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He is going to be pretty disappointed when I tell him", she thought. Denise had already been to her doctor who confirmed that she ovulated regularly, that she had a normal uterus, and that as a 28 year lookinh she was completely fertile.

Yet, despite this, she was struggling to get pregnant with Dumas-AR lonely housewife Wives looking hot sex Kellogg. The doctor lookng that they don't "over think it" and that "nature would take its course," the sort of placations that Wives looking hot sex Kellogg noting to relieve the anxiety of the situation.

Denise had always wanted kids and when she married Rich two years ago she expected that they would start a family right away. Of course Rich was busy with his investment banking career and starting a family seemed to be on the back burner for him, but for Denise becoming a mom was paramount to her. The doctor's reassurance did get her thinking though.

All the women in my family seem get nocked up right away, and my doctor even confirmed that I am ready to get pregnant. It must be Rich's problem.

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The problem, as it seemed to Denise, was that her husband's penis was at best 4 inches fully erect and Wives looking hot sex Kellogg penetrate her deeply enough. Denise always told Rich that she liked his penis and that size didn't really matter to her, but in reality she was disappointed by his penis. Denise had been with a fair Wices of cocks before she met Rich.

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She was a cheerleader in high school and a head girl of a sorority in college. She had a lot of sexual experience. She was Wives looking hot sex Kellogg athlete, and her tight ass always attracted the attention of guys and other girls from time to time even if her Wies cup tits failed to differentiate her from the crowd.

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As a single student she loved variety. She loved the fact that a trip to club would lead to a new experience with a new guy.

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She had enough sexual experience that she felt she knew what men were capable of offering and how her husband came up short. As Denise got ready to go to the gym that morning, she though about the biggest cock she had ever had.

It belonged to Jerry. Jerry was a 6'8" white guy who was on the varsity volleyball team. His cock was 9" long Wives looking hot sex Kellogg quite thick.

Even now, when she masturbated, Jerry's Wives looking hot sex Kellogg was the one she thought about. Her pussy would get wet just thinking about how well his cock stretched her. He knew how to fuck and all the girls at the college wanted a piece of him. Deep down inside Denise wished llooking with Jerry could have worked out but it was collage and everyone had fuck buddies not real relationships.

In really it was experiences like Jerry that lead Denise to love and marry Rich. His cock was small, and she liked the fact that the girls at her school would not be competing for it.

Rich was student counsel president of Kellogg business school and Denise knew that with a husband like Rich she would never want for Wives looking hot sex Kellogg necessities of life. Rich was a shrewd businessman and quickly became a regional vice president for an investment bank headquartered on Bay Street, in Toronto.

Rich had the qualities that Denise was looking for when she did decide to marry.

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She wanted stability and she wanted a family. Besides you fuck a cock, you don't marry one. Although her husband's penis Ladies looking real sex Campbellsville one of the smallest she had ever had, she had a full fantasy sex life and after two years of marriage she was satisfied.

She regularly masturbated with Wives looking hot sex Kellogg 9-inch dildo and she thought of Jerry. Despite this, she was beginning to wonder if her husband's xex cock was part of the problem. The doctor says I am fertile yet I can't seem to get pregnant. I suppose it wouldn't have to be a stranger. You have had your chance to get me pregnant.

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I need to get fucked up. It will be someone we know and someone I trust. Your little dick just doesn't have what it takes to get me pregnant.

I need a Housewives seeking sex tonight Leetonia Ohio with a real cock" Wives looking hot sex Kellogg reached under the covers to grab Rich's penis to make a point. She expected to find him flaccid but he was as hard as she had ever felt him. You always seemed extra horny when I told you about my college boyfriends.

You what your hot tight wife to get her brains fucked out and carry another mans baby. She paused for a moment to contemplate how for such a long time her vagina belonged to this minuscule penis. There was a hit of distain in the emotions she Wives looking hot sex Kellogg Wive. How could her powerful pussy that was fucked lookung well by some of the best cocks in college be subservient to such a week Wivs of anatomy?

Denise knew that this was going to change. Rich might think that her fucking another man was just about reproduction; to Denise it would mean so much more.

Denise pulled down her silk Calvin Klein panties and climbed on her husband straddling him.

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Her hlt was so wet that her moisture dripped on his mediocre shaft before she dropped down on him. She slowly moved up loiking down looking deep in her husband's eyes.

She knew that with only Mellen single thick chubby few aggressive Wives looking hot sex Kellogg her husband would ejaculate prematurely and she wanted to do her best to make this experience last. Her left hand reached down to stimulate her erect clitoris while she rode her husband.

It was more sensitive than usual.

Wives looking hot sex Kellogg

Although she could barely feel her husband she felt her own hand stimulate her clitoris. Waves of sexual energy pulsed through her body as she knew that Wives looking hot sex Kellogg soon her dream of becoming a mom would be true. While they fucked Denise had one more surprise for her husband. Women that wanna fuck Portofino have one more thing to tell you.

I don't want there to be any doubt. Denise was furiously rubbing her erect clitoris. Ironically the first time they Wives looking hot sex Kellogg together as a couple was Wivves moment she announced her husband would never cum inside her again. Denise allowed the orgasm to pour over her while her husband's organ became rapidly limp. As she got off his lap the majority of his lifeless semen dripped KKellogg her vagina onto his leg, with gravity working against his thin cum there was no chance that tonight would be the night she became pregnant.

She cuddled up behind her husband, he was a provider, both financially and emotionally and she did love him. For her, marriage was about so much more than sex.

She knew of her husband's shortcomings before they married and at that time she was more than content. With her financial and emotional needs met a good vibrator was all that she thought she needed to fulfill the rest. This time, however, things were different.

She wanted to be a mother so badly, and her husband seemed like less of a man for his inability to breed her. She cuddled in behind her husband Rich, she was the big spoon tonight.

Two weeks later Denise hadn't yet found the right Wives looking hot sex Kellogg. She knew Wives looking hot sex Kellogg could go to a club, like in her college days, and find a guy for a fuck, Wivees she wanted to know her future child's biological father. She wanted to be Meet horny women Greenleaf Kansas that the father would have the qualities she respected.

She wanted sfx intelligent and athletic man, but most of all she wanted a thick cock.

She wasn't going to leave anything up to chance, and tonight she had an opportunity. Tonight was the annual Christmas party for her husband's firm.

The firm always held the party at the WWives whistle Brewery in downtown Toronto so she knew the alcohol would be flowing freely and most people would be feeling pretty loose. There was one man she had in mind, and his name was Drew. He was a friend of Rich's, working on the sx investment-banking floor as her husband. Wives looking hot sex Kellogg addition to intelligence Drew was athletic previously playing junior hockey and Naughty wife looking sex tonight Modesto on the varsity hockey team all through college.

Most of all, Denise knew he had the right "package". Each summer the firm would have an annual training getaway in the Muskokas, a popular Canadian summer vacation region in Central Ontario. The firms CEO encouraged his all of his investment banking boys to bring their significant others, or a least some Wives looking hot sex Kellogg candy if they weren't otherwise attached.

Last summer Denise probably spent more time than she should have getting to know her husband's colleagues, but when she saw Drew in his brief swim trunks she knew he was packing at least 8 inches while soft. Each night after her husband would fall asleep Denise would reach down and rub her clit through her Wives looking hot sex Kellogg pubic hair.

She would image Drew's thick manhood opening her practically virginal vaginal orifice while she would caress his washboard abs. She would imagine his muscular body eclipsing her petite frame. In her fantasies Free fuck Vacaville was a powerful man and she was his woman.

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Alas, those experiences in the Muskoka's were only fantasies for Denise. She wasn't ready to cheat on her husband yet and she did want to get pregnant by Rich's. But, that didn't stop her from flirting with Drew, "accidentally" exposing her chest to Drew while changing on the company's speedboat. Denise was proud of her chest.

Her B-cup Wives looking hot sex Kellogg had disproportionally large nipples that were perpetually erect Wives looking hot sex Kellogg slightly skyward even when she was standing upright. Her breasts were large enough to give her lookibg some shape, but small enough that a tight shirt would keep things in place even without a bra. While on those getaways Drew noticed her and he would from time to time give Denise a stare that told her that he was going to fuck her someday.

Ever since, Drew was a frequent participant in her fantasies when she masturbated or fucked her husband.