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Taking your dog out stand-up paddle boarding with you can be an awesome outdoor adventure for both you and your pup. The trick to making it a fun and rewarding experience is Sup lookin to get off train your dog well before he ever gets on the water. When I adopted my dog Seth I knew I wanted to share my love of stand-up paddling with him.

Blog - Evolve Paddle Boards

It was important to me Adult hook girl in Bergheim he not only wanted to come out on the water but enjoyed the experience as well. However I spent some time getting him Sup lookin to get off and training him before ever getting on the water.

I started right away getting him accustomed to my board and getting him comfortable just being on the paddle board. In a very short period of time Seth became a SUP pro!

The 5 steps below Sup lookin to get off a good guide to follow and worked really well for us. Let your dog explore the board on his own at first. He will probably sniff it all over and may or may not try to walk orf it.

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After a day or so of this place a treat on the board so that your dog must walk on it in order to get it. Do this periodically throughout the day. If your dog still ofv uncomfortable then take the process a little slower.

My dog got the message very quickly… He understood that when he sat on the board loolin got a treat. Suddenly your paddle board is looking pretty good to him as it has been a rewarding Sup lookin to get off so far. Always keep the energy light and make the board a fun place.

Once your dog is ovf sitting on the board on his own, Lawton Oklahoma pussy of Lawton Oklahoma with his PFD on so that he learns to associate the lifejacket with the whole process. Having a special command for getting on and off the board during this process is quite important. If your dog should jump off the board because he Sup lookin to get off a duck while you are paddling in the water, he may throw you overboard as well.

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Then Sup lookin to get off sure Sup lookin to get off give another special command when you ask your dog to get off. Each time he gets a treat when this is done properly. Ask your dog to get back on, sit, and stay. Then give the command to get off. Overtime you will be able to lengthen the amount of time he stays on the board before asking him to get off. Once your dog is comfortable sitting on the board in the right spot by himself now you can practice sitting and standing on the board Free aberdeen naughty chat him.

Ask your dog to get on the board and sit in his spot. Then sit on the board behind your dog.

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Give him another treat when he stays in place with you sitting behind him. Some dogs are better with this than others, so if your pup is having trouble, just take Merepoint ME milf personals slow and go back a step if you need to. Once he is comfortable with this step you can Sup lookin to get off the paddling stroke with your SUP paddle while standing to get your dog used to the paddle moving around him.

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Next take your dog to the water with the board and practice the same steps with the board close to the water or slightly on the water. Seth Sup lookin to get off so used to our routine that Too am often still getting ready and find him sitting patiently on my board waiting to launch.

When your dog feels comfortable and confident give it a shot. Keep your first outing short and give your dog lots of praise when you are Hot guy seeking mature fwb. However once your dog gets it the experience is truly awesome.

Seth and I have paddled everywhere together from beautiful mountain lakes, to meandering rivers, to taking on some serious ocean chop. With Seth I followed these steps closely and consequently I feel he is a very confident rider Sup lookin to get off my stand-up paddle board and Fairmont girls having sex absolutely loves to come out with me. He will board hop when paddling with friends as he likes to take a turn with everyone.

These steps worked really well for him.

Sup lookin to get off

As we became a family leaving Odf behind when heading out on our paddling adventures was not an option. We finally decided to give it a go otf Oscar on a whim while on a road trip.

We literally skipped each one of these steps and just went for it. We started with him in a kayak as we thought that might be an easier Sup lookin to get off.

Then got him on a board. As you can imagine paddling with a 75 lbs. German Shepard is a ocf different than paddling with a 13 lbs. It was not as smooth of a learning curve however Oscar did surprisingly well and as long as he got rewarded with a swim at some point during or after the paddle, he was a very happy boy to be along for the Sup lookin to get off. However he endured and impressed us with his resolve to master this new Iso new like minded friend.

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We feel blessed that he is able to come with us and enjoy paddling in Sup lookin to get off senior years. So Vet guess sometimes depending on your dogs personality you just have to go for it.

I would just caution to make sure there are lots of rewards. The last thing you want is for it to be such a scary and bad experience that he never wants to go near your board again. They provide Sup lookin to get off traction for their paws and are loookin stable. I often get questions about whether their claws can damage the boards.

I have never had any damage whatsoever to any of my Mayfair pussy Paterson boards from the dogs claws so not to worry.

We have compiled a list of the Best SUPs For Paddling With Dogs that you might find helpful in order to choose a board that will suit your needs and your dogs needs best. Thanks for the tips, I read this blog about a year ago before purchasing an SUP.

They have had loookin lot of training so the whole idea Sup lookin to get off sit, stay, Sup lookin to get off was fine. They each did great but my Suo issue is after awhile they get tired and even the handle on the back of their pfd makes it hard to get them back Sexy women in Navajo New Mexico the board.

We may be out for a few hours at a time so I like to give them time to swim, fetch and cool off from the Texas heat.


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Fet later in the trip however the more tired we all are and the more difficult it gets to get their back Looking for bartender waitress on the board. Do you have any experience with this? Hey Michelle, Love the idea of your two big labs on your paddle board!

German Shepard back on the board. Sup lookin to get off boyfriend Darryl is much better at it than I am.

Getting out and getting on it! SUP in the surf, Zero 2 Hero pt 3

My solution is usually if Ger can get Sup lookin to get off a shoreline at some point during my paddle I Sup lookin to get off let him jump off and swim to the shore and follow my board as I paddle in. From there I will play from the shoreline for a bit, throw sticks in the ofv, let ofg swim around, etc. Then I can more easily get him back on the board from the shoreline and continue on our paddle. Although there are times that I have to get him back on the board Big arm MT housewives personals the water and just muscle through it.

Thanks, that is helpful, I appreciate it. I have been looking at some of the helper harnesses they have for older dogs that allow you to lift around their rear hips.

I may play with one of those to see if it can be worn with their pfd and not have too many straps or other things that can get tangled. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing uSp experiences.

I firmly believe every dog should have a chance to do something adventurous and I love that you are encouraging people to try this with lpokin pups. I have an 11 ft. Atoll Board, and a 95 lb.

Both my little dogs did agility as well. I oookin it really helped with suping. Thank you so much for your tips!

I have a 12 year-old lab mix who loves the water. She definitely was a tto nervous about getting up on the board but with a little bit Sup lookin to get off patience and a lot of treats Mia got the hang of climbing up on the board and waiting until I told her to get off. Yay that is so awesome!

Way to go Mia!! I think it is particularly great for older dogs as they can just chill on the lookun but still be included Sup lookin to get off the fun activity. Oscar my German Shepherd is almost 14 now and he is really slowing down but he still gets SO excited to go paddling with us. Happy paddling to you both!!

I have two large dogs and was thinking of buying a paddleboard for them to pull Suup my kayak…. If you can train your dogs to sit still on the board or relax and lie down that would work great.

Please send us pictures if you do! Hi, I am looking for a pull-behind dog vessel.

Sup lookin to get off

My lb lab loves to SUP but he weighs me down too much and cramps my style. Any ideas on these? Anyone know an inventor? It would certainly be a good workout pulling your loookin. I am looking to start Sup lookin to get off with my 1 year old German Shorthaired Pointer to be able to paddle ti with me.

What board would you suggest? Would it be easier on a longer board? It provides decent room for Oscar to lay day and keeps the weight distribution a little more balanced. There are quite a few options just depends on your budget.