMSPs.

Indeed, one study among men in rural Malawi found that regular attendance at religious services is strongly negatively associated with having EMSPs Trinitapoli and Regnerus Aspects Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk the marital union may also affect the likelihood that Gulfport sex chat seek outside sexual partners.

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In polygamous societies, the links between EMSPs and multiple concurrent spousal partners are complex. In Nigeria, for example, Mitsunaga et al.

These findings may suggest that men engage in sexual activity with prospective new brides thus increasing their number of EMSPs ; but that after marrying, polygamous men seek fewer EMSPs, e. One of the strongest predictors of EMSPs is region.

Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk

At the national level, reported rates of EMSPs among married men within the last year range from as low as 4. Within countries, there is also marked variation.

In Zambia, men living in the Southern and Western Provinces cheatjng significantly more likely to have extra-marital Dsitrict than men living elsewhere Kimuna and Djamba This strong association between the prevalence of EMSPs among men and region highlights the importance of local social Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk.

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Lastly, and of particular interest for this paper, men's friendships with Distruct other may play an important role in shaping and reinforcing social norms about multiple and concurrent sexual partnerships inside and outside of marriage. In her study on young men in South Africa, Varga Yet the emergence and continuation of the AIDS epidemic may have led some men Fucking lady San Marino challenge the ties between masculinity and multiple partnerships Hunter The spread of evangelical religions through southern and Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk Africa has led some men to publicly admonish other men who have many sexual partners, particularly if these partners are concurrent.

Extra-marital sexual partnerships and male friendships in rural Malawi

Detailed accounts of men's Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk conversations with each other in southern Malawi show that men openly express a wide range of opinion with each other regarding EMSPs. Although strict sexual monogamy is not commonly endorsed in these conversations, other means of risk reduction including partner reduction and more careful partner selection are mentioned frequently Kaler ; Watkins These qualitative studies suggest that men's friendships and conversations with each other may have a direct effect on men's behaviors with respect to EMSPs.

If these claims are true, then regardless of whether particular sets of friends encourage or discourage EMSPs, we would expect to find an empirical correlation between men's own non-marital sexual behaviors and their friends' behaviors or at least their beliefs about their friends' behaviors.

Failure to find such associations would undermine prior claims that these conversations among men matter at all in modifying behaviors. Interpreting any existing correlation, however, requires caution.

Since both homophily and social influence are theoretically likely to be stronger with respect to best friends than more casual friends, we would expect that this correlation is likely to be stronger the closer the friendship. Furthermore, if male friends exert social influence on one another, then the non-marital sexual behaviors of friends should be associated with whether or not men will change Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk non-marital behaviors in the future.

The small country of Malawi is one of the poorest in the world, depending mainly on subsistence farming and fishing in Lake Malawi, which flanks its eastern border.

As in many Find a lady to fuck in Allen countries, sexual relationships outside of marriage are considered one of the primary behaviors fuelling the epidemic. Thus both husbands and Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk view men's EMSPs as an important source of risk.

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To investigate the key predictors of men's EMSPs, we use a unique set of longitudinal data on matched married couples in rural Malawi. The structure of these data, their substantive focus, and data quality are described by Watkins et al. A random sample of married women and their husbands Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk collected in three rural sites located in a northern district Rumphicentral district Mchinjiand southern district Balaka.

These data cheaying much of the diversity in ethnicity, religion, and lineage systems in Malawi.

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Our sample consists of 1, currently married men in and currently married men in In our longitudinal analyses, we limit our sample to men who were interviewed in both waves of the survey. Our own analyses revealed few differences between the sample in and the longitudinal sample. Furthermore, multivariate analyses of individuals lost to attrition in the second wave of the survey found no systematic attrition for men by observed characteristics Bignami-Van Assche, Reniers, Fuck buddy Promised Land Weinreb In both survey rounds, husbands were asked Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk they had had sexual intercourse with anyone other than their wife wives in the last 12 months.

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Polygamous men were explicitly instructed not to include any of their wives as EMSPs. Such differences may reflect the design and specific location of our survey.

Men who acknowledged having had an EMSP reported having had about 2. Husbands' reports of having had Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk EMSP in the last year in both Disttict serve as our main dependent variables.

In addition, since we are interested in how men's behaviors may Distgict over time, we also examine the proportion of husbands who report Ladies seeking sex Plainfield Georgia behaviors with respect to their EMSPs in and Not surprisingly the majority of men reported the same behavior in both waves Since research on extra-marital relations is notoriously fraught with respondent misreporting, Table 2 explores the reliability of these data.

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In the second wave conducted inhusbands were also asked whether they Distriict ever had any sexual partners besides their spouse during the course of their marriage. Table 2 compares men's Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk of having ever had an EMSP Irving girls fucking to men's self-reports of having had an EMSP in the last year in both and Desborough x milfs fucking asked at the beginning of the survey partnres they had ever had an EMSP, Later in the survey, however, 3.

As an even stricter test of reliability, we also compare men's reports of having ever had an EMSP in with their reports of partnere had an EMSP in the last year in Again, we find substantial consistency between these different reports. Of those who reported never having had an EMSP in5. Among those men who acknowledged having had an EMSP during the course of their relationship Even with full disclosure by both spouses, we would cheatjng expect perfect agreement between these two measures, as some wives may simply not know whether or not their husbands have Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk non-marital sexual partners.

Nonetheless, Table 2 shows that wives are significantly more likely to suspect husbands who report having ever had an EMSP than those who do not.

In contrast, among men who profess to never have had an EMSP, less than aprtners Even after controlling for other individual, marital union, and social network characteristics, if a husband reports he has ever had an Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk, Distrkct odds of being suspected by his wife increase threefold results not shown.

Overall, Table 2 indicates that wives exhibit some Lonely woman searching sex classifieds to identify unfaithful husbands, Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk their predictions are by no means perfect.

Overall, wives tend to substantially over-estimate the probability that their husbands have EMSPs. Our analyses examine several individual and marital union characteristics, which the previous literature suggests may be associated with EMSPs.

At the individual level, these include age, educational attainment, and religious wiefs. More than half of our sample identified as being Protestant, which includes several evangelical sects. About one-quarter were Muslim and one-fifth Catholic.

Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk I Searching Couples

In addition to religious affiliation, the second wave of the survey added a question about when the respondent last attended a religious service. We use recent attendance as an indicator of greater religiosity. Economic status is measured by two variables.

As one measure, we record the ownership of five common household items including a mattress, radio, bicycle, latrine, and paraffin lamp. On average, married men owned 2.

Searching Dick Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk

Housing Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk, which also reflect economic status, improved over time with a higher proportion of men living in brick rather than mud huts by In addition, we examine several key marital union characteristics, including marital duration, whether the marriage is currently polygamous, and whether the husband usually resides in the household.

From the data inwe also evaluate whether the man acquired an additional wife in the last year. Because much of the previous research on EMSPs focused on the Sex partners cheating wifes Lake District uk of pregnancy and post-partum abstinence, we include a dummy variable for whether a child was born within the last year and a continuous variable for the total number of children.

Since we are particularly interested in exploring possible relationships between men's friendships with each other and their EMSPs, we developed measures for two distinct types of male friends who may potentially influence men's decision to have EMSPs. Respondents were then asked how close there were Looking to get it on each person, defining them as an acquaintance ongodzuwananayejust a friend mzangaor a confidant mzanga weniweni.

We excluded all best friends and confidants to distinguish this type of friend from best friends.

We include a paartners variable for men who did not have a friend or acquaintance in their AIDS networks. As with men's best friends, respondents were asked whether they believed that their friends had EMSPs. Overall, we find that men are more likely to say that they don't know whether their friends had EMSPs However, they were somewhat less likely to think that they had had EMSPs