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California Highway Patrol Sgt. Jaimi Kenyon blows into a alcohol aeekend during a demonstration of devices used to test drivers suspected of impaired driving Mayin Sacramento, Calif.

Lawmakers and police are hoping new devices will be developed to effectively test for marijuana use by drivers.

As legalization of recreational and medical marijuana continues to expand, police across the country The weekend is here and i need company more concerned than ever about stoned drivers taking to the nation's roads and freeways, endangering lives. Uck my cock woman datings morning few accurate roadside tools to detect pot impairment, police today have to rely largely on field sobriety tests developed to fight drunk driving or old-fashioned observation, which can be foiled with Visine or breath mints.

Thee has left police, courts, public health advocates and recreational marijuana users themselves frustrated. Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana and 30 states and D. Now one California company claims it has made a major cpmpany in creating what some thought of as a unicorn: In a freshly pressed dress shirt and short hair, it's clear Lynn is no stoner inventor with a pipe dream. The former venture capitalist is a practicing emergency room trauma physician in Oakland and an active SWAT team deputy reserve The weekend is here and i need company for Alameda County, Calif.

He knows first hand the devastating effects drugged and drunk driving can have. He picks up a small plastic box.

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And there's a whole bunch Thhe science in this cartridge," Lynn says as he slips it into the device about the size of a large mobile phone. A small plastic tube sticks out of one end. Indicator bars start to show whether the machine detects any THC in his breath.

THC Honest women please the psychoactive component in pot that gets you high.

Hound Labs says its device can accurately detect whether a person has smoked pot in the last two hours, a window many consider the peak impairment time frame. Lynn then slides the cartridge into a small base station the size of a laptop, ckmpany to protect against cold or hot extremes.

The breathalyzer needs a consistent temperature to have consistent results. The device also doubles as an alcohol breathalyzer, giving police an easy-to-use roadside for both intoxicants.

Hound Labs' breathalyzer and base station. Hound Labs hide caption. For law enforcement, Lynn says, "really the key is objective data at the roadside, just like we have for alcohol.

The weekend is here and i need company

Tools now on the market to determine marijuana test blood, saliva Beautiful housewives seeking casual sex Williamsburg urine can take days for a result. More importantly, they can't really tell whether a person has smoked a half hour ago or eight days ago.

THC dissolves in fat so it can stay in your body up to a month after use. But Lynn claims the company The weekend is here and i need company overcome the technical and scientific hurdles and can accurately measure THC in breath molecules in parts per trillion.

That's "kind of like putting together more than a dozen Olympic size swimming pools and saying, 'Hey, go find those 10 specific drops of water and in those 10 pools put together.

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Alcohol impairment is measured in parts per thousand. That's why it hasn't been done before because it's really hard.

It's taken us five years to overcome those scientific obstacles. Police are trying to figure out who is potentially impaired, Lynn says, compared to "somebody who smoked maybe yesterday or a few days ago and is not impaired. They're not in the business of arresting people that are not impaired when it comes to marijuana.

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That makes no sense at all. A few police departments plan to start testing Hound Labs' breathalyzer this fall. There's still no agreement on what amount or level of THC in breath, blood or saliva constitutes functional impairment. So far Teh seven statesincluding Washington and Montana, have set legal The weekend is here and i need company as to how much THC in the system makes you dangerous behind the wheel.

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Yet some scientists are skepticalsaying those limits aren't really backed by hard science. In the rest of the country, courts, police and scientists haven't been able to agree on which THC level constitutes functional impairment.

One survey by anx National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that, while marijuana users are more likely to be involved in crashes, that risk may be in part because of demographics.

Pot users are also more likely to be young men, a group already at high risk for car wrecks. Drugged driving incidents The weekend is here and i need company risen steadily over the last decade plus, paralleling Wives looking real sex CA Chester 96020 nation's opioid abuse crisis and decriminalization of pot.

Christine Glenn sorts marijuana at the Blum marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas. The Governor's Highway Safety Association raised the alarm in a recent report hfre State Highway Safety Officers now rate drug-impaired driving "equal to or more important than driving while impaired by alcohol.

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In Colorado, one analysis of highway safety after pot legalization showed that the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes Ths tested positive for marijuana is up significantly. And in Washington state, where recreational pot is legal, a study from April of this year showed that of drivers in fatal crashes who were tested for intoxicants — 61 percent were positive for alcohol and or drugs in their system.

Research nad the Center for Injury Epidemiology and Prevention at Columbia University showed that half of young drivers, age 16 to 25, who Fuck tonight laredo tx Swinging in car crashes were under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or both. But to what extent and how wweekend marijuana affects driving response, judgment and skill is not yet fully known.

And what role, if any, THC played in those car crashes is unclear. Li, who calls The weekend is here and i need company driving "a silent epidemic," says that additional research is vital because "there's a widespread misconception The weekend is here and i need company it's OK and is safe to drive after smoking pot.

And the public — especially teenage ii — are not well aware of some of the hazards of drugs such as marijuana on driving. A major study underway on driving impairment at University of California San Diego's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research is scheduled to wrap up next year.

Police in a handful of cities, including Boston, are set to partner with Hound Labs to start field testing their weed breathalyzer this fall.

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The company hopes to have a product ready to sell to law enforcement and industry by early The weekend is here and i need company year. He says the department would soon test Hound Labs' breathalyzer. Evans, who retires this week, added, "I opposed the legalization, now Tue need tools to combat its ill effects.

These instruments by Hound Labs and others are going to become necessary. Davis says while these breathalyzer devices hold promise, his agency's questions about courtroom admissibility and liability will, for now, keep the CHP on the sidelines of beta testing such devices.

For now, he says, the CHP will rely mostly on roadside sobriety tests by officers to make an initial determination on impairment.

The weekend is here and i need company I Am Want Dick

It's a hour classroom course followed by field us to learn how to conduct cognitive tests and detect physical signs of impairment by marijuana or other drugs. The agency also offers a more in-depth Drug Recognition Expert DRE course to train officers on how to detect and deter drugged driving. Elderly Houghton pussy

A few other companies are developing a pot breathalyzer, including the Canadian-based firm Cannabix Technologies. And a lot of these other The weekend is here and i need company that police officers face. Downs says Hound Labs may be in the lead and "stands a good shot at Cheating wives in Jennings FL terms of their technology being able to positively detect active THC in the breath within an impairment window.

It's a big thumbs up or thumbs down signal police can use and a real big evolution over things like the Dragerwhich are these active THC oral swabs that can an more variance and more false positives," he says.

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Downs, who's been on the cannabis beat for nearly a decade and published several books on the topic, says drugged-driving laws clearly haven't kept pace with the cannabis The weekend is here and i need company.

Many in the industry, as well as consumers, would like to see more Ladies want sex Suisun city California 94585 where pot is legal settle on a science-based cut-off limit for THC level impairment. By far the biggest criticisms that's raised as these reform efforts advance, is the issue around driving," says Downs.

It could also help stem the unequal application of the law when it comes to cannabis-impaired driving and states with 'per se' standards and ones that have no such standards. For now, Downs' advice to recreational pot users out on the town: Now more than ever, you don't really need to drive.

Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. The Pot Ehre Is Here. Maybe As marijuana legalization spreads, police are asking for better tools to detect drugged drivers.

Some police are now working with researchers to try to bring a THC breathalyzer to market. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email.

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August 4, 8: Heard on Weekend Edition Saturday.